21 October, 2011

The Omega Men - Part 4 of 4

Wes and Wendell finished watching the exploits of Captain Jerk on the Starship Booby-Prize over an hour ago. They were now ready to embark on a new task.

“This is a great idea.” Wes told his brother Wendell

“I know. I’m glad we finally decided on what should be the focus of our first podcast. Initially I was thinking ‘Star Blech’, but somehow this idea is so much better.”

“I was thinking the same thing. And can’t wait to try this teleportation equipment to invite our guests in.”

"Where did you find it anyway?"

"What? I thought you brought this in?" The music for the first podcast began. "I guess we'll have to discuss this later, let's start our Omega Podcast."


Omega’s plans were proceeding as scheduled. He planted the idea into their heads and they would soon begin to air their transmissions. Unknown to them, the more guests they invited to their show, the more the equipment would drain his anti-energy away and displace it into their guests. Providing of course, they drew him in first as the imprint. In a way, it would be a special treat because he’d have a limited 5 minutes of freedom from his anti-universe as he was transported to their world. Then it would only be a matter of time before he shed enough of the anti-energies to make a full departure from his imprisonment. Suddenly, he felt a tug on his world and he was suddenly transported to Earth. The pair almost seemed grateful, which was a bit upsetting. He ultimately hoped they would fear him.

“You do not fear me.” Omega pointed out, almost forgetting he was forcing his will upon them to do what he required.

“No , you’re right. I don’t fear you.” Wes went on to prove the point by questioning Omega, riling him up (much like the second Doctor would do). Before long, Omega’s allotted time was used up and he was sent back to his anti-matter universe. Wes and Wendell exchanged a triumphant look with each other, as if they had a fantastic secret they withheld from Omega.


Things didn’t go quite as Omega imagined they would, but the deed was done. He was imprinted to the machine. From now on whenever they had a guest, the equipment would unknowingly draw anti-energy from Omega and impart a bit of it into the guests. So small it wouldn’t be noticed to them, but Omega would notice. Soon, enough of the anti-energy would have drawn away for him to make another attempt. Unless at some point the two were able to figure out what Omega was truly doing and sabotaging his attempt. It was a thought Omega had for a quick second before dismissing it. How could two Earth humans possibly figure that out, much less do something about it? No, his next attempt to escape would work.

The Omega Men – Epilogue
Years later, Omega’s actions were noticed by Hedin of Gallifrey. Hedin would have contacted a member of the High Council but with Omega’s mind heightened and intensified, it was easy to make Hedin believe he wanted to help. An added bonus was Hedin was an old friend of the Doctor and could extract his bio-data from the matrix. So Omega would have his revenge on the Doctor, and the Doctor would be betrayed from an old friend. It was a perfect plan and Omega knew nothing would go wrong this time.

* To see how Omega's plan turns out, see the Doctor Who episode - 'Arc of Infinity'.

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