18 October, 2009

Time And Alternate Dimension In Space - Part 18

Writer Block - The Getaway (Part 4)*

The man ran out from the trees yelling at both Erick and Jenni to get away, but he only made a few yards before he collapsed in front of them mumbling something incoherent to himself.

“What do you think is wrong with him?” Erick asked.

Jenni shrugged her shoulders. “He seems pretty upset about something.”

“Said we needed to get out, I wonder what he meant by that?”

“He was indicating the direction he was running from. Perhaps it would be prudent to make as much distance as we could from that direction.”

Erick looked down to the guy mumbling. “What about him, will you help bring him along?”

Jenni looked shocked, “Why wouldn’t I help him, or you?” Thinking for a second she realized her alternate self wasn’t as helpful or considerate as she was. “Sure, let’s work together.”

Erick and Jenni picked up the man and held one arm each over their shoulders. The man wasn’t dragging his feet but shuffled his legs with them.

“Can you tell us what’s wrong?” Erick asked the man. “Where are we? Who are you?”

The man stopped their progress as he seemed to suddenly come out of his hysteria and stood up for himself. “The name of the island wouldn’t help you I’m afraid. Do you have a boat?”

“We were on a boat, but it sank.” Jenni explained. “We only have a life raft. Why do we need to get away?”

The man laughed to himself. “What does it matter? There may not be any place safe enough. That madman is destroying everything.”

“What madman? What is this place?” Erick asked insistently. The man was not making much sense.

“Can’t you hear the humming noise? We’re on a build up to detonation.” He told them. Jenni and Erick exchanged worried looks as he continued. “We were doing continued research on this remote island when some crazy man broke in demanding access to all our files and equipment.”

Suddenly, there was a loud crack of lightening and a flash from the skies. The crazy man backed up in fear.

“Is there anything we can do?” Erick asked.

“Not really, if the shielding holds, we might be okay. But if that nut job is successful in breaking it, no one will be safe. I hope the person they got to replace me did a good enough job.” Suddenly a louder sound was heard, but it wasn’t from lightening. It was more like an explosion. From further into the island large smoke began to rise and a rustling noise was heard, becoming louder and louder. As the three looked towards the direction of the noise they noticed trees rapidly falling over like dominoes in every direction, including their own.

“I’m sorry you two, I’m afraid we’re dead!” The man shouted out. He fell to his knees and was either praying or crying.

A sudden alertness entered Erick; he realized he had only seconds to live. He wasn’t so terrified of dying as he was of things unsaid. He turned towards Jenni, she was shaking as a leaf, terrified. Using the last moments of his life Erick grabbed Jenni’s hands, “I love you. I’ve always loved you.” He drew closer and kissed her as they closed their eyes waiting for their last second alive; a second to be shared in one last eternal embrace. Jenni’s warm and tender lips reminded him how much she always meant to him. All thoughts of Vicki evaporated, for the moment there was only Jenni.

Another loud sound of crackling lightening was heard. Erick still felt alive, and was still kissing Jenni. The embrace ended and Erick opened one eye cautiously; Jenni was doing the same thing. They looked into each others eyes for a second more before they realized they were indeed still alive. Erick took a step back but never let go of Jenni’s hands. Looking back towards the island mainland the trees were standing up as they had before. Looking down, the crazy man was now gone. His footsteps were not even visible.

“There was a man here wasn’t there?” Erick asked.

“Yes, there was.” Jenni agreed. She looked down to Erick’s hands, still holding hers. She smiled, “Thank you.”

Erick smiled back, at a loss for words. “I hope you didn’t mind.” He released her hands.

“Not at all.” There was a moment of awkwardness between them. “Do you… do you still feel the same?”

Before Erick answered the two heard a whistle from down the beach. Turning to look, they saw about 15 life-rafts on the beach.

“What’s going on?” Jenni asked.

“I think the shifting realities have returned.” His voice was grave and serious.

“Does that mean we’re going back to the same realities we came from? You’ll go back to hating me?”

“No, no. I’ve never hated you Jen. I just…” There was a fainter crackling sound heard again followed by a momentary flash of light. Looking around, Jen and Erick were back at General Mitchell International Airport. Many of their classmates were standing close by. Erick and Jenni seemed to be the only two who noticed something odd. Both thought about commenting on it, but realized it was pointless as they pretty much expected it to happen. Erick resumed consoling Jenni. “Look at it this way. The Erick you go back to will love and adore you, right?”

“Yes, he will. But you won’t. In your reality I’m a pain in your backside and I’m sorry and ashamed.” Considering how much of an emotional wreck she was, she broke down in tears once more. She wrapped her arms around Erick “I’m sorry.” She buried her face in his shoulder and began crying.

“It’ll be okay.” Erick told her. “No matter what Jenni I return to, you and I will always have today. I can deal with her, trust me.” He turned her face so she was looking him in the eye. He rubbed the tears away. “But it was nice to get away.” He closed his eyes and kissed her once more. When he opened his eyes, Vicki smiled back at him.

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*This is part 18 of the 20 part 'Time And Alternate Dimension In Space'.
A Doctor Who, Quantum leap, Writers Block, Sliders & Legion of Super Heroes crossover.

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