21 November, 2011

Sun Boy Explores the 21st Century

My name is Dirk, but my friends call me Sun Boy. I'm from the 31st century in group known as the Legion of Super Heroes. We don't generally have missions in the 21st century, but this a rare case.

This is Brainy, though he prefers to be called Brainiac 5. His name is Querl Dox and he calls me Dirk. He's the Legion's resident genius. Though it's usually frowned upon, he's helped perfect time travel.

This is Nyeun Chun Ti, he's a member of the Fatal Five and likes to be called the Persuader. He's the reason the two of us are in the 21st century, if you catch my drift. He broke into the Time Institute and stole one of the Time Bubbles. Querl and I have tracked him to this time period and hope to catch and bring him back to the 31st century.

This is actually a great time to be in the past. Earth is filled with so many Super Heroes, it wasn't long before we found help. I'm not sure how he thought he could get away with whatever he was doing, but we were lucky to catch the Persuader quickly.

Querl took the Persuader back to the 31st century to be handed over to the Science Police. With luck they'll be able to keep him on Takron Galtos for good this time. I've been in need of a rest lately so I opted to stay behind for a while. I wouldn't want to catch space madness again.

Of course being a Legionnaire means you are never off duty. Seeing trouble brewing, I was able to give a hand while in Metropolis. This guy was a real hot-head, but I quickly extinguished his flames.

My fight didn't go unnoticed. This is Zatanna, and she can call me 'anytime'. Realizing how awesome I am, she invited me to help her on a mission she was currently on.

Imagine my surprise when I found out Raven was also going to be helping. She's not really my type of girl, but I was fine to have her along. Plus she's from the legendary Titans. Needless to say, between the three of us the mission went quickly.

I've really been enjoying myself. I can see why Cosmic Boy likes this time period. I'm thinking of extending my vacation a little, just to do a bit more exploring. I'd love to check out Gotham or perhaps run into one of the Legendary heroes of this time, Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman.

So the Villains of the 20th century better..... How did this get in.... This is the last time I let Brek load my holo-projectors.

The villains of the 20th century better surrender now. If they don't things are really going to heat up for them. I am Sun-Boy, and I am Hot Stuff!

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