26 September, 2011

The Omega Men – Part 2 of 4

In the short span of 100 years since his rebirth Omega learned much and his expectations of leaving grew. He believed he found a way to leave his prison. In theory it was a simple task, if he could switch his consciousness with someone else, they would be trapped and he’d be free. Who better to try this on then the Doctor? But this was just a theory, Omega needed to put the plan into action. Because of the unique properties of the anti-matter world he lived in, it wasn’t a simple task to devise a psychgraft, transfer his consciousness and escape. He had to find a way to ‘lessen’ the intensity of the anti-energy surrounding his psyche before making another attempt. Omega was able to transport people to his world before, and he planned to do so again, this time for a different reason. Earth was the prime target for this sort of thing, many of its inhabitant’s craved adventure but never saw it. This made them easy prey to manipulate.


The Captain was running across the field, weapon in hand and golden tunic shredded. He vaulted over a boulder and ducked down for cover. Cautiously he peered over the top and a laser nearly shot his head off. It was a dangerous move but he gathered what he needed. He knew where his adversary was coming from. Quickly, he rose and fired his weapon. He hit his mark and the lizard creature staggered backward, but remained upright. Another bolt was fired and this time it fell backward.

“We will return to ‘A Mock Time’ after these commercial announcements.” The screen shut off and Wes reached over for the bag of chips.

“What did you do that for?” His brother Wendell asked puzzled.

“I’m so bored, we never do anything. Remember when we were kids? We spent all day doing exactly what Captain Jerk was doing. Sure it was all make believe, but at least we had fun.”

“Well why did you invite me over if you wanted to do something outside? We could have….” Wendell stopped and turned his attention to the kitchen. A strange static sound was coming from it. Wes noticed it also. They glanced at each other puzzled and got up to investigate. The sound was coming from the kitchen sink. Cautiously they looked inside and a gelatinous blob was coming up from the drain.

“I think you need to call the plumber.” Wendell told him. “Whatever that is, it’s disgusting and smells just as bad.” As if in response to the insult, the blob intensified its volume and small static bolts began to emanate from it.

“I don’t know about you, but heading outside seems to be a good idea after all.” Wes turned and ran quickly towards the front door.

“Yea, yea, you’re right.” Wendell added. They suddenly sprinted for the door, but each step caused the blob to intensify. As they reached the front door, the blob was out of control and shot a single electrical pulse towards the pair. An acrid smell and a puff of brownish smoke was all that was left.

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