20 September, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 48 "Warriors Gate"

The Tardis crew are still searching for a way out of E-Space. Adric assures them he won't mind leaving his universe. Suddenly the Tardis doors open and a lion looking creature called a Tharil enters the Tardis and directs it to a place with 0 co-ordinates. It's a gateway past and future, but more importantly a gateway between N-Space and E-Space. K-9 is damaged by the "Time Winds" so when the creature named Biroc leaves, the Doctor follows him.

Another ship trapped in the white void of the Gateway is searching desperately to get back home. They have enslaved the Tharils as navigators for their ships as they are the only ones who can properly 'see' through the time winds. In addition to being unaffected by the Time Winds, the Tharils are time sensitive. Detecting the Tardis, the crew of the ship investigates the Tardis. Romana unsure of their intentions, instructs Adric to stay on the Tardis with K-9 unless she gives an all clear signal, however she's taken captive.

Once Adric sees Romana leave, he sets off on his own with K-9, who's still not functioning properly; memory circuits are damaged and he operates backwards. Romana is back on the ship and when it's discovered she's also time sensitive like the Tharils, the Captain hooks her up to their machines to 'navigate' their ship. Once the bridge is clear though, a Tharil who has escaped from the ship's holding area, makes his way to the bridge and frees Romana. Walking out of phase, they walk through the ship and into the void.

The Doctor is still with Biroc and is show where they have lived before they were enslaved. As time sensitive creatures, the Doctor is physically enjoying a meal with the Tharil's when Gundan guards break in. The Gundan's are robots built by slaves of the Tharil's, as the Tharils once used to be a tyrannical race. Being enslaved themselves they have now changed and only wish to free themselves. Romana has been brought to the same place and when she sees the Gundan's break in, she grabs the Doctor and they are suddenly in the present, but surrounded with men from the ship.

The captain has seen the Tharils use mirrors to make their escapes so he's hoping to engage his engines and perform a back blast in hopes of shattering the mirrors and capturing the Tharils once again. The Tardis crew realize he'll likely blow himself up so help the rest of the Tharils on the ship escape. As though, the captain is only successful in blowing his ship and crew up. The Tardis has safely left, but without K-9 or Romana who have left to help free the Tharil's from countless worlds they have been enslaved on. But the good news is the Tardis is finally free of E-space.

WHO: Romanadvoratrelundar II


REASON FOR DEPARTURE: After physically seeing the universe with the Doctor, Romana is unwilling to go back to Gallifrey. Romana opts to stay in E-space and help the Tharils who have become enslaved.

WHO: K-9 Mark II


REASON FOR DEPARTURE: Damaged by the Time Winds, K-9 no longer functions in normal space, even with the salvaged memory circuits. So when Romana opts to remain in E-Space, K-9 joins her. He also reminds Romana he has all technical manuals and schematics of a fully functioning Tardis.

NEXT: The Master of Traken

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