01 December, 2011

Chicago Tardis - Costume Collection (The Companions)

Though I was only able to make Chicago Tardis one day, I think I took enough pictures for a couple days. I can only imagine what I would have come home with had I been there all three days. In today's photo collection, I'm sharing all the great costumes of the Doctor's companions and friends.

The lovely River Song, in love with the Doctor, as long as he's not wearing a fez.

The Kissable Amy Pond, in Kiss-O-Gram attire.

Unit officer posing with Idris; Sexy Tardis in the flesh.

The adorable Romanadvoratrelundar, before heading to the Louvre.

Adric, ready to take on the Cybermen. Helping him out is Perpugilliam Brown

Dorothy, better known as Ace. Posing with one of her canisters of Nitro-9.


  1. Now dont I just wish I was home to go to THAT with you, Jeff! Great photos!

  2. There is always next year. We hope to go more than just one day next year.

  3. I need a good Doctor Who costume for next Halloween... though I was considering getting my husband a Captain Jack coat and just making myself a big tooth gap and going as Gwen... ;) Wait, is it really only me that her huge tooth gap bothers? Anyway. Right. I saw a picture of a girl dressed as the tardis, that was pretty awesome.

  4. Angela, I saw someone dressed as Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper at Chicago Tardis this year. I just never got their picture. And yes, Gwen had the gap in her teeth. It is distracting.