20 July, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - "And Now A Word From Our Sponser"

Cereal Prizes

Don't bother looking for this in stores, this is a pure circa 1971 box of cereal. What could be cooler than seeing your favourite box of cereal with an image of the Doctor on it?

How about knowing there is a free Doctor Who related prize inside? The best part? There are up to six different prizes to collect. What could be in the box? Is it something you don't have yet?

Granted, by today's standards not very aesthetic. But when you are a ten year old little boy in love with Doctor Who, you took whatever you could get.

So what will I get when I open my box of cereal? Will it be the Doctor? Will it be the Master? UNIT, Jo Grant, Brigadier, Bessie? Only one way to find out.
1.) Open box.
2.) Pour cereal into the largest mixing bowl.
3.) Look for the prize.
4.) Pour cereal back into box. (Though very unskillfully)
5.) Get yelled at by mum.

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