07 October, 2009

Time And Alternate Dimension In Space - Part 7

Quantum Leap - Tear Down This Wall (Part 2)*

With the room empty, Sam and Al were able to talk without Sam having to reply in code. When others were around, Sam had to carefully reply since no one could see Al. And the last thing needed was his host to be viewed as crazy.

“What happened?” Sam asked?

“I don’t know.” Al pressed a few buttons frantically but the device still wouldn’t respond. “It was fine before I came in. I’ve never seen it lose power like this.”

“Can you remember where I am at least?”

“Oh yes, June 12th 1987.” Al hesitated as he waited to see if the date meant anything. Sam shook his head and waited for Al to continue.

“This is the day Ronald Reagan gave his speech at the Brandenburg Gate telling Gorbechev to tear down the Berlin Wall.”

Sam sighed, “I hate the 80’s. Was there any reasoning you feel I need to save their marriage?” As Sam said this, there was a blip from Al's hand-link.

“Sam, I've got a bit of power here. 80% it’s now saying.” The back light on the display was faint but steady. “I think it started losing power when you suggested helping Amy instead of her marriage.”

“I don’t see why I would be helping her marriage if her husband is abusive.”

“I didn’t see any abuse.” Al had to admit. Looking down, he noticed the screen was gone again. “Powers gone.”

“This is ridiculous.” Sam admitted, still he was up for his own little experiment. “I’ll try to save her marriage as long as I don’t think I’m putting her in any dangerous situation.”

The power returned suddenly and Al quickly hit a switch, opening the imaging chamber door. “I think someone is trying to tell you something.” Al pointed to the ceiling.

“Don’t be stupid.” Sam said. Still, he had to admit it was eerie how the project lost power every time he suggested helping Amy instead of her marriage.

“See what you can do. I’m going to research what I can find out about Amy or her husband.” Hurriedly, Al stepped out of the imaging room and the door closed behind him, leaving Sam to himself. He looked around the room for anything to more clearly identify who he was. Amy called him Andrew so he knew his name. In one corner Sam found a gym bag. Upon inspection he found a wallet with Andrews name in it and a set of car keys. He grabbed the keys and put the wallet into a pocket of the gym bag. He picked up the bag and headed outside to find the car. Stepping outside he noticed a single car along the road. He locked the door to the gym behind him and tested the car keys to make sure they opened the car. When they did Sam threw the bag inside and was about to get in when he saw Amy half a block away. She was walking slowly and looked upset. Instead of getting into the car, Sam ran off towards Amy.

“Amy.” He called as he approached her. She quickly tried to dry some tears.

“Don’t.” She said picking up her pace.

“What’s wrong?” He insisted.

“He left me.” She said. “…told me if I wanted to be out and about I could walk home.”

“I don’t understand.” Sam told her. “What’s going on? Really?”

Amy stopped walking and looked into his eyes. “I don’t know what’s wrong. He’s never been like this. Ever since he started working on that new project handed over from the Roswell branch he’s been irate and explosive. I know you think I’m just saying it, but he was never like this.”

“Well maybe it’s none of my business.” Sam admitted to her. “But that shouldn’t be an excuse for treating you like that. It was uncalled for.”

“I’ve…” She stopped herself for a moment then continued. “I’ve been thinking of leaving him.”

“Has he hit you?” Sam asked.

“No, he’s never laid a hand on me, I… I just don’t know how much of this I can handle. He refuses to talk to me so I have no idea what he’s going through. He says the project is too top secret to talk about.”

Sam hated to see a woman upset and stressed out, but he knew he couldn’t support her idea of leaving her husband, as much as he wanted to. He wasn’t sure how to encourage her, whatever he said wouldn’t be what he really wanted to suggest.

Suddenly the sound of a car screeching could be heard. Looking over to the road, Amy’s husband pulled up and put his car in park and ran over. “Get your hands off her!” He said, pushing Sam backward. He grabbed Amy’s arm and Sam saw her wince in pain. “Get in the car!” He yelled at her.

“Hey!” Sam said moving back toward Amy and Matthew. In a second, Matthew turned around and smashed Sam in the face, knocking him to the ground. Sam could feel the blood begin to trickle down his nose.

Amy looked to Sam on the ground but ran to the car.

“Mind your own business.” Matthew told him. He was back in the car and driving down the street before Sam could even get back up.

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*This is part 7 of the 20 part 'Time And Alternate Dimension In Space'.
A Doctor Who, Quantum leap, Writers Block, Sliders & Legion of Super Heroes crossover.

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