05 December, 2012

Doctor Who (Book Review) - Part 77 "Legacy of the Daleks"


Synopsis: Years after the Dalek invasion, England is in recovery. But the land has splintered into various domains. If they were defeated, how are the Daleks still a threat, and what does the Master have to do with all this?

Events in this story take place:
For the Doctor - After the Doctor Who Movie / Before the Time War
For the Master - After Frontier in Space / Before The Deadly Assassin
For Susan - After The Dalek Invasion of Earth /  Before the Time War

The Doctor has had many adventures since leaving Grace on Earth in the year 2000. While searching for a current companion who has been lost in time, he lands on Earth sometime after the initial Dalek Invasion where he originally left Susan, his granddaughter. But Susan has gone missing. While searching for her, he becomes involved in various English districts fighting for control of the land. One side, Lord Haldoran, has begun to turn the tide of the war when he suddenly start utilizing Dalek weaponry. This forces the Doctor to reluctantly choose sides as he continues to search for his granddaughter and keep the Daleks from recovering.

Lord Haldoran is being helped by Estro, who has provided Dalek weaponry in exchange for power. Estro is actually a pseudonym of the Master. Shortly after escaping from the Doctor in Frontier in Space, he lands on Earth in order to gain Dalek technology which will give him ultimate power in the Galaxy. However, the Doctor is able to thwart his plans. But the Master gets his own revenge when he kills one of the Doctor's assistants and kidnaps Susan, though he is unaware of her relationship with the Doctor. This small victory for the Master, however, costs him dearly.

David Campbell has been married to Susan for almost 30 years. Their children are adopted and named Ian, Barbara and David Jr. His relationship with Susan has been shacky lately as Susan has not aged, while he has. When Susan goes missing, he ventures with the Doctor to help find her. When the Masters plans go awry, David is shot and killed.

Life with David has brought Susan much joy, but as he starts to age, she is more worried what other people will think considering she doesn't age at the same rate. When the two go out, she generally wears a disguise which makes her look much older. She discovers the Daleks are being reawakened and soon discovers the ultimate Master behind the plans are a renegade Time-Lord. The Master captures Susan and tries to use her as a pawn, but he's unaware she's the Doctor's granddaughter. After his plans are foiled, the Master kills her husband David and forces her into the Tardis. Susan then contacts his Tardis telepathically, which then attacks the Master. She maroons him on the planet Tersurus where she believes she has killed him. But the Master is not dead. His body is charred and decaying, but he's still alive. For the Master, this leads into the events of The Deadly Assassin.

Years after the Daleks are defeated by the Doctor, Susan, Ian & Barbara, they are reawakened by the Master. His goal is to steal Dalek technology which he'll be able to use to gain control of the entire universe. The Daleks are essentially pawns of the Master in the story. But if not for the intervention of the Doctor, they would have regained control of the Earth once the Master had left. Once the Doctor is finished on Earth, the Legacy of the Daleks on Earth seems to be done for at least a long while.


  1. Ahh, I found it.

    Looks like I need to add this blog to my rss feed. Seems like Doctor Who blogs are completely taking over my Reader...

  2. Hope you like what you see. As you'll notice, I've reviewed key stories of the classic series and now moving on to reviews of key stories in the new series. Though there are a few posts outside of Dr.Who, the blog is primarily 98% Doctor Who.

    Also, I hope you get this book and read it. It was a fun read.