15 October, 2009

Time And Alternate Dimension In Space - Part 15

Legion of Super Heroes - Against All Odds (Part 3)*

“What are you going to do with that?” Jo asks Querl who just drew a gun from his side belt.

“I need you to take this if you are going to join the girls.” Querl dropped his force field and handed the gun to Jo.

“I don’t get it, why send me on the goose chase? Why the mystery?” Jo asked as he took the weapon.

Querl sighed, not wanting to explain himself but knowing Jo wouldn’t let it go till he did. “I only needed Tinya, Reep and Violet for the mission. I told you once I did not require your assistance but you persisted. I assumed you'd follow any way with your own time bubble so I devised the ‘goose chase’ to keep you busy. I’ll give you credit, you figured it out sooner than I expected.”

Jo clenched his fists in anger but didn’t approach Querl. “And what about Reep? Did you force him to jump out to give him something to do?”

“Do you still think he’s dead? Grife, he’s conducting his part of the mission. This was supposed to strictly be a mission for the Espionage Squad, which last I checked, you were not.”

Jo looked at the weapon. “So what is this then? I don't need a gun”

“We are doing reconnaissance to figure out what causes the melt down in the 31st century. Once we isolate it, we can repair it without causing any further damage to the time stream. With the espionage squad infiltrating the base we would likely go undetected, we need to make sure no one remembers us. This device will erase the memory of anyone you run into. I’m assuming you want to help the other team?”

“I can be there in two seconds.”

“Not so fast.” Querl told him. “We may need a quick escape. You should probably carry the time bubble.”

“That will slow me down; I won’t be able to use ultra speed.”

“Yes, I know how your power works. Don’t worry, they can look after themselves. I detect several young adults on the beach several meters away, we don’t want them to find the time bubble.”

Jo’s face grimaced as he told Querl, “Get in the bubble.”

* * * * *

“It’s too bad Lyle was unavailable. We could have used his invisibility and technical expertise.” Violet told Tinya.

“You don’t have to understand what they are saying; just record the conversations so Querl can decipher it later. In your miniature size you’ll be just as invisible as Lyle. Now hurry up Vi, we don’t have a lot of time.”

“I know.” Violet replied as she engaged her flight ring and shrank down small enough to fly out of the keyhole in the door. She tracked the energy reading, and made her way to the lower portion of the building. When she got to the scientists she heard a big commotion.

“We’ve lost the signal. Johnson’s been diverted!”

“What did you do!?” Another scientist said excited. Violet made sure her recorder was turned on as she progressed into the room to see what all the commotion was. The scientists were yelling to someone behind Violet. When she turned to look around, what she saw shocked and horrified her.

* * * * *

Tinya spent her time investigating the rooms. There wasn’t much except empty boxes and packing material. Done with her current room, she phased herself and went into the next room. This one surprised her more. Though still pretty empty, it had a small desk with a computer. The walls had several pictures on the wall of a desert and a few soldiers standing by army jeeps. Standing prominently in several was a man with a thin mustache.

The light in the room suddenly turned on and Tinya turned around. An older man with a thin mustache, dressed in an army uniform held a gun in her direction. She was still phased so assumed the gun wouldn’t be able to hurt her.

“You must be the one who can walk through walls.” The man said as he pulled up a small staff like rod and put the gun away. Once pointed at Tinya, he pressed a button on the side of the staff. A crackle of energy snaked out and engulfed Tinya. Even though phased, she felt the pain and screamed out. Suddenly, she was solid again and hit the ground, out cold.

“Take her.” The man called to two other soldiers who entered the room and picked her up. They dragged her downstairs and threw her against a wall where Violet was, full size and unconscious as well. Next to her were two charred bodies.

The soldiers looked at the charred bodies in disgust when a man behind them spoke. “Excellent. You have done well. I might even let you live.” The man laughed and when he did there was a crackle of energy, like living lightening surrounding his body. That was the reason everyone in the 31st century called Mekt Rannz, Lightening Lord.

(To Be Concluded)

Next - Doctor Who; Crossing the Barrier - Part 4

*This is part 15 of the 20 part 'Time And Alternate Dimension In Space'.
A Doctor Who, Quantum leap, Writers Block, Sliders & Legion of Super Heroes crossover.

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