19 September, 2011

The Omega Men – Part 1 of 4

“What is this childish contraption!?” Omega angrily asked the Doctor. He correctly sensed a trap.

The second Doctor was playing the fool earlier to rile up Omega. Now that he had his attention he replied sternly. “The only freedom you can ever have. Take it.” He paused briefly while glancing at a future regeneration of himself. “Take it Omega.” He said once more as both Doctors concentrated on trying to force their will.
The result only made Omega laugh. He spent centuries creating this world; his will was far superior to theirs.

The third Doctor was incensed. It wasn’t often he failed. “TAKE IT!” He screamed.

Omega suddenly realized he humoured the Doctor for long enough. It was time to get serious. “Commands?! YOU command me?! This is MY world! I COMMAND! And you pester me with trinkets!” He reached over and knocked the shield generator holding the recorded from the Doctors hands. He didn’t realize the recorder was not converted to anti-matter. It fell to the ground and when the matter and anti-matter touched the result imploded the world of Omega. The Doctor however escaped...narrowly.

Anybody caught in the explosion would certainly have perished. But Omega no longer had a body. Only his will insisted he existed, and because of this he survived. Not all at once of course, it took years before his consciousness began to reform. And even then, memories were yet to surface. It was as if he were reborn, only with an immaterial form instead of flesh and bone. He had no body, but he still aged - mentally. The more he aged, the more his memories returned; his early days on Gallifrey, his great experiment, his abandonment by the Time Lords and his betrayal by the Doctor.

The more he remembered, the angrier he grew. But he also became wiser. Omega’s talents increased and he recreated a ‘physical’ world to walk on once again. His enhanced consciousness allowed him to project his mind outside the anti-matter universe and keep tabs on the Time Lords. With enough concentration, he was even able to affect thoughts and actions of those he peered in on, not only of Gallifrey but other planets as well; Skaro, Metebelis, even Earth.

Omega’s complete dedication was now in escaping his world. The Doctor tried tricking him to believe he was forever trapped, that was unacceptable and untrue. So he continued to keep tabs on the Doctor, but doing so sickened him. The Doctor had his freedom, the ability to do whatever he wanted. The longer he watched, the more his anger grew. As his anger grew he re-avowed to take revenge on the Time Lords. But he learned from last time. Last time he sought to do so solely through another Time Lord. He wasn’t going to make the same mistake this time. This time, he would find others to unwittingly help him. The Thals of the planet Skaro were too simple, the natives of Metebelis even more so. But Earth, the Doctors favourite planet, held promise. Omega’s mind roved the Earth till he found someone suitable to meet his needs. Someone from a place called Minnesota.

Part 2 of 4
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Part 4 of 4

This story takes place between Doctor Who adventures The Three Doctors and Arc of Infinity.

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