01 October, 2009

Time And Alternate Dimension In Space - Part 1

Doctor Who - Crossing the Barrier (Part 1)*

One of the most unusual and unpredictable things to see floating in space would undoubtedly be a London Police Box, circa 1963. But this was more than what it seemed. The outside was merely a disguise, inside was a fully functioning time machine, much bigger inside than out. It was so big in fact; it currently had a crew compliment of three. Well, it was supposed to have a crew of three, one of the members just vanished for reasons unknown.

“Where did he go?” The young Australian girl asked her young male companion.

“I don’t know Tegan.” He almost yelled back at her. “How could I?” He flipped a few switches on a control panel in the center of the room.

“This is becoming a habit with him.” Tegan replied to Turlough, crossing her arms. “Disappearing, and leaving us in the lurch.”

“He probably enjoys it.” Turlough replied calmly, but sarcastically. “Ever think of that?”

Tegan’s face crinkled at the thought, not believing it. “That’s not very helpful.”

“Well what do you want me to do?” He argued.

Before either could say anything further a man suddenly appeared. He was older than both, looking in his mid-30’s, though he was actually hundreds of years old. He wore what seemed to be a cricket uniform and jacket, adorned with a piece of celery attached to the lapel. He also wore a hat, which he immediately took off and began to feel the top of his head. “Do I still have my hair?” He asked both of them, as they stood confused.

“Where did you go?” Tegan asked harshly, as if scolding a runaway puppy.

“I was pulled off course; somehow transported to my own future.” He paused briefly then added, “but I was much older.” He glared into space for a second then into a piece of metal from the console, examining himself. “Still, what’s done is done.”

“Why? How?” Turlough tried to reason with the man known only known as the 'Doctor' to everyone. “Doctor, what is going on?”

“Really Turlough, it’s a simple matter. My Tardis and my future Tardis were crossing the time stream and ran into each other. His shields were down and I was pulled into his Tardis, it almost sucked in this Tardis as well. But the problem is past, no more worries.” He put a reassuring arm on Tegan’s shoulder, trying to relax her. He looked to Turlough to make sure he was satisfied with the explanation. Suddenly, from deeper within the ship a loud irritating gong sounded; it was the alarm system alerting immediate danger was about to take place.

Tegan gave the Doctor a cross look. “That’s the cloister bell Doctor.”

“Yes, well. Let’s see what’s going on.” He took his arm off her and went back to examining the console. He flicked a few switches and pushed a few buttons as he made his way around the six sided console.

“Doctor, is there anything I can do to help?” Turlough asked. Tegan cleared her throat, giving the indication she wanted to be included as well.

“I’m just about done." He called back, feeling their eyes staring at him as he continued checking the machines controls. He ignored them for the moment, addressing them would only slow him down. As he set the last control he moved away from the console. “There we are, all set.”

“Doctor,” Turlough began calmly, he nodded towards the door leading deeper within the Tardis. “It’s still going off, we are not set.”

“No, well. Not set in the way I meant. I’ve tracked the source of the problem and locked on.”

“Where are we going?” Tegan demanded. She crossed her arms, waiting for the response.

“Not sure really. The signal is coming and going and changing locations. It’s the oddest thing.”

“Are we chasing ghosts Doctor? What is it exactly?” Turlough inquired.

“The Tardis is being bathed with stray tachyon particles from Earth.” He saw Tegan wasn’t fully grasping what he was saying. “The particles essential for time travel. But Earth doesn’t have that technology, at least it’s not supposed to.”

“What do you mean it’s changing?” Turlough asked.

“One minute its coming from England, the next Turkey, then Russia.”

“So there are multiple locations?” Tegan asked questioningly.

“No, that’s the problem. It’s the same tachyon stream. Like Earth is shifting through various realities. We’ve got to find the source of this transmission and stop it.” The center column came to a sudden stop and the Doctor grabbed his hat. “Shall we?” He called to Tegan and Turlough as he hit the lever to open the door. Stepping out of his surprisingly small ship disguised as a police box, the Doctor moved aside and waited for Tegan and Turlough to follow. Turlough closed the door behind him, and looked around. The Tardis materialized inside a storage room, boxes lined the walls of all shapes and sizes.

“Where are we?” Tegan asked.

“I didn’t check the controls,” the Doctor had to admit. Turning to Tegan with a smile he added, “shall we find out?”

The Doctor opened the door at the far end of the room and stepped out with the two others. Suddenly he stopped. A man with a gun was outside and pointed it at him. “How did you get in there, or this building at all? Roswell is supposed to be a secure location.” With no warning, the man fired his gun at the Doctor. Tegan screamed in horror.

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*This is part 1 of the 20 part 'Time And Alternate Dimension In Space'.
A Doctor Who, Quantum leap, Writers Block, Sliders & Legion of Super Heroes crossover.

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