23 January, 2013

Doctor Who (New Series) - Part 81 "The Empty Child"

The Doctor and Rose are following a piece of space debris which is falling through time back to Earth. The Doctor informs Rose it's 'mauve' - the standard colour for emergencies. When Rose asks about a 'red alert' she's told that's just for Earth. Suddenly the object begins to jump time tracks making it harder for the Doctor to follow.

Despite the elusive pod, the Tardis locks in and lands on Earth. The Doctor wanders into a lounge club to see if he can find information on the pod that has landed. After a singer has finished her song, he takes the stage and asks everyone if they have seen something fall out of the sky recently. Everyone laughs just before an air raid siren alerts everyone. The place clears out and it's then the Doctor realizes the year is 1941, World War II is raging - things are falling from the sky constantly. Meanwhile, Rose notices a young boy wearing a gas mask on the roof of a building.

Rose decides to follow the youth to make sure he's okay. Finding a rope, she begins to climb it. As she makes her ascend the rope suddenly moves. What she thought was a rope connected to the top of the building is actually from a barrage balloon. It begins to move and carry her away with it. Suddenly she is suspended, dangling over London with German airplanes flying around her.

When the Doctor realizes Rose is no longer around he sets off to find her when he suddenly hears the phone from the Tardis ring. A young girl warns him not to answer the phone but curiosity gets the better of him and he hears a young boy asking for his mum. Considering the Tardis phone is not connected to anything, the Doctor is baffled it rings. It's even more difficult to understand how there can be someone on the other end talking to him. When he turns to ask the young lady, she is gone.

Nancy is the one who warned the Doctor not to answer the phone. She's homeless and while the air raid is in progress (with others 'safely' in their bunkers) she looks for houses with fresh food. Finding a warm meal, she calls the other homeless children to dinner but is surprised to find the Doctor seated at the table. He inquires about the phone call and discovers the empty child when it tries to get into the house. All the kids scatter and Nancy warns the Doctor not to let it touch him.

Still dangling over London, Rose suddenly loses her grip and begins plummeting to her death. Fortunately for Rose, she's rescued by someone named Captain Jack. Jack transports her into his invisible ship and sweeps her off her feet. He then heals her rope burns with the help of on-board nanogenes. While dancing and drinking wine on top of his spaceship, he identifies her as a Time Agent and offers a deal on the 'Chula Warship' her and the Doctor are looking for. 

Nancy takes the Doctor to meet another doctor, who has some particular patients. Anyone who has touched the empty child becomes a 'gas mask zombie', calling for it's mummy. When the doctor begins to show the same symptoms, the Doctor realizes the virus has become airborne. Jack, along with Rose, track down the Doctor when Jack scans for alien tech. Once again Rose is impressed with Jack for his 'Spock' like abilities, unlike how the Doctor operates.

Once reunited with the Doctor, they find out Jack is just a con-man and tried to convince them he had something valuable. Instead his 'empty' Chula Ambulance has released nanogenes which are rewriting human DNA. As Nancy is finally cornered by the empty child in another house she's pillaging, the hospital ward suddenly comes alive and all the patients approach the Doctor, Rose & Jack, asking for their mummy.

To Be Continued - The Doctor Dances

Bonus Photo: The Empty Child

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