26 September, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 49 "The Keeper of Traken"

The Doctor is introducing Adric to N-Space (the original universe) when the Tardis is visited by another power entity. Instead of the Black Guardian who is still after the Doctor, it's the Keeper of Traken. The world of Traken is a place so full of peace, anything evil landing on the planet instantly solidifies and rendered ineffective. So it's a Surprise when the Keeper invites the Doctor to Traken to help battle a coming evil.

One such evil landing on Traken is the creature known as Melkur. He's assigned a person in the grove who looks after him, her name is Kassia. Because of the positive influence of Traken, Melkur is unmovable and his influence is reduced to that of producing a few weeds. Slowly though, Melkur begins to influence Kassia. She finally agrees to help Melkur in his evil ways if he helps stop her new husband from becoming the next Keeper of Traken, as the old Keeper is dying.

When the Doctor and Adric arrive, a body is discovered and they are blamed. But Kassia's husband Tremas sticks up for the Doctor and takes the pair under his guidance. Kassia is surprised by this but despite it being her husband, claims he's conspiring with the Doctor. They are thrown in a holding cell but are rescued by Nyssa, Tremas' daughter. The soon discover Melkur's evil purpose. He wants the power the Keeper of Traken possesses.

Melkur begins to speak and claims to know the Doctor. He also gives Kassia information that helps her to become the next Keeper of Traken. The rest of the council are agreed, especially since Tremas is still at large and currently a renegade. As Kassia begins to assume the role of Keeper, she is overcome with power and her body dissolves, only to be replaced with Melkur, who's sacrificed her to gain control as the new Keeper of Traken. He takes great delight in realize the Doctor still does not know who or what he is.

Adric and Nyssa set off to disrupt the power of the Keeper who is vulnerable while he first starts off as the Keeper. But now free, Melkur causes as much chaos as he can and draws the Doctor inside the statue. It turns out Melkur is actually the Master's Tardis and his goal is to use the power of Traken to regenerate his body as he's used his last regeneration. With the help of Adric and Nyssa, the Doctor escapes as does the Master, but not before he uses the energy to quickly steal the body of Tremas, thus gaining one more regeneration.

WHO: Nyssa


REASON FOR JOINING: She doesn't. The episode ends with Nyssa searching for her father, who has just been consumed by the Master's conscious. However, between this episode and the next she's taken off planet by someone very familiar to the Doctor.

WHO: Master 14


REASON FOR JOINING: Obviously he does not join the Doctor, but this the first episode of the new Master. He will play the Master the rest of the classic series.

NEXT: Tardis Experiences, Great And Numerous

Prequel to "The Wedding of River Song"

You may want to watch this video before watching the "Wedding of River Song". Caution, there may be "Spoilers".

The Omega Men – Part 2 of 4

In the short span of 100 years since his rebirth Omega learned much and his expectations of leaving grew. He believed he found a way to leave his prison. In theory it was a simple task, if he could switch his consciousness with someone else, they would be trapped and he’d be free. Who better to try this on then the Doctor? But this was just a theory, Omega needed to put the plan into action. Because of the unique properties of the anti-matter world he lived in, it wasn’t a simple task to devise a psychgraft, transfer his consciousness and escape. He had to find a way to ‘lessen’ the intensity of the anti-energy surrounding his psyche before making another attempt. Omega was able to transport people to his world before, and he planned to do so again, this time for a different reason. Earth was the prime target for this sort of thing, many of its inhabitant’s craved adventure but never saw it. This made them easy prey to manipulate.


The Captain was running across the field, weapon in hand and golden tunic shredded. He vaulted over a boulder and ducked down for cover. Cautiously he peered over the top and a laser nearly shot his head off. It was a dangerous move but he gathered what he needed. He knew where his adversary was coming from. Quickly, he rose and fired his weapon. He hit his mark and the lizard creature staggered backward, but remained upright. Another bolt was fired and this time it fell backward.

“We will return to ‘A Mock Time’ after these commercial announcements.” The screen shut off and Wes reached over for the bag of chips.

“What did you do that for?” His brother Wendell asked puzzled.

“I’m so bored, we never do anything. Remember when we were kids? We spent all day doing exactly what Captain Jerk was doing. Sure it was all make believe, but at least we had fun.”

“Well why did you invite me over if you wanted to do something outside? We could have….” Wendell stopped and turned his attention to the kitchen. A strange static sound was coming from it. Wes noticed it also. They glanced at each other puzzled and got up to investigate. The sound was coming from the kitchen sink. Cautiously they looked inside and a gelatinous blob was coming up from the drain.

“I think you need to call the plumber.” Wendell told him. “Whatever that is, it’s disgusting and smells just as bad.” As if in response to the insult, the blob intensified its volume and small static bolts began to emanate from it.

“I don’t know about you, but heading outside seems to be a good idea after all.” Wes turned and ran quickly towards the front door.

“Yea, yea, you’re right.” Wendell added. They suddenly sprinted for the door, but each step caused the blob to intensify. As they reached the front door, the blob was out of control and shot a single electrical pulse towards the pair. An acrid smell and a puff of brownish smoke was all that was left.

Part 1 of 4
Part 3 of 4
Part 4 of 4

For more info on Omega and Wes & Wendell visit - TheOmegaPodcast

20 September, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 48 "Warriors Gate"

The Tardis crew are still searching for a way out of E-Space. Adric assures them he won't mind leaving his universe. Suddenly the Tardis doors open and a lion looking creature called a Tharil enters the Tardis and directs it to a place with 0 co-ordinates. It's a gateway past and future, but more importantly a gateway between N-Space and E-Space. K-9 is damaged by the "Time Winds" so when the creature named Biroc leaves, the Doctor follows him.

Another ship trapped in the white void of the Gateway is searching desperately to get back home. They have enslaved the Tharils as navigators for their ships as they are the only ones who can properly 'see' through the time winds. In addition to being unaffected by the Time Winds, the Tharils are time sensitive. Detecting the Tardis, the crew of the ship investigates the Tardis. Romana unsure of their intentions, instructs Adric to stay on the Tardis with K-9 unless she gives an all clear signal, however she's taken captive.

Once Adric sees Romana leave, he sets off on his own with K-9, who's still not functioning properly; memory circuits are damaged and he operates backwards. Romana is back on the ship and when it's discovered she's also time sensitive like the Tharils, the Captain hooks her up to their machines to 'navigate' their ship. Once the bridge is clear though, a Tharil who has escaped from the ship's holding area, makes his way to the bridge and frees Romana. Walking out of phase, they walk through the ship and into the void.

The Doctor is still with Biroc and is show where they have lived before they were enslaved. As time sensitive creatures, the Doctor is physically enjoying a meal with the Tharil's when Gundan guards break in. The Gundan's are robots built by slaves of the Tharil's, as the Tharils once used to be a tyrannical race. Being enslaved themselves they have now changed and only wish to free themselves. Romana has been brought to the same place and when she sees the Gundan's break in, she grabs the Doctor and they are suddenly in the present, but surrounded with men from the ship.

The captain has seen the Tharils use mirrors to make their escapes so he's hoping to engage his engines and perform a back blast in hopes of shattering the mirrors and capturing the Tharils once again. The Tardis crew realize he'll likely blow himself up so help the rest of the Tharils on the ship escape. As though, the captain is only successful in blowing his ship and crew up. The Tardis has safely left, but without K-9 or Romana who have left to help free the Tharil's from countless worlds they have been enslaved on. But the good news is the Tardis is finally free of E-space.

WHO: Romanadvoratrelundar II


REASON FOR DEPARTURE: After physically seeing the universe with the Doctor, Romana is unwilling to go back to Gallifrey. Romana opts to stay in E-space and help the Tharils who have become enslaved.

WHO: K-9 Mark II


REASON FOR DEPARTURE: Damaged by the Time Winds, K-9 no longer functions in normal space, even with the salvaged memory circuits. So when Romana opts to remain in E-Space, K-9 joins her. He also reminds Romana he has all technical manuals and schematics of a fully functioning Tardis.

NEXT: The Master of Traken

19 September, 2011

A Few Star Wars Cartoons

In honor of the Star Wars movies being re-released on Blue Ray as a box set. I've decided to post some funny related cartoons.

The Omega Men – Part 1 of 4

“What is this childish contraption!?” Omega angrily asked the Doctor. He correctly sensed a trap.

The second Doctor was playing the fool earlier to rile up Omega. Now that he had his attention he replied sternly. “The only freedom you can ever have. Take it.” He paused briefly while glancing at a future regeneration of himself. “Take it Omega.” He said once more as both Doctors concentrated on trying to force their will.
The result only made Omega laugh. He spent centuries creating this world; his will was far superior to theirs.

The third Doctor was incensed. It wasn’t often he failed. “TAKE IT!” He screamed.

Omega suddenly realized he humoured the Doctor for long enough. It was time to get serious. “Commands?! YOU command me?! This is MY world! I COMMAND! And you pester me with trinkets!” He reached over and knocked the shield generator holding the recorded from the Doctors hands. He didn’t realize the recorder was not converted to anti-matter. It fell to the ground and when the matter and anti-matter touched the result imploded the world of Omega. The Doctor however escaped...narrowly.

Anybody caught in the explosion would certainly have perished. But Omega no longer had a body. Only his will insisted he existed, and because of this he survived. Not all at once of course, it took years before his consciousness began to reform. And even then, memories were yet to surface. It was as if he were reborn, only with an immaterial form instead of flesh and bone. He had no body, but he still aged - mentally. The more he aged, the more his memories returned; his early days on Gallifrey, his great experiment, his abandonment by the Time Lords and his betrayal by the Doctor.

The more he remembered, the angrier he grew. But he also became wiser. Omega’s talents increased and he recreated a ‘physical’ world to walk on once again. His enhanced consciousness allowed him to project his mind outside the anti-matter universe and keep tabs on the Time Lords. With enough concentration, he was even able to affect thoughts and actions of those he peered in on, not only of Gallifrey but other planets as well; Skaro, Metebelis, even Earth.

Omega’s complete dedication was now in escaping his world. The Doctor tried tricking him to believe he was forever trapped, that was unacceptable and untrue. So he continued to keep tabs on the Doctor, but doing so sickened him. The Doctor had his freedom, the ability to do whatever he wanted. The longer he watched, the more his anger grew. As his anger grew he re-avowed to take revenge on the Time Lords. But he learned from last time. Last time he sought to do so solely through another Time Lord. He wasn’t going to make the same mistake this time. This time, he would find others to unwittingly help him. The Thals of the planet Skaro were too simple, the natives of Metebelis even more so. But Earth, the Doctors favourite planet, held promise. Omega’s mind roved the Earth till he found someone suitable to meet his needs. Someone from a place called Minnesota.

Part 2 of 4
Part 3 of 4
Part 4 of 4

This story takes place between Doctor Who adventures The Three Doctors and Arc of Infinity.

13 September, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 47 "Full Circle"

Now that she's traveled with the Doctor for so long, Romana is upset to learn the Timelords have recalled her back to Gallifrey. She sulks in her room till the Doctor comes to see her. She wants to rebel against the Timelords and refers to the Doctor even doing so at one point. He reminds her on that occasion, he lost. Of course he's referring to events that led up to a forced regeneration and being marooned on Earth. As they are discussing this in her room, K-9 is monitoring the Tardis flight.

As K-9 is monitoring the Tardis, they are drawn into a CVE (Charged Vacuum Emboitment), a space anomaly that takes them out of normal space and into E-Space. The Tardis lands on the planet Alzarius, but it's supposed to be Gallifrey. As this is E-Space, all co-ordinates are negative, but the Tardis is having trouble comprehending that. As the Doctor and Romana are talking, a young boy wanders into the Tardis. it's Adric. He's just run away from a group of kids led by his brother after he was caught stealing fruit. They are kids who have rebelled from life about the Starliner, a ship marooned on the planet.

The planet has fallen into mistfall, a time when strange creatures rise from the Marsh. Of course the Doctor decides to investigate. When he comes upon a Starliner, he sneaks in but is followed by one of the creatures. He's soon discovered by the inhabitants of the ship who also find the creature. He urges them not to over-react to the creature and he tries to calm it down. The ship staff want none of that and knock out the Doctor and take the creature for further study.

While the Doctor is investigating the ship, Adric has left the Tardis but Romana gives him a homing beacon to find it again. Back with his brother's little gang, he tells them about the Tardis. Despite Adric's protests they force him to take them to the Tardis. Romana is clever though, and disarms the group, with Adric's help. After a quick flight in the Tardis, Romana leaves to investigate a cave, but she's bitten by a fruit spider and her mind is suddenly like that of the Marshmen. As Marshmen suddenly arrive to attack, K-9 tries to fight them off, but is beheaded by one of the creatures. Scared, the group in the Tardis begin to press various buttons and the Tardis dematerializes.

The Tardis re-materializes on the Starliner, and Romana and the Marshmen make their way for it. They break into the ship and cause havoc while the Doctor tries to find a cure for Romana and do more investigative work into figuring out what the Marshmen are. A cure is found, and the Doctor discovers the residents of the Starliner are actually descendants of the Marshmen. Pure oxygen drives them away, but they are adapting quickly. Pumping the ship full of Oxygen drives them from the ship and back to the swamps. However, Adric's brother dies in the process. Grieved, he sneaks into the Tardis as the Doctor is explaining to the Deciders how to operate their ship, something no one has ever figured out how to do, as the ship has been there for 40,000 generations.

WHO: Adric

PLANET OF ORIGIN: Alzarius, unknown time.

REASON FOR JOINING: After the death of his brother and bored with the Starliner, Adric stows away in the Tardis.

NEXT: The Gateway

06 September, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 46 "Shada"

This is one of the hardest episodes of Doctor Who to review considering it was never fully finished, and never officially released on TV. All because of some labor union strike. The story begins with a Skagra and several other companions storing their intellect into a single orb. But Skagra has tricked the others and steals their minds completely. His hopes are to find the lost Gallifreyan prison planet Shada. His goal is to find a Timelord named Salyavin and enlist his help (or his mind) in taking over the Galaxy.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Romana are on Earth responding to the summons of a retired Time Lord named Professor Chronotis. He's and old friend of the Doctor's and at first forgets why he summoned the Doctor. When he finally remembers, the Doctor is shocked to learn Chronotis wants to return a Gallifreyan book entitled 'The Worshipful & Ancient Law of Gallifrey'. A powerful book from the Panoptican, which is the key to the Gallifreyan prison planet of Shada, where the most ruthless criminals in the universe are held.

Unfortunately, he can't find the book and remembers a student, Chris Parsons, was in earlier to borrow some books. Chronotis believes he took the book by mistake. The Doctor takes a bicycle and travels to retrieve the book, but Skagra is able to steal it. Skagra sends the probe to steal the Doctors mind but only receives a 'copy' of it, thanks to Romana's rescue of the Doctor. With Chris Parsons in tow, they follow the probe which leads them to Skagra's invisible ship. At first the ship does not respond to the Doctor, but he's soon successful in convincing the ship to take him where he want to go.

Earlier, the probe also drained Professor Chronotis' mind, which killed him. But Chris' friend Clare visits Professor Chronitis and accidentally brings him back to life. It turns out his room is actually an older Tardis, which has restored him. Wishing to join the Doctor, the Professor gives Clare a portion of his mind which enables her to help fix his Tardis for flight. The effects are only temporary and she soon forgets all she learned.

Having caught up with the Doctor, they next follow Skagra to Shada. All are shocked to discover Salyavin is missing from his holding cell. The Doctor is worried, considering Salyavin has the ability to force his mind into other people. Finally, Professor Chronotis admits he is Salyavin. But he's reformed and simply wants to retire in peace and quiet, on Earth. Skagra escapes, but his freedom is short lived. The Doctor has reprogrammed Skagra's ship, which no longer recognizes him as being in charge. The ship teleports him to the brig. Professor Chronotis heads back to Cambridge, to live out the rest of his retirement.

NEXT: Into the CVE