23 January, 2012

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 59 "Resurrection of the Daleks"

The Tardis is being jolted about in the time eddy. Desperately trying to free the Tardis before it breaks itself apart, the Doctor is successful, then lands on Earth to learn there is a 'time corridor' connecting Earth and some place in the future. While investigating an old warehouse, they meet Stein, a man stuttering and nearly crippled with fear. Turns out he's a trooper from the future, escaping the Daleks. As they continue their exploration of the warehouse, Turlough suddenly disappears, the Doctor fears he's stumbled into the time corridor.

On the other side of the time corridor, is a Dalek ship. It has just docked with a prison ship and exterminated just about the entire crew, save for a few who managed to escape. They are determined to keep the Daleks away from their prisoner, Davros, at all costs. Even if it means destroying the ship. Because they were stale-mated by the Movelleans for so long, they have acquired human servants to help. The leader of this particular group is known as Lytton. Essentially all Dalek servants were human, but are now clones controlled by the Daleks. However, Lytton seems to be the exception.

On the Dalek ship, Turlough is observed by the Daleks, but allowed to roam free. The Daleks hope to use him as bait to capture the Doctor. While on Earth, the Doctor and Tegan run into a military group who have discovered alien technology. The Doctor guesses what they are doing and helps them find a mutant Kaled creature. Tegan is hurt in the scuffle so the Doctor employs Stein to come with him in the Tardis to locate the other end of the time corridor. Stein is reluctant, but agrees. However, once on the Dalek ship, he suddenly loses his stutter and tells the Doctor he's a Dalek agent.

Turlough manages to run into the survivors of the prison ship and convinces them he's not a Dalek agent. But the Doctor is captured and on Earth Tegan's military friends are slowly replaced with Dalek agents. She's able to fool the military duplicates she's more injured than she appears with the help of Professor Laird. Their attempts to fool the duplicates fails are both are forced to enter the time corridor. Laird runs away in fear, but is brutally shot down. Tegan reluctantly enters the time corridor. But instead of running into Daleks, runs into Turlough who saves her life. Still unaware the Doctor is present, Tegan shows him the Tardis.

While being attached to the Dalek equipment which will drain the Doctors mind, he tries to convince Stein that he can break free from the Dalek conditioning. Eventually, the Doctor is successful. He destroys the machine and finds Tegan and Turlough. Taking them safely to he Tardis, he sets the Tardis controls for Earth, but heads out one last time to kill Davros. Much to Tegan's horror. However, when confronting him, he's reluctant to pull the trigger. Davros tells him he's like all Timelords, weak and only willing to watch, rather than take control. Reluctantly, the Doctor walks away.

The Doctor escapes back to the Tardis via the time corridor to destroy the Daleks in the warehouse. Using the 'alien technology' found there, he unleashes a gas which is deadly to the Daleks. On the Dalek ship, the Daleks arrive to execute Davros, per Supreme Dalek's orders. However, Davros has the same gas at his disposal and uses it against these Daleks. Delighted, Davros makes his escape, till the gas suddenly begins to affect him. To make matters worse, Stein has broken free of his Dalek conditioning and activates the ships self destruct button. In the hub-bu, Lytton gets away. Back on Earth, the effects of the gas on the Daleks is horrifying and Tegan has finally had enough. She's seen to much killing and decides to leave the Doctor. Remembering something her Aunt Vanessa once told her, Tegan tells the Doctor it's stopped being fun. The Doctor pleads with her not to leave 'this way', but she runs away.

WHO: Tegan Jovanka

DEPARTURE LOCATION: Earth, circa 1984

REASON FOR DEPARTURE: After seeing a lot of good people dying, one right in front of her, and countless horrific Dalek deaths, Tegan has finally had enough of the killing and decides to leave the Doctor. Though she does admit she's going to miss him.

15 January, 2012

This Is The Game of Rassilon

Admit it, the Game of Rassilon has always fascinated you. The Dangers, the mystery, the ultimate prize. Now for the first time, you too can play the Game of Rassilon. Throw your favorite Doctor into the ring, add a companion to help, an old enemy to fight and see who comes out on top.

1.) Roll a six sided die to see which Doctor will be battling in the arena. The number of the roll will correspond to the [DN] (Doctor Number, as listed for each photo in the 'Doctor' photo section below).
2.) Roll two six sided dice to see which Companion will assist the Doctor. The number of the rolls will correspond to the [CN] (Companion Number, as listed for each photo in the 'Companion' photo section below.
3.) Roll a six sided die to see which Enemy will oppose the Doctor. The number of the roll will correspond to the [EN] (Enemy Number, as listed for each photo in the 'Enemy' photo section below.
4.) Finally, roll a six sided die to see which trap will affect hinder you. The number of the roll will correspond to the [TN] (Trap Number, as listed for each photo in the 'Trap' photo section below.
5.) The Doctor will use his 'Wits', aided by his companions 'Wits' to foil the 'Plans' or 'Strength' of his enemies.
6.) Before determining the winner, roll one die for each character playing the Game of Rassilon and add it to his attribute number. Add the Doctors result to that of his companions result and compare with the enemy number. The highest number wins, tie goes to the Heroes. Keep in mind you do not roll a six sided die for the Traps, the number is simply added to the Enemies total score.
*Special Rule* - "To Lose is To Win, and He Who Win's Shall Lose".
When battling Borusa, the lowest number is the real winner.

The Doctors
The First Doctor - [DN-1] / [WITS-4]
An alternate version of the first Doctor, seen in the regular series. One day, he'll be back.

The Second Doctor - [DN-2] / [WITS-5]
Trapped in the Death Zone while visiting the Brigadier during his retirement. He doesn't like to break the laws of time, but doesn't mind bending them.

The Third Doctor - [DN-3] / [WITS-5]
Captured while driving Bessie, most likely fighting an earlier version of the Master. Refused to believe the Master was there to help him.

The Fourth Doctor - [DN-4] / [WITS-4]
Becoming trapped in the Time Eddy, wasn't able to help in the Death Zone.

The Fifth Doctor - [DN-5] / [WITS-6]
Drawn to the Death Zone when his past selves were placed there via the Time Scoop. Discovered Borusa was operating the outlawed equipment.

The First Doctor - [DN-6] / [WITS-6]
The first Doctor as seen in the episode. Apprehensive about trusting the Master. He ultimately figured out Rassilon's riddle.

The Companions
Susan - [CN-2] / [WITS-3]
The Doctors Grand-daughter, she originally traveled with the First Doctor. In the Death Zone, she helped destroy a Dalek, then tripped on a rock.
+1 to total when assisting the First Doctor (Any version), or when battling a Dalek.

Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart - [CN-3] / [WITS-6]
Just retired from Unit when he was captured by the Time Scoop. Assisted the Second Doctor and later helped capture the Master.
+1 to total when assisting the Second Doctor, or when battling a Yeti or the Master.

Jamie McCrimmon - [CN-4] / [WITS-5]
Originally traveled with the Second Doctor, he was a phantom projection in the Death Zone. Believes the Brigadier is right. Having his memory wiped of traveling with the Doctor, he shouldn't remember who Zoe is.
-1 to total when assisting the Second Doctor.

Zoe Heriot - [CN-5] / [WITS-4]
Originally traveled with the Second Doctor, she was a phantom projection in the Death Zone. The Time-Lords erased her memory of traveling with the Doctor.
-1 to total when assisting the Second Doctor.

Sarah Jane Smith - [CN-6] / [WITS-5]
Originally traveled with the Third Doctor, later the Fourth Doctor. Fell down a hill in the fog and nearly got Vertigo. Regretted not listening to K-9.
+1 to total when assisting the Third Doctor, or when battling Cybermen or the Raston Warrior.

Liz Shaw - [CN-7] / [WITS-4]
Originally assisted the Third Doctor in UNIT. She was a phantom projection in the Death Zone.
-1 to total when assisting the Third Doctor.

Captain Mike Yates - [CN-8] / [WITS-3]
As member of UNIT, Mike worked with the Third Doctor on many occasions. He was a phantom projection in the Death Zone.
-1 to total when assisting the Third Doctor.

K9 - [CN-9] / [WITS-2]
K-9 Mark III, was a present from the Fifth Doctor to Sarah Jane. Though he never made it to the Death Zone, he warned Sarah about 'going out' and that the Doctor was involved.
No Bonus

Romana - [CN-10] / [WITS-2]
A Time Lady who assisted the Fourth Doctor. Because of a glitch in the equipment, Romana never made it to the Death Zone.
No Bonus

Tegan Jovanka - [CN-11] / [WITS-6]
Though she briefly met the Fourth Doctor, Tegan traveled with the Fifth Doctor. In the Death Zone, she assisted the First Doctor. Not fond of Pitch-N-Toss.
+1 to total when assisting the Fifth or First Doctor (Episode Version only), or when battling Cybermen or The Master.

Vislor Turlough - [CN-12] / [WITS-1]
Originally intent on killing him, Turlough traveled with the Fifth Doctor. In the Death Zone, he remained safely in the Tardis.
+1 to total when assisting the Fifth Doctor.

Dalek - [EN-1] / [PLANS-7]
The only Dalek in the game. Destroyed early on by the First Doctor.

Yeti - [EN-2] / [STRENGTH-8]
Possibly left over from the original Game of Rassilon. It hunted the Brigadier and Second Doctor. Ultimately destroyed in a rock slide.

The Master - [EN-3] / [PLANS-11]
Called in by the High Council to help the Doctor. When his services were scorned and help refused, he decided to help himself to immortality. He was later captured by the Brigadier and Third Doctor.

Cybermen - [EN-4] / [PLANS-10]
Never originally used in the Game of Rassilon because like the Daleks, they play to well. One group of Cybermen nearly blew up the Tardis while one group was destroyed by the Raston Warrior, and another was betrayed by the Master.

Raston Warrior Robot - [EN-5] / [STRENGTH-9]
The most perfect killing machine ever devised. It moves like lightening, and sensors detect movement, any movement. It's weapons are built in. It's idea of a good time is destroying a Cyber Group.

President Borusa - [EN-6] / [PLANS-12]
Lord President of Gallifrey. He was worried he would have to retire before all his work was done. He wished to continue being President, not only during his remaining regenerations, but eternally.
+2 to total when battling the First Doctor (Episode version only), the Second Doctor, the Third Doctor or the Fifth Doctor.

Temporal Instability - [TN-1] / [Hindrance-2]
Whether equipment failure or not, it certainly isn't desirable for any Time Lord to be caught in one.

Tripping On A Rock - [TN-2] / [Hinderance-1]
It just wouldn't be Doctor Who without a gratuitous tripping on a rock and spraining your ankle routine.

Vertigo - [TN-3] / [Hinderance-1]
When assisting the Doctor, sometimes you have to overcome your fears. Sarah hesitated when she was faced with climbing a mountainside, then later having to slide down a rope line to reach the Dark Tower.

An Empty Room - [TN-4] / [Hinderance-3]
Some things are not as they seem. The Master realized this was more than just an empty room. Figuring out how to cross the floor is as easy as pi.

Cyber Bomb - [TN-5] / [Hinderance-3]
Hoping to gain entry into the Tardis, a group of Cybermen placed a Cyber-Bomb. Turlough encouragingly told Susan it was time to die.

Strange Fears & Mysterious Forebodings - [TN-6] / [Hinderance-2]
While making their way to Rassilon's main chamber, Tegan and Sarah both felt something holding them back. It was the mind of Rassilon, forcing them back.

You have played... Wisely

09 January, 2012

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 58 "The Five Doctors"

The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough are visiting the Eye of Orion, a tranquil place. As they are enjoying their down time, the Doctor begins to feel cosmic angst. He explains he's being diminished, whittled away, piece by piece. Urgently he rushes to set the co-ordinates of the Tardis, trying to be reunited with his other selves. As he sets the Tardis in motion, he passes out on the floor and begins to disappear. Tegan and Turlough are uncertain how to help the Doctor or what he's babbling about, so resort to arguing amongst themselves.

Meanwhile on Gallifrey, a sinister Timelord is using ancient and forbidden equipment to collect previous versions of the Doctor, his companions and a few of his enemies and depositing them in Gallifrey's 'Death Zone'; a place where in ancient days, the Timelords would kidnap aliens from all over the universe and have them fight against each other. Using the 'Time Scoop', he collects the first Doctor walking alone in a garden, his grand-daughter Susan, The Second Doctor as he's visiting the Brigadier at his retirement from Unit, the Third Doctor as he's driving Bessie and Sarah Jane Smith on her way to work. He tries to collect the Fourth Doctor and Romana but the equipment suddenly fails.

As the first Doctor is wandering in a corridor the Time Scoop placed him, he runs into his grand-daughter. Their reunion is short lived as they meet a Dalek which begins chasing them. The Doctor tricks the Dalek into shooting itself. The Dalek explodes, taking portions of the wall with it. Just outside, the Doctor and Susan see the Tomb of Rassilon and realize they are on Gallifrey. They make their way for the 'Dark Tower' when Susan spots the Tardis.

The Second Doctor and the Brigadier are walking along trying to figure out where they are when they have a brief encounter with a Cybermen. Suddenly the Doctor realizes they could be playing the game of Rassilon when he spots the Dark Tower. He explains to the Brigadier how at one point in Gallifrey's history, they used to kidnap others and bring them to fight in the games till other Timelords rebelled and forbade the use of the equipment. The Brigadier can tell by his tone, they are not expected to win.

Realizing what's going on, the High Council of Gallifrey (minus two who went into the Death Zone to investigate, neither returned) look for the Doctor to help figure out who's using the ancient equipment. When they can't find the Doctor they employ the Master to rescue the Doctor and help figure out who's using the equipment. President Borusa objects but is over ruled by the High Council. The Master also is reluctant, but agrees; finding humor in being sent to 'rescue' the Doctor. He is given a recall device which will return him back to the High Council chamber. He's also given the 'Seal of Rassilon' to help prove to the Doctor his good intentions.

The Third Doctor is driving Bessie when he hears a scream. Sarah, wandering around blindly in the fog has fallen down a hill. Using Bessie and a rope, he rescues her, but she's surprised because from her perspective, the Doctor has already regenerated. As they drive away he tells her about the Death Zone when they run into the Master. Being his greatest enemy, the Doctor refuses to believe the Master is there to help. The seal of Rassilon does little to impress the Doctor. He assumes it's either forged or stolen and takes it away from the Master. Suddenly a strange energy bolt is fired and the Doctor speeds away, abandoning the Master, assuming its a trap. What the Doctor doesn't realize is the Master is being fired upon also. Suddenly, Bessie is hit and the Doctor and Sarah must start walking towards the Tomb of Rassilon.

Upon entering the Tardis, the First Doctor and Susan are surprised to find three young people in his Tardis. Tegan explains it's the Fifth Doctors Tardis. Suddenly he regains consciousness and life is restored to him. Susan is pleased to meet another, younger version of her grand-father, but Tegan realizes the two Doctors should not be together at the same time. The Tardis has been locked by a tractor beam so they set the co-ordinates for the Dark Tower. The Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Susan head for the Dark Tower to determine what is going on, who might be behind it and to free the Tardis.

As the Fifth Doctor, Susan and Tegan are walking, the meet up with the Master. The Doctor advises Susan and Tegan to back away as he talks. The Master tries to convince the Doctor of his good intentions and explains he is armed and could easily kill him if he wanted to, but the Doctor knows that isn't the Masters style at all. Suddenly a troop of Cybermen show up. Susan and Tegan head for the Tardis while the Master and the Doctor run in the opposite direction, followed by the Cybermen. When the Master is grazed and the Cybermen catch up to the Doctor he finds the Masters recall device and activates it. From a safe distance, Tegan and Susan watch the Cybermen catch up to the Doctor, but see him suddenly disappear. They run back to the Tardis to inform the First Doctor, but Susan trips and sprains her ankle on the way.

Back on Gallifrey, the High Council are surprised to see the Doctor arrive. When they explain what has been going on, he realizes the Master was telling the truth. The Doctor finds the High Council are just as clueless as he is. However, suddenly the black scrolls of Rassilon are found in the Castellans room. He claims to have never seen them before and is adamant he is not the one running the Time Scoop. But when he's taken away for questioning, the Doctor hears laser fire and finds the Castellan dead. The guard explains he was armed and trying to escape.

The Third Doctor and Sarah are close to the Tomb of Rassilon when they run into a Raston Warrior Robot, the most perfect killing machine ever created. Sensors detect movement, any movement. They move like lightening and their armory is built in. The Raston begins to toy with them when it suddenly spots a more delicious target, a group of Cybermen. While the Raston Warrior decimates the troop, Sarah and the Doctor escape, stealing the robots extra weapons and rope.

After escaping the Raston Warrior and the Cybermen, the Third Doctor and Sarah have climbed to the top of a rock face opposite the Tomb of Rassilon. The Doctor uses the rope acquired from the Raston to lasso a pillar at the top of the Tomb. Using it, he and Sarah "Zip-Line" across seconds before a lone Cybermen catches up to them, but dies before firing a shot. Safely across, the two enter the Tomb and search for the main hall.

Back at the Tardis, Susan informs her grand-father what has transpired. Realizing it's now up to him, he heads for the Dark Tower. Tegan offers to accompany him while Turlough bravely opts to remain in the Tardis with the now injured Susan. As the Doctor and Tegan enter the Tower, they realize they have been followed by the Master. After the Fifth Doctor left him, he formed an 'alliance' with the Cybermen, though he still warns the Doctor to hide before they Cybermen arrive. As the Cybermen enter, the Master instructs them to march in and take control of the Tower. What the Cybermen don't know is the floor is booby-trapped and the Master succeeds in destroying the entire cyber troop. The Master flees, telling the Doctor they too can cross the board safely, "It's as easy as pi". Deducing what the Master meant, the Doctor uses a mathematical formula to safely cross the floor, Tegan follows.

As they arrive upon a cave, the Second Doctor begins reciting a nursery rhyme. He explains to the Brigadier the Gallifreyan nursery rhyme talks of three entrances into the Tomb of Rassilon. One above, one between, one below. The cave is the entrance to the 'below', but their troubles are far from over as they realize they are being followed. Finding a safe enclosure, they discover they are being tracked by a Yeti, left over from the former games. When the angered Yeti starts a rock slide, they believe they are trapped. But the Doctor discovers the cavern goes back further and they find a door leading into the Dark Tower.

Still in the Capitol, the Fifth Doctor does a bit more investigation work and realizes the Castellan was framed. Searching about, he discovers a hidden room containing the forbidden Death Zone equipment. The biggest shock however, is Borusa, the Lord President of Gallifrey is operating the equipment. His ambition is to remain the President of Gallifrey eternal. The Doctor vows to stop him, but Borusa has on the Coronet of Rassilon which emphasizes his will. He uses it to make the Doctor bow down and follow him.

According to legend, Rassilon can offer eternal life to whoever seeks it. This is the reason Borusa sent the Doctor into the zone, to eliminate all threats and prepare the way for him to arrive. When he does, the other Doctors concentrate and break Borusa's hold of the Fifth Doctor. But Borusa does not feel threatened, he plans to tell the High Council the Doctor is the traitor. Considering the Doctor is the notorious renegade, he assumes the Doctor will not be trusted.

His hold of the Doctor released, Borusa is still able to command all the companions to remain still, unmoving. Earlier the companions banded together to dispose of the Master who is now bound on the floor, so he's not a threat either. Things are certainly in Borusa's favor when suddenly the voice of Rassilon is heard. A holographic image of his head appears over his preserved body and offers immortality to whoever takes, and puts on the ring from his dead body. Gleefully, Borusa puts on the ring, only to realize too late his immortality comes at a price. He's turned into a living stone bust, adorning Rassilon's sarcophagus.

The First Doctor begins to laugh when he suddenly realizes what the old Gallifreyan quote, "To lose is to win, and he who wins shall lose" means. As losers, the Doctor has won, and as the winner of immortality, Borusa is actually the loser. As a result of temporal fission, the first three Doctors depart, accompanied by the Brigadier, Susan and Sarah Jane Smith. Rassilon also frees the Maser and the Fourth Doctor. He then congratulates the Doctor on choosing wisely. Rassilon fades away just as Chancellor Flavia (the last remaining High Council member) arrives with a few guards. The Doctor informs her of Borusa's failure. Proud of his accomplishments, the Chancellor informs the Doctor he is to become the next President of Gallifrey. The Doctor reluctantly agrees and quickly ushers Tegan and Turlough into the Tardis.

As he rushes into the Tardis, the Doctor informs the guards to escort her back to the Capitol as he follows in his Tardis. Inside, Tegan and Turlough are distraught. Tegan doesn't want to go and Turlough hopes his Timelord buddies can find a Tardis that works properly and get him home. Surprised, the Doctor tells them he has no plans to return to Gallifrey. Instead he plans to go on the run from his own people, in a rackety ol' Tardis; The way it all began.