14 July, 2010

Jeffrey Scott's Interview with an Admiral

Special treat today. I had the opportunity to have an interview with Admiral Ackbar, one of the leaders of the Rebel Alliance. Unfortunately he was unable to be with us in person. We have him via the network , direct from the bridge of his ship 'Home One'. Below is the transcript from the audio interview. Enjoy.

JS: Admiral, it's good to have you here. Thank you for doing the interview.

AA: May the force be with us.

JS: So I understand with the destruction of the Death Star, there is still lots of work to do. Can you tell us where the fight takes you now?

AA: The Forest Moon of Endor.

JS: I see, so there are still a lot of Imperials to be taken care of?

AA: We've got to give those fighters more time.

JS: Just so you know, the Jeffrey Scott show is known for it's hard hitting questions.

AA: All craft prepare to retreat!

JS: Settle down, I couldn't find any dirt on you. So I've decided to ask a topical question.

AA: The Shield is Down.

JS: I hear Justin Beiber will be performing at a benefit for the New Republic. What are your thoughts on that?

AA: Commence attack!

JS: Wow, I guess you're not a Beiber fan. What's the problem you have?

AA: Our cruisers can't repel fire-power of that magnitude.

JS: That's a bit extreme. I take it you didn't authorize this, so who did?

AA: General Calrissian.

JS: That makes sense. I want to thank you for being on the show today Admiral. But I do have one last hard hitting question for you.

AA: All craft, prepare to jump into hyperspace on my mark.

JS: Joining us on-line now is Mon Mothma who claims she's carrying your child.

AA: It's a trap!

Unfortunately the interview ended abruptly.

Join us again next time as we interview another of our beloved characters. As always, feel free to send us your suggestions for guests and questions to our comments.


  1. Awesome post, Jeffrey! Witty, fun, and original! I vote for a Sen. Palpantine interview!!

  2. It is a very innovative idea of creating a story as if it were a real interview. For me it is funny, interesting and cool!!! Bravo Jeff, yr writings are all so entertaining....Thanks

  3. Oh Come ON Jeff! Lando would have WAY more class than to book Justin Beaver. I think he'd have gone with Marvin Gaye, or maybe... hmmm. . . nope. . . Marvin Gaye. . . yah. That sounds about right

  4. That said. . . I was cracking up as I read your interview. :-P