11 December, 2012

Doctor Who (New Series) - Part 78 "Rose"

In 2005, the Doctor Who series was once again relaunched. In the first episode we greet Rose who works for a department store. As she's delivering lottery money to Wilson, she's surprised to find mannequins walking about. What she takes as a college pranks turns out to be an invasion of the Autons. An old foe of the Doctor, who rescues here minutes before he blows up the department store to destroy an Auton relay, sitting on top of the building.

Not much is known this Doctor. There is no explanation what has transpired with him between his last incarnation and this one. We are only given a hint he has recently regenerated as he looks into a mirror to examine himself. He seems satisfied with his current looks, despite the ears. After Rose's encounter with the Doctor, he's forced to track her down as an arm from a disabled mannequin is still active. Using his sonic screwdriver, he deactivates it and tries to say goodbye, once again, to Rose.

As the Doctor leaves her apartment, Rose is intrigued by his actions and follows him. He explains to her about the situation at hand, the Autons are an alien invasion, but Rose continues to listen despite her inability to believe it. Once again the Doctor dismisses her, but when she hears the Tardis take off, she runs back and is surprised to see the 'Blue Box' is now gone. She stops by her boyfriends house to use his computer and finds an internet guy named Clive who seems to have some information regarding the Doctor. He explains to Rose he thinks the Doctor is an alien and dangerous. This information is too much for her and she leaves, believing he's a 'nutter'.

Unaware to rose, her boyfriend Mickey has been replaced with a plastic version. He takes her out for pizza, but suddenly he only wants to talk about the Doctor. Rose tells him she doesn't know anything but the Doctor suddenly appears and exposes Mickey as an imposter. He grabs his head and pulls it off, but the Auton goes berzerk and chases Rose and the Doctor out of the restaurant. The Doctor calmly walks into the Tardis, but Rose is apprehensive. With no where else to go, she follows the Doctor into the Tardis. He sets the Tardis in motion, using the Auton head to track down the lair of the Nestene, which is what controls the Autons.

Inside the Tardis, Rose is distraught her boyfriend is likely dead. Considering the Doctor dismisses him so quickly doesn't help the matter. Once the Tardis lands, the Doctor realizes the Nestene must be using a large dish smack dab in the middle of London to boost it's signal to so many Autons. He's perplexed to wonder what it might be when Rose indicates it's possibly the London Eye. The Doctor takes Rose with him to inspect and they indeed find the Nestene, as well as Mickey, who has been retained in case another copy of him might be needed.

The Doctor tries to reason with the Nestene but when they find a vial of anti-plastic, they assume his sole mission is to destroy them. He argues it was only insurance but the Autons retain him. The Doctor shouts for Rose to escape with Mickey, but instead she risks her life to save the Doctor. While doing so, the vial falls into the Nestene, which destroys it. After dropping Rose and Mickey back at home, the Doctor asks her to travel with him, impressed with her courage. Mickey is not invited, because of his snivelling attitude. Rose kisses Mickey goodbye and runs for the Tardis.


ORIGIN: Earth, circa 2005

REASON FOR JOINING: Invited by the Doctor to travel with him. Declined at first, then learned the Tardis also travelled in time.

Bonus Photo
The Doctor in the Tardis

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