31 December, 2011

Jeffrey Scott’s – Best of his Blogs 2011

As some of you are probably aware, I run not one, not two, but three blogs. Back in the day I only had one blog, but suddenly felt it was getting confusing with all my Health and Fitness posts mixed with my Science Fiction post. So I decided to launch a separate blog dedicated solely to Fitness. This left the other blog for everything else. However during the next few months I started to do more Doctor Who episode reviews. Because of that, any blog postings of my photography, poetry or other writings quickly got buried. So, I decided to split my blog once more. But I digress - As I did last year I've decided to create a cross-over blog. This will post on all three sites and highlight various postings of each. If you like what you see, please leave a comment.

Tegan - V - A reboot.... or something else? (Part 1)
Earlier in the year, my thoughts on the now cancelled series.
Carrot Sticks – Biggest Loser Rewind - S11E01
I start blogging recaps of Biggest Loser Season 11

Tegan – Jeffrey Scott's Coffee Klatch
I try my hand at writing a variety blog series.
Carrot Sticks – Fitness Product Review
I review one of the Weight Watchers 'Smart Ones' meals.

Tegan - The Adventures of Quisp
Just to do something different, I did a cereal review.
Carrot Sticks
– A-Z Fitness - Zeal
The year before I started a fitness series. This was the final one.

Tegan – L.I.N.D.A. spots the Doctor at the Royal Wedding
The Doctor attends the Royal Wedding.
Carrot Sticks - Why Did Rulon Walk Off The Show?
A Biggest Loser Tirade
Jeffrey Scott - And Then…
I attempt a less comical poem.

Tegan – Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 33 "The Third Doctor In Review"
Having concluded my reviews of the 3rd Doctor, I give an over-view.
Carrot Sticks – When Jillian Leaves
A poem I wrote dedicated to Jillian
Jeffrey Scott - Bond Live at the Royal Albert Hall
I review the Live DVD.

Tegan - Doctor Who Graduation
My niece has a graduation with a Doctor Who theme.
Carrot Sticks – Top 15 Ways To Tell You've Joined A Bad Gym
A few reasons to hate fitness gyms.
Jeffrey Scott - Mitchell Park Domes - Tropical Domes
A photographic set I did of flowers and such.

Tegan – Dr. Who (The Early Years) - "And Now A Word From Our Sponsor"
Back in the 70's they were giving away Dr. Who themed prizes in cereal.
Jeffrey Scott - Bristol Renaissance Faire
Photos from my trip back in time.

Carrot Sticks - Reasons I'm Disappointed in My Fitness Gym
Another article on the state of gyms. My personal dislikes.
Jeffrey Scott - My Toys As A Writer
Photos of my personal writing devices.

Tegan – The Omega Men – Part 1 of 4
A short story I wrote based on Dr.Who and a podcast.
Carrot Sticks – Biggest Loser 12 - Battle of the Ages
A new season of Biggest Loser, here are the contestants.
Jeffrey Scott - Procrastination
A Song Parody I wrote.

Tegan – Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 51 "The Fourth Doctor In Review"
Having finished 4th Doctor reviews, here's a quick recap.
Jeffrey Scott - Martha Berner: Recording of Brew City Bands

Tegan – Sun Boy Explores the 21st Century
I turn a few screenshots from DC Universe Online into a short story.
Carrot Sticks – Biggest Loser S12E09 - What Kind of School Do You Teach?
One of my reviews from Biggest Loser

Tegan - Chicago Tardis - Costume Collection (The Companions)
Chicago Tardis Photos
Carrot Sticks – Biggest Loser S12E13 - And the Biggest Loser Is....
A review of the final episode of Biggest Loser Season 13.
Jeffrey Scott - CD Review: Diana Krall - "Steppin Out"
Hoping this'll be a new monthly, musical series.

Keep in mind, this isn't everything from all three blogs, rather, just a sampling. If you enjoy each, why not subscribe and follow? You’re bound to find something you like sooner or later. ;)
Jeffrey Scott

20 December, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 57 "The King's Demons"

The Doctor is finally free of the Black Guardian trying to have him killed and Turlough is relieved. But when the Tardis arrives in the year 1215, Tegan wonders if it's another Black Guardian trap. The Doctor assures her it isn't. What is odd though, is the Tardis arrives in the middle of a joust, witnessed by all. In attendance is King John, who warmly welcomes the Tardis crew, calling them his demons. He has them sit with him during the rest of the joust. The Doctor takes it in stride, but assumes something is wrong.

The joust is between Sir Ranulf Fitzwilliam's son Hugh and the Kings champion Sir Gilles Estram. When Hugh is unhorsed, the Doctor intervenes to stop a senseless death. The King takes his Demons advice and spares Hugh, much to the dismay of Hugh who feels dishonored. Ranulf is grateful to the Doctor for saving his son and gives him a place to rest up before they eat a meal. While Turlough is off investigating, the Doctor informs Tegan that King John is an imposter, as he should be in London taking the Crusader's Oath.

When Sir Geoffrey de Lacy arrives, he also claims the King should be in London as he just left him there that morning. Estram is outraged by the 'lies' and orders de Lacy to be executed. The Doctor intervenes once more. Estram is 'insulted' by the support Geoffrey is given so challenges the Doctor to a duel. Fitzwilliams is worried because Estram is the greatest swordsman in France, to which the Doctor replies "Fortunately, we are in England".

Borrowing a sword from Fitzwilliams, the Doctor battles Estram in a duel and wins. This time the King announces there must be a death. The Doctor can choose either Geoffrey de Lacy or the Master. Reluctantly, the Doctor allows the Master to be placed in an Iron Maiden, but it turns out to be the Masters Tardis. Using his prestige as the winner, the Doctor feigns to put Geoffrey in the dungeon, but it's a ruse to get to see the dungeons where he hopes to find the Masters Tardis. Getting to the dungeons, he sets Geoffrey free and tells him to go to London to warn the king but Geoffrey is killed along the way.

The Master uses the opportunity to discredit the Doctor and claims he killed Geoffrey. Now turned against the Doctor, Lord Ranulf Fitzwilliams seeks to kill the Doctor. Meanwhile, the Doctor has found the Masters tardis and sets a trap for him, using his TCE he earlier acquired after winning the duel. He hopes the Master won't notice, as he's likely to leave in a hurry. Continuing his search, the Doctor finds the king, who is actually Kamelion. Kamelion is an android with the ability of changing his appearance. Though a 'small time crime', the Masters goal is to rob England of the Magna Carta.

When the Doctor learns Kamelion is psycho-kinetically controlled, he hopes to gain control of it to foil the Masters plan. The Master challenges the Doctor to a battle of wilts over Kamelion and is winning when suddenly the two are discovered by Fitzwilliams and company. The Master loses concentration and the Doctor quickly forces Kamelion to transform into Tegan. Quickly grabbing 'Tegan', he runs into the Tardis where Tegan already is. Turlough grabs a sword and holds the Master off as he too runs into the Tardis.

WHO: Kamelion

PLANET OF ORIGIN: Discovered on Xeriphas by the Master

REASON FOR JOINING: After being freed from the Master's control, Kamelion joins the Tardis crew, much to the dismay of Tegan.

09 December, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 56 "Terminus"

Turlough is still working with the Black Guardian to kill the Doctor, though at this point reluctantly. He's discovered the Doctor is only evil to the Black Guardia. Because of this, Turlough finds it increasingly difficult to carry out his task, he's not certain he can do it. So when the Black Guardian instructs him to sabotage the Tardis, he takes this more indirect route with the Black Guardians' promise he will be 'lifted away' to safety when the Tardis breaks up.

Tegan notices the Tardis is beginning to break up so calls for the Tardis, but Nyssa is trapped in her room. As a fail-safe, the Tardis locks onto a nearby ship and opens a door into the ship so she can escape. Using the Tardis scanner, the Doctor notices the door open in her room and encourages her to go through, knowing she'll be safer where ever she than in her room which is starting to dissolve. Once safe, the Doctor concentrates on the Tardis and fixes it. He then heads to Nyssa's room to see if he can find where she went.

Meanwhile, the ship is also boarded by space pirates who are uncertain what they will find inside. They quickly run into the Doctor who has been reunited with Nyssa, when they discover to their horror they are on Terminus, a leper ship where people go to either be cured or killed. Though told to stay behind, Tegan and Turlough follow the Doctor but are quickly trapped inside the ventilation system when they hide from a sentry robot. After ducking into the shaft, a group of Lazars walk over the grate leading into the shaft, and quickly becomes stuck.

As the Doctor, Nyssa and the two pirates are exploring the ship, Nyssa becomes very hot and takes off the skirt she's wearing. She's also not feeling well and realizes she's come down with the Lazar disease. Space Pirate Olvir tells Nyssa he had a sister with Lazar and she never came back from Terminus. It's not long before Nyssa is captured and brought to the slaves running the ship. The only thing that keeps them going is Hydromel, a drug that keeps them from getting the Lazar disease. If they don't work, they no longer receive shipments of the Hydromel. They are known as the Vanir and quickly process Nyssa for the 'cure'.

As the Doctor continues his search, unaware of Nyssa's capture, he runs into Bor, one of the Vanir who tells the Doctor a second of the ships engines is going to explode, as one already has. Having already known the ship is at the center of the universe and once capable of Time Travel, he realizes the ships first engine explosion is what started 'Event One'. If a second engine blows, it'll destroy the universe. The Doctor is about to help Bor, but is then captured by another of the Vanir who thinks The Doctor and Kari are corporate spies for the company that enslaves them.

The Doctor escapes and prevents the ships engine from exploding. Meanwhile, Nyssa is doused with radiation which does cure her, but to her horror she learns the process is unrefined and typical chances of survival are hit or miss. With the Doctors aid, she convinces the Vanir they can turn Terminus into a working facility, and she can process synthetic hydromel, thus freeing them from the company. The Vanir agree to help, so Nyssa opts to stay behind to help with continual research into the Lazar cure. She's confident the cure can be refined with a vastly higher survival rate.

WHO: Nyssa

DEPARTURE LOCATION: Terminus, a ship at the center of the universe.

REASON FOR DEPARTURE: Having been cured from the Lazar disease, Nyssa decides to spend the rest of her life finding a cure for other infected Lazars.

02 December, 2011

Chicago Tardis - Celebrities

In my final Chicago Tardis set, I've decided to highlight a few of the celebrities I was able to meet. Again, most of the photos are not high quality so I apologize in advance for that.

Peter Davison, on stage Saturday during the Q&A.

Janet Fielding, on stage Saturday during the Q&A. Listening to a story from Peter Davison.

Matthew Waterhouse, filling in for Sarah Sutton.

During the Q&A, Peter Davison received a phone call. He answered it, much to the delight of the audience. Even had us say hello.

Nicolas Briggs & Beth Chalmers. Nicolas is best known as the voice of the Daleks in the new series and has also done work with the Big Finish audio adventures. To our right is Beth Chalmers, she plays new assistant Raine Creevy to the seventh Doctor in the Big Finish audio adventures.

Matthew Waterhouse (Adric), Janet Fielding (Tegan), myself and Peter Davison (The Doctor); in a group photo.

01 December, 2011

Chicago Tardis - Costume Collection (The Companions)

Though I was only able to make Chicago Tardis one day, I think I took enough pictures for a couple days. I can only imagine what I would have come home with had I been there all three days. In today's photo collection, I'm sharing all the great costumes of the Doctor's companions and friends.

The lovely River Song, in love with the Doctor, as long as he's not wearing a fez.

The Kissable Amy Pond, in Kiss-O-Gram attire.

Unit officer posing with Idris; Sexy Tardis in the flesh.

The adorable Romanadvoratrelundar, before heading to the Louvre.

Adric, ready to take on the Cybermen. Helping him out is Perpugilliam Brown

Dorothy, better known as Ace. Posing with one of her canisters of Nitro-9.

30 November, 2011

Chicago Tardis - Daleks, Robots & Stuff

As mentioned in an earlier post, this was the first Doctor Who convention I ever attended, and the first convention I had been to since Gen Con moved from Milwaukee. I really wasn't sure what to expect but am happy to say I was thrilled with my experience. Not only were the costumes people wore amazing, there were a lot of props, entertainment and fun. In this collection of photos, I try to express the further bits of fun my sons and I were able to experience.

K-9 Was found wandering around. Quite probably looking for the Doctor; there were plenty to find.

One of the many Daleks wandering around. Quite probably looking for the Doctor as well.

One of the really old school robot villains, the Quarks.

Amy Pond taking in the convention along with her daughter.

Everyone had to check in, that included the Daleks.

My son had a bad run in with one of the wandering Daleks.

Fortunately the Tardis arrived and chased the Dalek away.

Another Dalek wandering around. This one looking for Winston Churchill.

A random photo at the convention. Everyone is happier the Daleks have been dispensed with.


29 November, 2011

Chicago Tardis - Masquerade

One of the funnest things to do at Chicago Tardis was attending the Masquerade. Yes, it involved many costumes, but skits and other surprises also entertained us. Unfortunately, the pictures I took didn't turn out very well as I was way in the back. Next year I'll know to show up for this show very early. Despite the poor quality of photos, I've decided to include a few to give those unable to attend a taste of what they missed.

The opening display. With Peter Davison about, it's nice the logo is themed thusly.

A panoramic shot of the audience. The empty area in front of me is reserved for the contestant once they are done with their skits.

This room also featured an obligatory Dalek and Tardis. Wish I had better light to take a photo of this.

The Master of Ceremonies was dressed, of course, as the Master. As a crowd, we cheered for him often using the 'Sound of the Drums' clap of four beats. It was hilarious.

One of the little performers dressed as Amelia Pond. I wonder which she was more scared of, the Master or the crowd.

We were also entertained by a harpist performing music from Murray Gold. She was really good and got a standing ovation.

This chap was dressed as Winston Churchill. When you saw him live, you could tell he was really into the part. He did a great job playing the part.

As the judges were deliberating who would win what prize, we were entertained by a celebrity version of Match Game. Remember the cheesy 70's game show? "The Doctor is so strange." "Every time he uses his Sonic Screwdriver he _________."

Finally, the judges were done, Match Game was over, it was time to award the prizes. On stage in this photo are a few of the winners.

28 November, 2011

Chicago Tardis - Costume Collection (The Doctors)

Finally went to my first Doctor Who convention. I wasn't sure what to expect, so this year was a sort of 'trial'. Added to the fact, I was bringing my kids, so I wasn't sure how they were going to enjoy it. Turns out we all had a good time. One of my favourite things of the convention? All the different costumes. There were many people dressed up as either the Doctor, one of his enemies or one of his companions. In this set, I've included pictures from all the people dressed as the Doctor.

The Doctor - The Original you might say.

Romana the first and the First Doctor.

Second Doctor

Fourth Doctor with Romana I. Obviously looking for the Key to Time.

If the 5th Doctor had been a girl. (Photo borrowed from Chicago Tardis).

The sixth Doctor and his amazing multi-coloured coat. (Photo borrowed from Chicago Tardis).

The seventh Doctor.

Tenth Doctor in space suit.

Eleventh Doctor performing on stage. (Photo borrowed from Chicago Tardis)

I would love to give credit to those in costume (The Doctor or Companion). If you are one of the people in costume, or know them, and would like to receive credit please contact me so I can update my blog. Thanks for reading!

Coming Tomorrow: Companion Costumes.