08 October, 2009

Time And Alternate Dimension In Space - Part 8

Writers Block - The Getaway (Part 2)*

Erick and Vicki sat on the plane. They were fortunate enough to get seats together. Sure, they would have found a way to get seats together, this was just easier. Erick sat next to the window and looked out. “Wow, those people on the ground..”

“Look like ants.” Vicki finished for him. “We haven’t left the ground. Honestly, that’s the oldest joke in the book.”

Erick tried his best to not look offended. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” he admitted.

“And for the love of all that’s good or evil in this world, do NOT start telling me you saw something on the wing of the plane.”

“What’s gotten into you? You’re not usually like this.”

“You know how nervous I am about this flight. I almost didn’t come.” She offered a fake, but nervous laugh.

“Sorry, I’m so excited I forgot how much you’re dreading this.” An intercom interrupted any further conversation for the moment.

“Good morning everyone. My name is Janet, I'll be your flight attendant to Heathrow. We’re ready for take off so if you could make sure your seat belts are secured, we are approaching the runway for take-off now.” As the stewardess turned the microphone off there was a sudden piercing, squelching sound.

“They really should have that looked at.” Darryl told Erick.

Erick agreed. “No kidding, that would freak out Vicki if she came along. I wish she'd changed her mind, but she’s so terrified of flying. I’m not going to enjoy London as much without her.”

“Thanks a lot.” Darryl joked, but knew what Erick meant. “So are you ready for your first flight?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe. How about you? Got your air sickness bag?” Erick laughed out loud.

“I don’t get airsick.” He told him, looking around he noticed a few others laughing. “I don’t get airsick.” He said to everyone, they continued to laugh anyway. “You know…”

Another loud pitched squeal was heard over the plane.”

“…you joke around too much.” Jenni scolded him. “Why I ever put up with you when we were dating is beyond me.”

“If you hate sitting by me so much, switch with someone else Darryl.”

“What?” Jenni looked at him as if he was crazy.

“What?” Erick asked back.

“You just called me Darryl.” Jenni crinkled her nose as she snarled at him.

“No I didn’t. You’re imagining things ‘four point’.” Erick loved to use the nickname he alone called her because it irritated her so much.

“You did too.” Jenni said adamantly.

“Whatever, so I had a slip of the tongue.” Erick was sure he hadn’t called her Darryl but was growing tired of dealing with her and didn’t want to give her more ammunition. That and he wanted to enjoy his first take-off in silence. He opened a book and did what he could to ignore her as she suddenly went into one of her tirades. Erick thumbed through the book, looking at various pictures till Jenni was finally quiet.

“At last,” he said as he put the book down on the small table next to him. “I thought she would never go away.” Standing up, he walked to the side of the boat and looked over the edge. The water was churning and the boat rocked up and down with each wave. He dismissed a random thought of pushing Jenni over the side. She didn’t really deserve it, but it was nice to think about. Erick closed his eyes for a minute and felt the breeze blow against his face. ‘If only Vicki were here’ he thought to himself. Suddenly his eyes opened wide and he looked around confused. He was on a boat, of course he was on a boat, he knew he was on a boat. But something didn’t feel right. He looked around and noticed no one else around, the deck was empty. None of his classmates were out, no other passengers at all. Where would they be? It was too nice a day for them to be in cabins or other parts of the ship.

“I’ve got to find Vicki’, Erick though as he walked towards the dining area. A second later he though, ‘But she didn't come.’ The thought made him stop again. Couldn’t he remember if his girlfriend was on the trip or not? Why would she miss this, she loved boats. Erick closed his eyes and tried to think back. Suddenly he gave up. “This doesn’t make sense.” How could he not remember? He needed to share this with someone, anyone. Looking around he couldn’t find any of his close friends. ‘It’s too nice a day for them to be inside.’ he thought to himself. Suddenly he stopped once more, having just experienced a déjà-vu moment.

“Erick!” Jenni’s voice called to him from behind. But it wasn’t an irate shrill, it sounded more terrified.

“What?” He said impatiently and upset. He just got rid of her and now she was obviously back to aggravate him more.

“Have you noticed anything odd?”

“You mean besides you running to me?” He sarcastically answered back.
Her reaction was not what he expected, she began to cry. “Don’t be cruel at a time like this. I thought you loved me?”

“How could I? After all you….” he was drown out by a loud horn blasting from all over the ship.

An intercom turned on, “Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Please make your way calmly and quietly to the lifeboats. Abandon ship!” Jenni threw herself into Erick’s arms and began to sob uncontrollably.

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*This is part 8 of the 20 part 'Time And Alternate Dimension In Space'.
A Doctor Who, Quantum leap, Writers Block, Sliders & Legion of Super Heroes crossover.

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