03 December, 2010

The Daleks Take the Easy Route

It seems the Daleks have decided to exterminate humanity the lazy way. By introducing kids to the concept of smoking. Perhaps the decree of 'Ex-Ter-Min-Ate' should be replaced with 'Lung Can-Cer'. Seriously though, it makes sense. Why expend vast amounts of Dalekanium resources on building bombs, time machines or explosive androids when they can take the easy route. Expose children to these 'candy' cigarettes so they will become comfortable with the idea. This should make the jump to real cigarettes flow so much smoother. I smell the collaboration of Joe Camel and Davros.


  1. LOL! Yeah, it's pretty darn questionable Jeffrey, although I grew up with candy cigarettes and that never influenced me. Putting on weight, and the stress of knowing my last job was going to end, and that it was probably illegal to put my fist through a wall there; probably more the reason I picked up smokes. I really think for kids and teens, it's more the thrill of "you shouldn't do that, it's risky" that influences them more then puffing on a piece of candy, but then again, what do I know!

  2. True, I completely understand the "don't do that" aspect, as well as the 'peer pressure' which also inspires it. However, I truly believe it's everyone's responsibility to teach kids the dangers. That being said, the main goal of this post was not to be preachy, but to be nostalgic for a time when candy such as this actually did sit on store shelves and no one gave it a second thought.