13 October, 2011

The Omega Men – Part 3 of 4

“Wes, are you okay?” His brother stirred but failed to respond immediately. Wendell gave his brother an additional minute to snap out of his daze. “I think we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Wes opened his eyes and looked around. They were in a holding cell. The walls were seamless with no apparent indication of a door or ventilation. “We were never in Kansas”, he pointed out. He paused and looked around once more, “But I get what you're saying.”

A voice boomed out, seemingly above them, “Welcome my guests. I mean you no harm. Please, come. I await your presence.” The voice was calm but insistent.

“Who are you, where are you?” Wendell called out. No one replied. Suddenly, a portion of a wall dissolved revealing a corridor beyond. “Do we go?”

“That or stay here. Maybe we'll find out what’s going on.” The two stepped through the make-shift door. As soon as they were through the wall it reformed as solid as it was before. The wall at the far end of the corridor dissolved suddenly, encouraging the two to head in that direction. This took place a few more times until finally a wall dissolved to a grand looking throne room. Sitting on the throne was what appeared to be a statue, but the statue spoke.

“Welcome to the world of Omega. You must have many questions.”

The pair looked at each other as if to say, ’Duh’.

“I am in need of assistance, and the two of you can help me.”

“What sort of help do you need?” Wes asked.

“And why do you need our help?” Wendell added.

“My reasoning’s are likely beyond your comprehension, but I am trapped in an anti-matter universe and I need to siphon off the energies before I can return to the physical universe. I can offer you power and prestige in exchange for your help.”

Wendell was skeptical, “I don’t know, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Omega added, “And wealth”. A table with gold bricks appeared to the side of Omega.

“You had me at hello.” Wendell corrected himself.

Wes however, was less impressed. “How exactly did you bring us here? And what can we do to help you when you have so much power already?”

“I shall give you equipment to complete your tasks. All will work out as long as you obey me.”

“Obey?” Wes and Wendell both said together. They certainly didn’t like the tone.

“Do not anger me.” Omega shouted. “I command here, and if my will is for you to obey me, then you SHALL obey me.” The sound of thunder could be heard outside, as if the world became angry whenever Omega was angry. “BE GONE!” He shouted as he waved his hand at the pair. They disappeared, as did the equipment.

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