22 February, 2012

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 62 "The Fifth Doctor In Review"

Notes: While the Tardis was being operated by this Doctor, it had a more lived in feel. The Tardis had a trio of companions, then downgraded to two, but it still felt lived in, no matter how many companions were travelling with him. There were various scenes within the Tardis and some of the companions room were even seen. But things for the Doctor did not start off well. While he was technically still regenerating, he felt and acted different. Well, more different than he should have. Temporary post-regeneration amnesia set in and he was searing for the Doctor and forgot about one of his companions. To make matters worse, the Master had a trap set for the Doctor, in hopes of driving him completely insane. With the help of his companions he began to feel more like himself again, or at least what he felt he should be acting like considering the regeneration. For several adventures he travelled with three companions till he ran into the Cybermen once again. They were bent on destroying Earth where a conference was being held to find a solution to the Cybermen problem. Adric sacrificed himself to try and save the Earth. This was the first companion who died while he was with the Doctor since Katarina and Sara Kingdom. But there was no time to grieve as the Doctor ran straight into the Master once more. As always, the Doctor was able to defeat the Master but a bigger threat was soon to target the Doctor. In his earlier regeneration, the Doctor defeated the Black Guardian, an omnipotent being who vowed to kill the Doctor. The problem is, the Black Guardian was forbidden from killing the Doctor directly, so he employed someone Turlough. Turlough was convinced the Doctor was evil so attempted several times to kill the Doctor. But the more time he spent with the Doctor, the more he realized he was not told the truth. He finally decided not to kill the Doctor, but instead travel with him. So the double companions were a trio once more. But shortly after, Nyssa left the Tardis when she found a place that needed her. Once more, the Doctor ran into the Master. This time he was using a shape changing robot named Kamelion to impersonate King John, in hopes of stopping the Magna-Carta from being signed. It came down to a battle of wits, where the Doctor won, and took Kamelion away from the Master. Outside of the Masters influence, Kamelion was able to use his own personality and asked the Doctor if he would be able to travel with him as well. The Doctor agreed and the double became a triple again; well sort of. In the next episode, there is no mention of Kamelion. For the very next adventure the Doctor was drawn back to Gallifrey where he was reunited with the Doctor, the Doctor and the Doctor. Three earlier incarnations of the Doctor had been drawn to the Death Zone by a high ranking member of Gallifreyan society. Also drawn to the Death Zone along with the Doctor was his grand-daughter Susan, the Brigadier & Sarah Jane Smith. Once the mission was complete, Turlough and Tegan continued to travel with the Doctor, and Kamelion was still not seen. In the next adventure the Doctor had with the Daleks, Tegan had had enough and decided to leave the Tardis. She told the Doctor it stopped being fun. Next to leave was Turlough. The Tardis picked up a distress signal from Turlough's home planet and Turlough did everything he could to ignore the call and tried to stop the transmission from reaching the Tardis. The Doctor discovered this however and realized Turlough must be in trouble with his home planet for some reason. But the Tardis was pre-set and both realized Kamelion (who WAS still on the Tardis) had reset the controls. Once again, the Doctor was facing the Master who still had control of Kamelion. But the Master's plans were foiled first by Peri, a person Turlough earlier saw drowning and brought her aboard to recuperate, and then by Kamelion himself who begged the Doctor to destroy him. The Doctor reluctantly destroyed Kamelion, but Peter Davison was happy to do so. The Kamelion prop was difficult to control and everyone on the production hated used it. That was the reason it was not featured in many stories. Once the adventure was complete, the Turlough went back to his home planet after he was told he was no longer a political prisoner. Telling the Doctor she was already planning to travel, Peri asked the Doctor if she could travel with him instead of being dropped off back at home. The Doctor agreed. But the next adventure changed everything. The Doctor and Peri contracted a disease and the only antidote was limited and the Doctor was only able to acquire enough for Peri. The Doctor gambled, and hoped, he would regenerate - he did.
Name: The Doctor
Actor: Peter Davison
April 13, 1951 -
Occupation: Timelord
First Seen: Earth, 1981
First Episode: Castrovalva (Season 19)
Last Seen: Androzani, Inside the Tardis
Last Episode: The Caves of Androzani (Season 21)
Special Appearance: Dimensions In Time (1993), Timecrash (2007)

Notes: Adric was with the Doctor when he regenerated and tried as best he could to help him recover. But Adric was captured by the Master and replied with a projection of himself. The projection was being used to set-up the Doctor and hopefully kill him. But the projection was linked to Adric who used every ounce of his strength to resist the Master. Adric finally resisted enough and the Doctor was able to rescue him from the Master. But life on board the Tardis was suddenly very difficult for Adric. With Tegan and Nyssa on board, Adric felt less and less a part of the group and often thought he was ignored. He tried to convince the Doctor there was a way for him to return to his home in E-Space but the Doctor refused to listen and they had an argument. Later, they were able to make up and Adric admitted he didn't really want to go home. But this adventure involved the Cybermen who were trying to destroy Earth. Adric found himself on a doomed ship headed for Earth. He was able to break a few of the controls the Cybermen set up, but the instability drew the ship off-course. But only through time. Instead of hitting earth in the future as it was supposed to, it did so 65,000,000 years in the past. Effectively killing off the dinosaurs. Adric was still on-board when the ship hit and was killed on impact. Though some speculate he actually survived the crash of the ship only long enough to be eaten by a dinosaur.
Name: Adric
Actor: Mathew Waterhouse
December 19, 1961
Occupation: Civilian
First Seen: E-Space; Alzarius
First Episode: Full Circle (Season 18)
Last Seen: Earth, 65,000,000 B.C.
Last Episode: Earth Shock (Season 19)
Special Appearance: None

Notes: Travelling with the Doctor must have been difficult for Nyssa every time they met the Master. The Master effectively stole her fathers body, killing him. Nyssa also ran into another doppelgänger, someone who looked exactly like her on Earth. Nyssa was a member of the Tardis crew when Adric died, and despite the grief the group felt, she had to put that aside when they ran into the Master once more. Calm and collective, Nyssa was a voice of reason in the Tardis. She was even willing to give Turlough the benefit of the doubt, when Tegan complained there was something not right about him. It was after she contracted the deadly Lazar's disease when she finally decided her life on the Tardis had come to an end. Finally finding a place that needed her and her skills, she opted to leave the Doctor and spent time on a leaper ship to help find a refined cure for the deadly disease.
Name: Nyssa
Actor: Sarah Sutton
December 12, 1961 -
Occupation: Bio-electronics Specialist
First Seen: Traken,
First Episode: Keeper of Traken (Season 18)
Last Seen: Terminus, Centre of the Universe
Last Episode: Terminus (Season 19)
Special Appearances: None

Notes: Though having just met the Doctor, Tegan was with him after he regenerated. Initially she insisted he return her back home in hopes of continuing her stewardess job. Just after Adric died, she actually got a taste of what her stewardess job would be like when she essentially performed the duties on board a concord, which had been displaced in time. She also had a traumatic experience while travelling with the Doctor when an alien entity known as the Mara invaded and took control of her body. For a short time, she was left on Earth at Heathrow when the Doctor assumed she wanted to remain behind, but vacationing in Amsterdam she ran into him again. She rejoined the Doctor and this time stopped demanding he return her home. It was a good thing she did so because soon it was discovered the Mara had not been totally destroyed and still lingered within her. With the Doctors help, the Mara was once again destroyed, seemingly forever. During the adventure Turlough joined the crew, she met the Brigadier and later met him again when the Tardis was drawn to Gallifrey in the Death Zone. Her initial thoughts of Turlough were essentially true, but there was more to Turlough than meets the eye. Eventually she had to accept Turlough as a travelling companion and even learned to like him, though she always seemed to keep an eye on him. When Tegan met up with the Daleks, she saw many deaths including a person she began to regard as a friend. With all the death and destruction involved, Tegan realized she stopped having fun with the Doctor. Tearfully she ran away from the Tardis and the Doctor. But she did admit she was going to miss him.
Name: Tegan Jovanka
Actor: Janet Fielding
January 01, 1957 -
Occupation: Stewardess
First Seen: Earth, 1981
First Episode: Logopolis (Season 18)
Last Seen: Earth, 1984
Last Episode: Resurrection of the Daleks (Season 21)
Special Appearance: A Fix With Sontarans (1985)

Notes: Turlough was an alien, living in exile while on Earth. As a cover, he was attending a boys school which he utterly hated. Quite the rascal, he got into trouble every chance he could. He became involved with the Doctor when he stole the Brigadiers car, who was now retired from Unit and working at the boys school. While unconscious, he was approached by the Black Guardian who made him an offer. If he destroyed the Doctor, the Black Guardian would take Turlough away from Earth. Of course one of the main reasons Turlough reluctantly agreed was because the Black Guardian told him the Doctor was evil. Despite many opportunities, Turlough failed in his mission to kill the Doctor when he started to realize the Black Guardian had lied to him. The Black Guardian gave Turlough one last chance, but still refused to kill or betray the Doctor. The Black Guardian swore vengeance on Turlough. With his affinity toward the Doctor exposed, the Doctor allowed Turlough to continue to follow him. If Tegan distrusted Turlough before, she certainly distrusted him now. But that gradually faded over time. Still travelling with the Doctor, Turlough was able to visit Gallifrey and also ran into the Master; at one point keeping him at bay with a sword. When Tegan left, he was sorry to see her go. As much as Tegan distrusted Turlough, Turlough distrusted Kamelion. While visiting Earth, Kamelion began acting up and a related transmission was discovered. While the Doctor was out trying to find the source of the transmission, Turlough was back at the Tardis. He was dealing with Kamelion and rescuing an Earth girl whom he saw drowning in the water outside. He ran out to rescue her and brought her into the Tardis to recover. But despite Turlough's attempts to stop Kamelion , Kamelion was able to steer the Tardis toward the planet Sarn where a crashed ship from Turlough's home planet Trion was. While on Sarn, the Doctor discovered Peri was on-board, and Kamelion was still being controlled by the Master. Once this adventure was finished, Turlough found out he was no longer a political prisoner and opted to return home with his new-found brother.
Name: Vislor Turlough
Actor: Mark Strickson
April 06, 1959 -
Occupation: Civilian
First Seen: Earth, 1983
First Episode: Mawdryn Undead (Season 20)
Last Seen: Sarn
Last Episode: Planet of Fire (Season 21)
Special Appearance: None

Notes: Kamelion was an attempt to bring the future to Doctor Who, but the robot used for Kamelion never truly worked the way it was expected. As a result, he only appeared in two stories, despite being five stories in-between. After being defeated by the Doctor, the Master was left stranded on ancient Xeriphas where he discovered Kamelion. Though Kamelion has a mind of his own, he's easily influenced and the Master can be very influential. Kamelion helped the Master impersonate King John to thwart the signing of the Magna Carta, but the plan was defused by the Doctor. The Doctor engaged the Master in a mind over matter where the Doctor won and had Kamelion transform into his companion Tegan. At which point he dragged Kamelion into the Tardis and away from the Master's influence. Unbeknownst to the Doctor, the Master was once again able to influence Kamelion which resulted in the Tardis being dragged to the planet Sarn. The Master needed Kamelion's help to restore the Master after he was accidentally hit with his own TCE. Kamelion decided he didn't want to be continually controlled by the Master and was too weak to resist any longer. He requested the Doctor destroy him before he did anything else wrong. The Doctor promptly complied to Kamelion's wishes and used the Master's TCE without haste.
Name: Kamelion
Actor: Gerald Flood (Voice of Kamelion)
April 21, 1927 - April 12, 1989
Occupation: Android
First Seen: Earth, 1215
First Episode: The King's Demons (Season 20)
Last Seen: Sarn
Last Episode: Planet of Fire (Season 21)
Special Appearance: None

Notes: Perpugilliam, Peri for short, was trying to escape her step-father who had marooned her on a boat in an attempt to stop her from leaving for Morocco with some new found friends. But in an attempt to swim back to shore, she developed a cramp and began to drown. Fortunately, Turlough saw this and swam out to rescue her. While unconscious, Turlough brought her onto the Tardis, and forgot about her when the Tardis next took off. While on the Tardis, she met Kamelion who was now disguised as her step-father Howard. Once the Doctor and Turlough left the Tardis when they arrived to Sarn, Kamelion transformed into the Master. Confused, Peri tried to get away and was soon caught up in a battle between the Doctor and the Master. Realizing the Master was evil, she sided with the Doctor and asked to accompany him. The Doctor reluctantly agreed. The very next adventure, both contracted a deadly disease with only one known cure. With only enough antidote for one person, the Doctor selflessly gave it all to Peri, saving her life. The Doctor hoped he would regenerate, and he did. This stunned and shocked Peri. She currently is still travelling with the Doctor.
Name: Perpugilliam Brown
Actor: Nicola Bryant
October 11, 1962 -
Occupation: Student
First Seen: Earth, 1984
First Episode: Planet of Fire (Season 21)
Last Seen: Still Travelling in the Tardis
Last Episode: Planet of Fire (Season 21)
Special Appearance: None

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