03 October, 2009

Time And Alternate Dimension In Space - Part 3

Writers Block - The Getaway (Part 1)*

“Have I mentioned this is my first time on an airplane?” Erick asked Kenny as they sat in General Mitchell Field Airport. They were about to embark on a class trip and were waiting for other schoolmates to show up.

“Only half a dozen times. You need to calm down, I can’t figure out if you’re anxious, excited or nervous.”

“Perhaps a mixture of all. I’ve always wanted to go on a plane and now I’m getting the chance. Another great experience to write about.”

“A trip to the UK, a 10 hour ride in cramped seating followed by site-seeing. That’s not exciting.”

“It’s not the trip itself I plan to write about, or whatever our itinerary is. It’s the whole experience, something new. Even if I only write in my journal that’s not where it’s stops. Sure, I could always write about taking a plane trip before today, but now I’ll be able to describe it, the gut feeling when the plane takes off, the stale taste of the packed peanuts, the frustration of waiting for our luggage.”

“And the frustration when they send your luggage to Singapore. You know that’s going to happen.”

“You are so reassuring Kenny.”

Mrs. Goaz, the teacher chaperon got the students attention. “Students. Everyone. We are ready to board the plane. I just received a call from Darryl’s mother; he’s not making it. He’s come down with a case of influenza. Please follow and stay together. I’ll incorporate the buddy system if you can’t handle it yourselves.”

Erick and Kenny headed towards the gate. Kenny said, “Do I have to be your buddy?” The two began to snicker.

A musically sounding voice behind them interrupted. “I can be your buddy if you don’t want him.” Both boys turned around and saw Katy. They were each much taller than her and she looked up to them with her inquisitive eyes but emotionless face. It was apparent she didn’t quite ‘get’ the sarcasm she overheard.

“He was kidding.” Erick told her, he was quick to explain knowing Kenny would run with it. At the moment, Erick was more interested in keeping his senses alert for the flight, rather than dealing with the flighty girl from his gym class. “Our girlfriends Vicki and Laura are here anyway.”

A loud squeal was suddenly overheard on the P.A. system. Both boys covered their ears and Erick looked upwards to the speaker, as if in protest. A bright light hanging overhead flashed his eyes and he quickly looked back down, blinking for a few seconds. He reopened his eyes and let them focus. Katy was still standing there looking at Erick with her innocent face.

Jenni was very tight lipped when she walked up to Erick’s group. ‘Here you are. I thought you were going to wait for me by the seats?” Her face was serious and she looked impatient as she waited for his response.”

“We’re boarding the plane, didn’t you hear?”

“Who could hear anything with all the static coming over the sound system?” Jenni’s stern face relaxed and she had more warmth than a second ago, but not much.

“Kenny wasn't able to make it. Mrs. Goaz said his father called and explained he was running a high fever and spewing. Well, she didn’t say spewing, but he was vomiting and…”

“Geez Erick, to much information. Do you think I care about your friend’s sickness?” The shocked looks from Katy and Darryl were the same. “Honestly, you do go on sometimes.”

“Whatever,” Erick continued as he looked towards Katy, “Since Darryl doesn’t have a girlfriend maybe you should ask him to be your buddy.” It was well known Darryl had a soft spot for Katy, but he was too shy to address it. Darryl gave Erick a nervous, shocked look but it was Jenni who spoke first.

“It’s bad enough I put up with your daft friend, now you invite another idiot to tag along?” Jenni was beside herself. She hated sharing her time with Erick.

“That was uncalled for.” Darryl said, defending Katy. It wasn’t often Darryl was riled enough to speak up for himself or anyone else. “You know….” Much like before, there was another loud squeal heard in the entire airport, much louder this time. As soon as it subsided Darryl continued scolding Erick in a hushed voice so only Erick could hear, “you know I can’t stand Missy. She’s irritating and clingy.” Darryl was going to continue when he suddenly felt Missy’s arm grabbing hold of his.

“I fink it’s a wondafu idea.” She lisped out.

Erick tried to hold it in, but was visibly laughing. Darryl gave him an ‘I’ll get you’ look as he moved up in line to be checking into the flight with Missy following, her brown curly hair bouncing along as she walked.

“You sir, are terrible.” Vicki told him, laughing herself. Erick looked at Vicki oddly for a second, then shook his head as if he had forgotten something.

“Well, I’ve got to find something to lighten the mood. Especially with my ex-girlfriend Jenni along on this trip.

“How about this, “Vicki suggested, “don’t concentrate on her, concentrate on me.” She looked deep into Erick’s eyes, which she knew he could never resist.

“Agreed.” He said as he smiled and stared back at her for a second. He was about to kiss her when a classmate coughed to get his attention, the line had moved once more. Erick grabbed Vicki’s hand and they walked over to get checked in.

Next: Sliders, "No time to Slide"

*This is part 3 of the 20 part 'Time And Alternate Dimension In Space'.
A Doctor Who, Quantum leap, Writers Block, Sliders & Legion of Super Heroes crossover.

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