07 January, 2011

V - A reboot.... or something else? (Part 1)

It was an epic mini-series in the early 80's. Jane Badler played conniving yet beautiful visitor Diana. She was determined, ruthless and cunning to make sure she got what she wanted, and she wanted Earth. Nothing stood in her way, not even her own people. Certainly she was the sexy villain we loved to hate.

Last year however, we were introduced to 'V' once more. This time it was a reboot rather than a continuation. The leading lady is now played by Morena Baccarin, this time named Anna. Like Diana, Anna is beautiful but deadly. You wouldn't want to get under her skin.

Anna seems to have her own agenda, and many secrets. For being a complete new series, Anna is certainly a lot like Diana. Add to this, it is discovered the Visitors have been on Earth longer than originally thought. Is it possible they've been on Earth for 20 years or more? And who is Anna's mother?

As we have now learned, Anna's mother is living aboard the ship. And the biggest shock of all? Her mother is named Diana and played by Jane Badler. SAY WHAT? Maybe this isn't a reboot after all, maybe it is a continuation. Now THAT would grab my interest.

This leaves a lot of questions. If it is a continuation why does no one remember the first visit from the lizards? Is Jane Badler just a tease? Will we find out what is really going on or will they draw this out? What do you think is going on?

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