30 November, 2011

Chicago Tardis - Daleks, Robots & Stuff

As mentioned in an earlier post, this was the first Doctor Who convention I ever attended, and the first convention I had been to since Gen Con moved from Milwaukee. I really wasn't sure what to expect but am happy to say I was thrilled with my experience. Not only were the costumes people wore amazing, there were a lot of props, entertainment and fun. In this collection of photos, I try to express the further bits of fun my sons and I were able to experience.

K-9 Was found wandering around. Quite probably looking for the Doctor; there were plenty to find.

One of the many Daleks wandering around. Quite probably looking for the Doctor as well.

One of the really old school robot villains, the Quarks.

Amy Pond taking in the convention along with her daughter.

Everyone had to check in, that included the Daleks.

My son had a bad run in with one of the wandering Daleks.

Fortunately the Tardis arrived and chased the Dalek away.

Another Dalek wandering around. This one looking for Winston Churchill.

A random photo at the convention. Everyone is happier the Daleks have been dispensed with.


29 November, 2011

Chicago Tardis - Masquerade

One of the funnest things to do at Chicago Tardis was attending the Masquerade. Yes, it involved many costumes, but skits and other surprises also entertained us. Unfortunately, the pictures I took didn't turn out very well as I was way in the back. Next year I'll know to show up for this show very early. Despite the poor quality of photos, I've decided to include a few to give those unable to attend a taste of what they missed.

The opening display. With Peter Davison about, it's nice the logo is themed thusly.

A panoramic shot of the audience. The empty area in front of me is reserved for the contestant once they are done with their skits.

This room also featured an obligatory Dalek and Tardis. Wish I had better light to take a photo of this.

The Master of Ceremonies was dressed, of course, as the Master. As a crowd, we cheered for him often using the 'Sound of the Drums' clap of four beats. It was hilarious.

One of the little performers dressed as Amelia Pond. I wonder which she was more scared of, the Master or the crowd.

We were also entertained by a harpist performing music from Murray Gold. She was really good and got a standing ovation.

This chap was dressed as Winston Churchill. When you saw him live, you could tell he was really into the part. He did a great job playing the part.

As the judges were deliberating who would win what prize, we were entertained by a celebrity version of Match Game. Remember the cheesy 70's game show? "The Doctor is so strange." "Every time he uses his Sonic Screwdriver he _________."

Finally, the judges were done, Match Game was over, it was time to award the prizes. On stage in this photo are a few of the winners.

28 November, 2011

Chicago Tardis - Costume Collection (The Doctors)

Finally went to my first Doctor Who convention. I wasn't sure what to expect, so this year was a sort of 'trial'. Added to the fact, I was bringing my kids, so I wasn't sure how they were going to enjoy it. Turns out we all had a good time. One of my favourite things of the convention? All the different costumes. There were many people dressed up as either the Doctor, one of his enemies or one of his companions. In this set, I've included pictures from all the people dressed as the Doctor.

The Doctor - The Original you might say.

Romana the first and the First Doctor.

Second Doctor

Fourth Doctor with Romana I. Obviously looking for the Key to Time.

If the 5th Doctor had been a girl. (Photo borrowed from Chicago Tardis).

The sixth Doctor and his amazing multi-coloured coat. (Photo borrowed from Chicago Tardis).

The seventh Doctor.

Tenth Doctor in space suit.

Eleventh Doctor performing on stage. (Photo borrowed from Chicago Tardis)

I would love to give credit to those in costume (The Doctor or Companion). If you are one of the people in costume, or know them, and would like to receive credit please contact me so I can update my blog. Thanks for reading!

Coming Tomorrow: Companion Costumes.

22 November, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 55 "Mawdryn Undead"

The Tardis is flying through space when suddenly Nyssa notices a ship is flying directly towards them. Though the probability is high, the Doctor takes evasive maneuvers to avert a collision and materializes the Tardis inside the ship. Stepping out of the Tardis, Tegan thinks the ship looks more like the Queen Mary, for how extravagant it is. As they continue to explore, they find no one. That's when Tegan corrects herself and now thinks the ship reminds her more of the Mary Celeste. When they try to take off again, the Tardis is stuck. There is some interference holding the Tardis in place.

Meanwhile, on Earth. Turlough is a bored school student who coaxes his friend "Hippo" into taking a vintage car for a joy-ride. Hippo is horrified when Turlough does not return immediately s he suggested he would. Turlough's cockiness soon fades as he suddenly has to veer off the road to avoid a collision. In an instant, he's hovering over his body while a sinister figure strikes up a bargain with him. Turlough's 'Black Guardian' wants him to kill the Doctor, in exchange for giving him free passage back to his home planet. Turns out, Turlough is a marooned alien and very bored with Earth. Reluctantly, Turlough agrees when he hears how evil the Doctor is.

Back on the ship, the Doctor finds the source of the interference, but he must use the ships transport pod to travel to Earth and disable it, so the Tardis can follow him. He instructs Tegan and Nyssa to stay in the Tardis and once released, it will go to Earth where they will meet up with the Doctor. The girls do as instructed but when they are on Earth and find the transport pod, they find a badly burnt figure laying on the floor. The girls immediately think something happened to the Doctor, causing him to regenerate. However, it's not long before Tegan begins to have her doubts about who this character is.

Once on Earth himself, the Doctor meets Turlough while he's trying to disable the interference. Turlough is about to smash the Doctor's head in with a rock when an explosion takes place knocking both of them back, and the rock out of Turlough's hands. However the Tardis should be free, so when it doesn't show up the Doctor is worried. Suddenly, the owner of the vehicle Turlough wrecked shows up looking for Turlough, it's none other than Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. The Doctor is happy to see his friend again, but the Brigadier has no idea who the Doctor is.

Fearing for the Doctors life, Tegan runs off looking for help. It's not long before she runs into a teacher who is willing to help her. Too her surprise, the teacher knows the Doctor. It's Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart who's just retired from UNIT. He's anxious to meet the Doctor. But when they arrive at the Tardis, the person they found has continued to regenerate and despite his head, looks much better. He pilots the Tardis back to his ship, bringing along the Brigadier. However this Brigadier is from 1977, which is dangerous because the Doctor has invited the Brigadier he met from 1983 to travel back with him to the ship. Turlough accompanies the Doctor and Brigadier.

Back on the ship, the Doctor is reunited with Tegan and Nyssa and horrified to realize they each brought a Brigadier with them. To make matters worse, each has wandered off. The Doctor sends Turlough off to help keep the two Brigadier's separate. As Turlough does that, the Doctor discovers the identity of the person Nyssa thought was the Doctor. His name is Mawdryn, along with his fellow shipmates (who were hiding earlier) stole Gallifreyan technology in the hopes of becoming Timelords. The result worked to some degree, they are now cursed with perpetual regeneration for all eternity. The prospect is too much for them to bear and they wish to be released from their curse. The ask the Doctor for help.

The Doctor refuses to help Mawdryn and the rest of his crew, because to do so will require him to be hooked up to the machine and burn off the remainder of his regenerations to cure them. Mawdryn says the Doctor can only help of his own free will, so they allow him to leave. But to the Doctors horror, he finds Tegan and Nyssa have been infected by Mawdryn and if they travel in the Tardis they will either age or deage depending on which direction the Tardis travels. The only way to cure both of them is to hook them up to Mawdryn's machine also. Reluctantly the Doctor returns to sacrifice himself and cure everyone else.

With the two Brigadiers still wandering around, Turlough is doing what he can keep them separate. While doing so, he has another run in with the Black Guardian who is dissatisfied with Turlough. He once again warns Turlough of the bargain they struck, but Turlough thinks its enough to he has marooned the Doctor. He's increasingly finding it more and more difficult to want to kill the Doctor. When he tells the Black Guardian the Doctor doesn't seem evil, the Black Guardian tells him the Doctors good is his evil.

Turlough succeeds in trapping the younger Brigadier in a room as the older Brigadier now helps the Doctor set up the Mawdryn's equipment. But the Brigadier is resourceful and soon finds a way out of the room he's been trapped in. He finds the Doctor and his older self. Ignoring the Doctor's pleas to leave, he's bewildered by his older self and reaches out to touch himself. There is an explosion which takes place at the exact moment the Doctor was offering up his future regenerations. The explosion is transferred into the equipment and thus saves the Doctors future regenerations. As Mawdryn dies, he thanks the Doctor. Returning each Brigadier to their respective time zone, Turlough asks the Doctor if he can accompany him. The Doctor agrees, to the dismay of Tegan who doesn't trust him.

WHO: Vislor Turlough

PLANET OF ORIGIN: Trion, circa 1983

REASON FOR JOINING: Turlough is an alien exiled to Earth, but hates his boring life. When the Black Guardian offers him a chance to leave the planet, he hastily agrees and thus becomes involved with the Doctor. Having agreed to kill the Doctor, Turlough asks to join the Tardis crew in hopes of fulfilling his end of the agreement.

21 November, 2011

Sun Boy Explores the 21st Century

My name is Dirk, but my friends call me Sun Boy. I'm from the 31st century in group known as the Legion of Super Heroes. We don't generally have missions in the 21st century, but this a rare case.

This is Brainy, though he prefers to be called Brainiac 5. His name is Querl Dox and he calls me Dirk. He's the Legion's resident genius. Though it's usually frowned upon, he's helped perfect time travel.

This is Nyeun Chun Ti, he's a member of the Fatal Five and likes to be called the Persuader. He's the reason the two of us are in the 21st century, if you catch my drift. He broke into the Time Institute and stole one of the Time Bubbles. Querl and I have tracked him to this time period and hope to catch and bring him back to the 31st century.

This is actually a great time to be in the past. Earth is filled with so many Super Heroes, it wasn't long before we found help. I'm not sure how he thought he could get away with whatever he was doing, but we were lucky to catch the Persuader quickly.

Querl took the Persuader back to the 31st century to be handed over to the Science Police. With luck they'll be able to keep him on Takron Galtos for good this time. I've been in need of a rest lately so I opted to stay behind for a while. I wouldn't want to catch space madness again.

Of course being a Legionnaire means you are never off duty. Seeing trouble brewing, I was able to give a hand while in Metropolis. This guy was a real hot-head, but I quickly extinguished his flames.

My fight didn't go unnoticed. This is Zatanna, and she can call me 'anytime'. Realizing how awesome I am, she invited me to help her on a mission she was currently on.

Imagine my surprise when I found out Raven was also going to be helping. She's not really my type of girl, but I was fine to have her along. Plus she's from the legendary Titans. Needless to say, between the three of us the mission went quickly.

I've really been enjoying myself. I can see why Cosmic Boy likes this time period. I'm thinking of extending my vacation a little, just to do a bit more exploring. I'd love to check out Gotham or perhaps run into one of the Legendary heroes of this time, Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman.

So the Villains of the 20th century better..... How did this get in.... This is the last time I let Brek load my holo-projectors.

The villains of the 20th century better surrender now. If they don't things are really going to heat up for them. I am Sun-Boy, and I am Hot Stuff!