29 November, 2011

Chicago Tardis - Masquerade

One of the funnest things to do at Chicago Tardis was attending the Masquerade. Yes, it involved many costumes, but skits and other surprises also entertained us. Unfortunately, the pictures I took didn't turn out very well as I was way in the back. Next year I'll know to show up for this show very early. Despite the poor quality of photos, I've decided to include a few to give those unable to attend a taste of what they missed.

The opening display. With Peter Davison about, it's nice the logo is themed thusly.

A panoramic shot of the audience. The empty area in front of me is reserved for the contestant once they are done with their skits.

This room also featured an obligatory Dalek and Tardis. Wish I had better light to take a photo of this.

The Master of Ceremonies was dressed, of course, as the Master. As a crowd, we cheered for him often using the 'Sound of the Drums' clap of four beats. It was hilarious.

One of the little performers dressed as Amelia Pond. I wonder which she was more scared of, the Master or the crowd.

We were also entertained by a harpist performing music from Murray Gold. She was really good and got a standing ovation.

This chap was dressed as Winston Churchill. When you saw him live, you could tell he was really into the part. He did a great job playing the part.

As the judges were deliberating who would win what prize, we were entertained by a celebrity version of Match Game. Remember the cheesy 70's game show? "The Doctor is so strange." "Every time he uses his Sonic Screwdriver he _________."

Finally, the judges were done, Match Game was over, it was time to award the prizes. On stage in this photo are a few of the winners.

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