10 October, 2009

Time And Alternate Dimension In Space - Part 10

Legion of Super Heroes - Against All Odds (Part 2)*

“Jo! What are you thinking?” Tinya yelled as she grabbed her boyfriend and pulled him away from Querl.

Querl sat up and wiped blood from his lips. “Are you finished? Or do you want to take another shot at me? Decide fast because Earth's future is coming to an end.”

Jo shook himself away from Tinya but didn’t advance further towards Querl. “How about having a little empathy for a fallen comrade?”

“You two have to get along. Vi and I will be gone for awhile and I need to know you won’t kill each other.”

“I’m not going to kill him.” Jo admitted, “I’ll search for the ore and stay away till you girls get back.” Considering Tinya’s mood, he decided to switch his Ultra energy to speed and quickly flew away.

“Can you hold the fort with little to no damage?” She asked Querl.

“You don’t have to check on me, I can handle myself. I do suggest you search for the military base before anything else distracts you. These temporal anomalies are already beginning to change realities.”

“Violet, let’s go.” Tinya said, seemingly to no one. She engaged her flight ring and flew off into a group of trees. Salu Digby, better know to her comrades as Shrinking Violet, or just Vi for short resumed her normal size as she shrank herself during the commotion. Her flight ring was also engaged and she took off after Tinya.

Querl tapped his Omnicom for a second. Suddenly he stopped and looked around to make sure Jo, Tinya or Vi were no longer in the area. “They’ve gone.” He suddenly said.

From the bottom of the time sphere an ooze began dripping to the ground. It moved along the ground and stopped just before reaching Querl. It congealed and reformed itself till suddenly it represented a male biped with orange skin. “What’s the deal with the secrecy?” Reep Daggle, Chameleon Boy, asked him.

“I want them to think you’re not with us. It’s likely one or more of us could be captured. If that happens I need those three unaware we have a shape shifter in the group, just in case they are questioned or tortured by these ignorant monkeys. As leader of the Espionage Squad you should have realized that.”

Reep gave him a hurt look, “You really are a crappy friend.”

* * *

“How far away is this place?” Violet quietly asked Tinya. Fortunately they were close enough for Violet to be heard.

“According to the energy signature I’m reading, it’s just ahead. Perhaps you should scout ahead. We don’t want anyone to see us walk in.” Tinya disengaged her flight ring and began to walk once more.

Salu nodded her head and shrank down to the size of a fly. She left the cover of the trees for about a minute. When she came back, she gave her report, “No one outside but several perimeter cameras and motion sensors on the ground.”

“That’s easily taken care of.” Tinya took from her utility belt a small hand-held device. Pressing one of the buttons and returned the device to her belt pouch. “I’ve disengaged the cameras, we shouldn’t have any problems. Motion sensors won’t detect me in my phantom form.” Her body was suddenly transparent, allowing her to phase through anything. She flew off towards the clearing where several smaller buildings surrounded a large main one. Salu flew off after her, still the size of a fly. They approached the building without being seen. Either the building was not as heavily guarded as Querl told them it might be, or they were all inside, possibly protecting something else.

Approaching the building, Tinya stuck her head through the outside wall cautiously. “No one in this room, follow me.” Tinya floated through the rest of the wall as Salu shrank herself even smaller to fit through a small gap in a corner of one of the windows. The room was dark and hardly furnished though enough light came in from the window to see clearly enough. Salu enlarged her body to full size.

“Now where do we go?”

Tinya took out another device and flipped it open. She clicked one of the buttons inside and the device beeped several times as she moved it around the room. “The energy signature is coming from this direction but it’s still faint. There’s probably a lower level they are conducting the experiments in. Let’s go.”

* * *

Jo scanned the ground for several minutes. He wasn’t able to find the mineral Querl told him to look for with his penetra vision. He widened his field of vision slightly and scanned deeper into the Earth. ‘There’s nothing here. Querl is playing me for a fool,’ Jo thought to himself. ‘Considering the mission we're on, why would he send me on a fool’s errand unless he's hidding something from me.’ “Bloody Nass”, Jo said out loud as he suddenly switched his ultra energy from penetra vision to speed and flew back to Querl as fast as possible. Jo stopped suddenly without hitting him as his force-field was already activated.

“Figured it out already did you?” Querl told him as he took a futuristic gun from his belt.

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*This is part 10 of the 20 part 'Time And Alternate Dimension In Space'.
A Doctor Who, Quantum leap, Writers Block, Sliders & Legion of Super Heroes crossover.

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