06 October, 2009

Time And Alternate Dimension In Space - Part 6

Doctor Who - Crossing the Barrier (Part 2)*

The Doctor opened the door at the far end of the room and stepped out with Tegan and Turlough. Suddenly he stopped; a man with a gun turned and pointed it at him. “How did you get in there? How did you get into this building at all? Roswell is supposed to be a secure location.” With no warning, the man fired his gun at the Doctor.

The Doctor stood, holding his ground. Not even flinching. Turlough jumped and Tegan let out a scream.

“Next time I won’t miss.” The young, man with a thin mustache told him. “Now come with me.” All three raised their hands as they moved along the corridor at gunpoint.

“I don’t suppose I could ask where we are going?” The Doctor asked, not impressed.

“Why don’t you shut up?” The man said quickly, then added, “I’m not authorized to answer any questions.”

“Ahh, just following orders. That’s a good soldier.” Tegan shot the Doctor a look to be quiet. Turlough assumed the Doctor was up to something, as he always seemed to be.

The officer didn’t take the bait and kept himself quiet till they arrived at the far end of the corridor. There was a keypad and lock on the door and the officer brushed past the three to key in his code. Turlough took the opportunity to inch his way up behind the officer. He clenched his hands and was about to hit the guard in the back of the neck when the Doctor reached up and stopped Turlough’s blow.

“What’s the idea?” the officer said turning around quickly hearing the scuffle.

“Sorry, my friend was getting impatient.” The Doctor said shooting him a smile.

The officer didn’t seem amused. He cocked his gun and pointed it, this time at Turlough. “Get in.” He ordered.

Turlough did as he was ordered and opened the door. The Doctor and Tegan were urged in as well.

“Captain Mitchell, I caught these intruders.” He stood at attention as he addressed his superior.

“At ease Private Baites. Where were they?”

Baites relaxed his stance to a small degree. “Coming out of storage room B.”

The Captain shot the three a look. “What on earth were you doing there? For spies you’re not well informed. No secrets to steal there.” He laughed.

Looking around, the Doctor saw several large antique computers, tape wheels spinning at ferocious speeds. Several scientists in lab coats were bustling about. “Perhaps not, but I do know about your little accident.”

“How could you possibly know, we only just had the incident.” Several of the scientists looked over to see if the Doctor really knew anything.

“I also know, if you don’t figure out what triggered the incident in the first place, a second more deadly tachyon pulse could result.”

“Impossible.” One of the scientists said walking over. “We’ve got the situation in hand.”

“Oh do you? Have you compensated for the feedback? Hmmmm? Or the reverse Tachyon pulse?” The scientist looked dumbfounded. Tegan and Turlough exchanged glances as the Doctor went on, knowing he was saying more than the scientist could comprehend.

“What are you talking about? That's nonsense.” The scientist gave the Captain a look to let him know his conversation with the Doctor was over. He went back to his computer station, reading a ticker tape as it spit out information.

“Should I find a place to lock them up?” Baites asked.

“You’re making a mistake.” The Doctor told him. “There’s going to be another surge which could prove deadly to us all.”

“Get him out of here.” The scientist called over.

The Captain turned to Private Baites. “Take them outside, lock them in the supply shed and guard them till I call for you.”

“Sir.” The Private called out as he took his gun back out and pointed it at the Tardis crew.

“Something really, really bad is about to happen. You’re dabbling in things you know nothing about,” the Doctor called back. Baites motioned for him to leave the room and enforced his point by cocking his gun again. The Doctor ignored him and continued. “You can’t conduct time experiments without proper precautions.” No one was listening and Baites looked ready to pull the trigger. Frustrated, the Doctor turned and walked out of the room with Tegan and Turlough.

Baites shut the door and was about to lock it when a loud explosion was heard from within the room. With the Privates attention back to the door, they Doctor reached for the gun and pried it from his hands quickly. Baites' face dropped as he expected a sudden death. The Doctor looked at the gun and handed it to Turlough. “Now open the door man. They could be hurt inside.”

Almost in shock, Baites did as he was told. When they opened the door, half of the room was gone, engulfed in a bright light which sparkled with silver highlights. The same scientist who addressed the Doctor before was lying on the floor, half his body was outside the light, the other half inside and stripped to the bone. Clothes, flesh and organs gone, even the bones seemed brittle and old. Tegan gasped at the horrible sight.

Next - Quantum Leap; Tear Down This Wall.

*This is part 6 of the 20 part 'Time And Alternate Dimension In Space'.
A Doctor Who, Quantum leap, Writers Block, Sliders & Legion of Super Heroes crossover.

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