23 March, 2011

The Adventures of Quisp

Does anyone else remember early Saturday mornings, grabbing a bowl of cereal and watching cartoons before anyone else woke up? Some of my most treasured moments as a child involved those very things. Even when my siblings numbered only 2 instead of 7, it was still a rare occasion to find sugared cereal in the cupboard. Our typical cereal (if we had any) was usually Cheerio's, Chex or Corn Flakes (Maybe my parents had an affinity for 'C' named cereals). One recent trip to the store I discovered they still make a cereal of my youth. Quisp anyone? The back of the cereal box even has some fun reading for children to do as they eat (or youthful adults). The box is very retro (despite the web-site listed on the back) and I can almost see this box coming right from the 70's. So, who wants to join me in a bowl of cereal? (Well, not IN a bowl of cereal - You know what I mean.)

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