17 October, 2010

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 3 "The Dalek Invasion of Earth"

Our Dearly Departed
A year later, the Tardis crew have their second encounter with the Daleks. This time it's in Earth's future - 2164. Just as historical episodes were to teach kids history, stories set in the future were to teach science. In this episode the Daleks have conquered the Earth and London is decimated. Those who survived are used as slave labour. Already the Daleks have overcome their dependency on static electricity.

It was at this point that actress Carole Ann Ford (Susan) decided she wanted to get out of the part. She initially understood her character would be much different; sharing a telepathic connection with the Doctor and being more heroic with less screaming. With the departure of Susan it was wondered if they should replace Susan, as they were unsure if Doctor Who would return. Jenny (pictured here) was scripted to replace Susan, but ultimately never cast.

During the course of the episode Susan works closely with one of the freedom fighters; David Campbell. She asks him to come with her when she leaves but he refuses saying he wouldn't leave his planet. Susan realizes she misses not having a place, a time or an identity. The opportunity to help rebuild Earths civilization entices Susan as well as she falls in love with David.

The Doctor might seem like a feeble old man, but he's no half-wit, (as he tells Ian earlier). He notices the affection she has for David, but also knows she would never leave the Doctor willingly. Giving her a hug he walks into the Tardis and takes the opportunity to give Susan a fresh start. When she is saying goodbye to David, the Doctor 'double' locks the Tardis. Tearfully, she watches the Tardis de-materialize then drops her Tardis key to the ground; walking off with David.

WHO: Susan
REASON FOR DEPARTURE: Rebuild Earth with David Campbell

NEXT: The Doctor to the Rescue

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