31 October, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 52 "Castrovalva"

A new era begins for Doctor Who and things begin to unravel quickly for the newly regenerated Doctor. Despite the preperations, the regeneration is failing and the Doctor is effectively out of commission and must rely on the rest of the Tardis crew to help him through this delicate time. The first problem is with Adric, who has been captured by the Master and now exists as a projection. The Masters goal is to trick the Doctor into a trap within a trap. Though Adric seems to be helping the Doctor, he actually sets the Tardis on a specific course as ordered by the Master.

After Adric suddenly disappears from the Tardis, Tegan and Nyssa help the Doctor find the Zero Room - A portion of the Tardis set aside to help Timelords heal from troublesome regenerations. The girls manager to find the Zero Room just in time, but a new problem is emerging. Neither girl knows how to fly the Tardis and it's on a collision course with 'event one', the greatest explosion ever; the Big Bang! Fortunately (at least they think so), they find the Tardis Index File. Using the I.F. they decipher where they are headed and how to avoid it, but the Tardis doesn't have enough power to escape the pull of event one. Things get worse as the Tardis begins to heat up the closer it gets to the Big Bang.

In his delicate state, Tegan opts to not tell the Doctor about Adric missing though know they still need his help in order to escape from their current predicament. Tegan suggests finding enough power to escape the gravitational pull and the Doctor gives them a way. By ejecting 1/4 of the Tardis, enough thrust will be achieved to finally escape the Masters plan. The Doctor gives the girls enough information to do the task on their own as he collapses from exhaustion. Tegan is worried because the 1/4 of the Tardis ejected is random and she's afraid the control room could be one ejected. Nyssa points out if Tegan doesn't do as the Doctor ordered they are going to die anyway. Reluctantly Tegan complies at the last second. The Master watching from afar laughs gleefully, thinking the Doctor and Tardis have been destroyed. But he's also disappointed he didn't get to spring the second part of his trap. To his horror and delight, he learns from Adric the Doctor did escape.

Free of event one, the girls help the Doctor back to the Zero Room, but it's one of the rooms jettisoned. Nyssa helps the Doctor build a special Zero Cabinet out of what's left of the Zero Room as Tegan heads back to the console room to search for a tranquil place to land the Tardis. The I.F. points her to Castrovalva, a calm and peaceful place which will help the Doctor complete his regeneration. After a rough landing, the girls carry the Doctor to the city but lose him on the way as they try and climb up to the city, situated on a high cliff. After they lose the Doctor, they are captured themselves. But the Castrovalvans are a friendly sort and agree to help the Doctor who is now suffering slightly from amnesia, and in search of the Doctor.

The Portreeve is the wise man of the city and takes an immediate interest in the Doctor. But as the Doctor starts to remember who he is, things take another turn for the worse as the city of Castrovalva begins to affect his mind as it folds into itself. Things don't add up till he realizes the Portreeve is actually the Master who's using Adric's mental equations to create Castrovalva and all the people. Though created by the Master, he doesn't control them and they give their lives to rescue Adric and help the Tardis crew escape. Only then does the Doctor tell Tegan she didn't really fly the Tardis because the Index File was another projection from the Master, so he effectively piloted the Tardis to Castrovalva.

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21 October, 2011

The Omega Men - Part 4 of 4

Wes and Wendell finished watching the exploits of Captain Jerk on the Starship Booby-Prize over an hour ago. They were now ready to embark on a new task.

“This is a great idea.” Wes told his brother Wendell

“I know. I’m glad we finally decided on what should be the focus of our first podcast. Initially I was thinking ‘Star Blech’, but somehow this idea is so much better.”

“I was thinking the same thing. And can’t wait to try this teleportation equipment to invite our guests in.”

"Where did you find it anyway?"

"What? I thought you brought this in?" The music for the first podcast began. "I guess we'll have to discuss this later, let's start our Omega Podcast."


Omega’s plans were proceeding as scheduled. He planted the idea into their heads and they would soon begin to air their transmissions. Unknown to them, the more guests they invited to their show, the more the equipment would drain his anti-energy away and displace it into their guests. Providing of course, they drew him in first as the imprint. In a way, it would be a special treat because he’d have a limited 5 minutes of freedom from his anti-universe as he was transported to their world. Then it would only be a matter of time before he shed enough of the anti-energies to make a full departure from his imprisonment. Suddenly, he felt a tug on his world and he was suddenly transported to Earth. The pair almost seemed grateful, which was a bit upsetting. He ultimately hoped they would fear him.

“You do not fear me.” Omega pointed out, almost forgetting he was forcing his will upon them to do what he required.

“No , you’re right. I don’t fear you.” Wes went on to prove the point by questioning Omega, riling him up (much like the second Doctor would do). Before long, Omega’s allotted time was used up and he was sent back to his anti-matter universe. Wes and Wendell exchanged a triumphant look with each other, as if they had a fantastic secret they withheld from Omega.


Things didn’t go quite as Omega imagined they would, but the deed was done. He was imprinted to the machine. From now on whenever they had a guest, the equipment would unknowingly draw anti-energy from Omega and impart a bit of it into the guests. So small it wouldn’t be noticed to them, but Omega would notice. Soon, enough of the anti-energy would have drawn away for him to make another attempt. Unless at some point the two were able to figure out what Omega was truly doing and sabotaging his attempt. It was a thought Omega had for a quick second before dismissing it. How could two Earth humans possibly figure that out, much less do something about it? No, his next attempt to escape would work.

The Omega Men – Epilogue
Years later, Omega’s actions were noticed by Hedin of Gallifrey. Hedin would have contacted a member of the High Council but with Omega’s mind heightened and intensified, it was easy to make Hedin believe he wanted to help. An added bonus was Hedin was an old friend of the Doctor and could extract his bio-data from the matrix. So Omega would have his revenge on the Doctor, and the Doctor would be betrayed from an old friend. It was a perfect plan and Omega knew nothing would go wrong this time.

* To see how Omega's plan turns out, see the Doctor Who episode - 'Arc of Infinity'.

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For more info on Omega and Wes & Wendell visit - TheOmegaPodcast

Also, their YouTube channel: The Omega Podcast

17 October, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 51 "The Fourth Doctor In Review"

Notes: If anything, Tom Baker is certainly recognized as 'THE' Doctor when most people talk about the older Doctor Who episodes. As to whether he's the 'BEST' Doctor is widely debated. Technically, he was still UNIT's scientific adviser but he was being used less and less in this capacity. After the story 'Robot', The Doctor went on to adventure other places besides Earth, meaning UNIT stories became less and less frequent. Also, the Tardis began to 'fill up'. The first Doctor had three people in his Tardis but eventually that was scaled back to two by the time Patrick Troughton took over. When Jon Pertwee was the Doctor, he was down to just one dedicated companion. Tom Baker also had a dedicated companion in Sarah but Harry Sullivan did travel with them for a short time. Once Sarah Jane left, the Doctor had one adventure all by himself on Gallifrey. After that Leela began to accompany him. Shorty after K-9 joined the Doctor and the days of the single companion were essentially gone for the time being. Even still, using K-9 was an easy fix when the story required only one companion because K-9 would either break down, or the planet would be inhospitable for him. Leela left and was replaced by Romana during a season long story arc, something the newer episodes are now doing. When the first Romana actress left the series, she 'regenerated' into Lalla Ward and tensions on the set were extreme. There was something between Tom and Lalla, but it wasn't good. There was a lot of friction between the two actors who seemingly despised each other. There are even a few episodes of Doctor Who where you can see the tension even on screen. Usually neither looked the other in the eye. So it was a surprise to everyone when Tom suddenly announced they had gotten married over the weekend. The marriage really didn't last long and when Lalla was once asked at a convention what her favorite Doctor Who monster is, she replied "Tom Baker". Just before Romana left the series, Adric was introduced. This marked the beginning of the 'crowded house' feel of the Tardis. Adric did have one adventure with the Doctor as a sole companion, but it was the adventure they met Nyssa. Though not joining the Tardis this episode, she did the very next episode along with Tegan. Just in time for another regeneration, and a new era of Doctor Who.
Name: The Doctor 1974-1981
Actor: Tom Baker
January 20, 1934 -
Occupation: Timelord
First Seen: Earth, 1974
First Episode: Robot (Season 12)
Last Seen: Earth, 1981
Last Episode: Logopolis (Season 18)
Special Appearance: The Five Doctors (1983), Dimensions In Time (1993)

Notes: The Doctor still has lose affiliations with UNIT after his regeneration, though he's not as dedicated to the cause as when he was marooned on Earth. The Brigadier has the ability to contact the Doctor when his help is needed and generally the Doctor comes to the aid. The Doctor can at times infuriate the Brigadier, but Lethbridge-Stewart knows the Doctor is almost always right, which conflicts with his own ego. All things aside, the two generally become very good friends though the Brigadier refuses to travel in the Tardis with the Doctor for loyalty with UNIT. If he had his way, he'd like to run into at least one alien threat that wasn't immune to bullets. In the original series, the Brigadier met 6 incarnations of the Doctor and considers them wonderful chaps, all of them.
Name: Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
Actor: Nicholas Courtney
12/16/29 - 02/22/11
Occupation: Brigadier of UNIT.
First Seen: Earth, 1974
First Episode: Robot (Season 12)
Last Seen: Earth, 1975
Last Episode: Terror of the Zygons (Season 13)
Special Appearance: Mawdryn Undead (1983), The Five Doctors (1983),

Notes: Working as a medic for UNIT, Harry was looking over the Doctor when he regenerated for the third time. He quite probably thought the Doctor was insane and when he was invited into the Tardis, he did so to prove it didn't actually work. Harry stayed with the Doctor till another adventure brought them back to Earth. He then opted to catch a ride back to UNIT headquarters instead of travel with the Doctor. Though he enjoyed the time with the Doctor, Harry always seemed eager to head home. Always chivalrous, he drove Sarah Jane crazy with his view on the women's role and annoyed her by constantly calling her 'old girl'. He reunites with Sarah and the Doctor when another adventure brought them back to Earth, though he's not invited back onto the Tardis. Quite probably because he would have declined the offer.
Name: Harry Sullivan
Actor: Ian Marter
10/28/1944 - 10/28/1986
Occupation: Medic
First Seen: Earth, 1974
First Episode: Robot (Season 12)
Last Seen: Earth, 1975
Last Episode: Android Invasion (Season 13)

Notes: Much as Tom Baker is the most recognized Doctor, Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith is widely recognized as THE companion of the Doctor. It's true she started out with Jon Pertwee as a feminist, but her tough exterior gradually faded. No, it didn't disappear all together. It seems her travels with the Doctor mellowed her out. It certainly broadened her mind and taught her to look beyond just the surface of things. Being a journalist, this was a handy skill to develop. Sarah traveled with the Doctor for quite a long time and would likely have traveled even longer with him if he hadn't dropped her off at home when he learned there was trouble on Gallifrey. Lke the Brigadier, she's met several different regenerations of the Doctor. She met the first five while on Gallifrey's Death Zone and would later go on to meet the tenth and eleventh Doctors. In fact, the Doctor became so fond of Sarah he gave her a K-9 unit as a present. She used K-9 till he became inoperable and had to place him in storage. Exactly when she meets the latest Doctors will be discussed in the future.
Name: Sarah Jane Smith
Actor: Elisabeth Sladen
February 01, 1948 - April 19, 2011
Occupation: Journalist
First Seen: Earth, 1974
First Episode: Robot (Season 12)
Last Seen: Earth, 1976
Last Episode: Hand of Fear (Season 14)
Special Appearance: K9 & Company (1981), The Five Doctors (1983), School Reunion (2006), The Stolen Earth (2008), Journey's End (2008), End of Time (2009) Sarah Jane Adventures (2008-2011)

Notes: A descendant of a crashed spaceship on an unnamed planet, Leela's people were essentially savages. At some point in the planets past, the Doctor visited the crashed ship and tried to repair it though he forgot to whip his personality out of the computer when done. As a result, the computer used his likeness which created an alter ego, driving the computer insane. After the Doctor set things straight Leela decided to accompany him, though the Doctor had to forbid the use of deadly force, through the poisonous Janis thorns she used. As a savage, she believed the Tardis was magic, though the Doctor did his best to try and explain it scientifically. As an outcast when he first met her, Leela had no where to go when he returned to Gallifry. This time he took Leela with him, despite having to leave Sarah behind on Earth the last time he visited. Or maybe the Doctor realized Leela would fit in better. And fit in she did. So much in fact, when the Doctor was departing, she opted to stay behind, having fallen in love with a Gallifreyan. K-9 stayed with Leela.
Name: Leela
Actor: Louise Jameson
April 20, 1951 -
Occupation: Savage
First Seen: Unnamed planet in the future.
First Episode: Face of Evil (Season 14)
Last Seen: Gallifrey
Last Episode: Invasion of Time (Season 15)
Special Appearance: Dimensions In Time (1993)

Notes: Originally owned by Professor Marius, K-9 was given to the Doctor when the Professor realized he was going to be heading back to Earth and K-9 would not be able to travel with him. K-9's time with the Doctor was tricky because landing on a planet with rough or rocky terrain meant K-9 had to sit out on the adventure. This was something Tom Baker grew to appreciate because he'd have to bend down to K-9's level to have a conversation with it. When Leela left the series K-9 was scripted to depart as well, but by then K-9 was every child's favorite companion and in a last minute scene, the Doctor brings in a new K-9. This second version of K-9 traveled with the Doctor and Romana during the Key of Time quest, though there were still a few times he was unable to join them because of swamps or other terrain hazards. Another device which took K-9 out of the picture was damage. Several episodes had K-9 out of commission in part or all because he was not functioning properly. When Romana opted to stay behind in E-Space, K-9 stayed with her and reminded her he had full schematics of the Tardis saved in his memory if they desired to build their own.
Name: K-9
Actor: John Leeson / David Brierly
March 1943 - / 1935 - June 10th 2008
Occupation: Faithful Computer Pet
First Seen: Bi-Al Foundation, Asteroid K4067; 5080
First Episode: Invisible Enemy (Season 15)
Last Seen: E-Space
Last Episode: Warriors Gate (Season 18)
Special Appearance: K9 & Company (1981), The Five Doctors (1983), Dimensions In Time (1993), School Reunion (2006), Journey's End (2008), Sarah Jane Adventures (2008-2010), K9 Series (2009-2010)

Notes: Romana's full name is Romanadvoratrelundar but shorted to just Romana when the Doctor realized it was too much to say, especially if he needed to get her attention quickly. She was sent to help the Doctor in his quest to find the Key of Time. A device which would enable the White Guardian to restore the balance in the universe. Tensions between the Doctor and Romana were at first high. The Doctor finally had someone on board truly his equal, and Romana wanted to simply get the task completed, instead of getting involved in local affairs as the Doctor was prone to do. Ultimately, the two became very fond of each other and instead of returning back to Gallifrey when the task was complete, she decided to regenerate and continue traveling with the Doctor.
Name: Romanadvoratrelundar I
Actor: Mary Tamm
March 22, 1950 -
Occupation: Timelady
First Seen: The Tardis, Gallifrey Native
First Episode: Ribos Operation (Season 16)
Last Seen: The Tardis
Last Episode: The Armageddon Factor (Season 16)
Special Appearance: None

Notes: When Patrick Troughton's Doctor was forced to regenerate, the Timelords gave him several options of what he could look like. He ultimately decided to take his chances randomly. So it's not so odd to find out when Romana decided to regenerate she chose what she wanted to look like. Though the Doctor was against the idea, she wanted her next regeneration to look like Princess Astra, someone the pair met on the previous adventure. Unlike the other Romana who seemed very sure of herself, this Romana turned out to be a screamer. Of course, its possible she gave that impression to make it look like she wasn't as much of a threat as she was. This was a characteristic the second Doctor had. This Romana also seemed to be more caring and empathetic towards others plights. She completely understood the Doctors reasoning's for getting involved and was upset when Gallifrey recalled her. Instead of going back to Gallifrey, she stayed in E-Space with K-9 to help free the Tharils from the various worlds they were imprisoned on.
Name: Romanadvoratrelundar II
Actor: Lalla Ward
June 28th, 1951
Occupation: Time Lady
First Seen: The Tardis
First Episode: Destiny of the Daleks (Season 17)
Last Seen: E-Space
Last Episode: Warriors Gate (18)
Special Appearance: Dimensions In Time (1993)

Notes: The Doctor met Adric when he was first trapped in E-Space. As a promising elite on the crashed starliner he was from, Adric became bored with his life and tried to join his brother who was rebelling against the society. But the time of mists brought some dark days for Alzarius when the Marshmen began attacking the starliner. Adric's brother died in a Marshmen attack so after the Doctor helped resolve the situation he stowed away in the Tardis. The Doctor was hesitant in letting Adric remain, but relented and asked Adric if he'd miss E-Space because the Doctor was heading back to his normal universe. Adric said there was nothing for him anymore and was excited to travel with the Doctor. Adric was at the Doctors side when he regenerated.
Name: Adric
Actor: Matthew Waterhouse
December 19th, 1961
Occupation: Civilian
First Seen: Alzarius (E-Space)
First Episode: Full Circle (Season 18)
Last Seen: Still traveling with the Doctor
Last Episode: Logopolis (Season 18)
Special Appearance: None

Notes: When her father married, Nyssa was assigned to take care of the evil Melkur instead of her step-mother. Though she didn't realize it, her step-mother was already being influenced by the Melkur who turned out to be the Master's Tardis. The Doctor left Traken with Adric after defeating the Master while Nyssa stayed behind. But the Doctor was unaware of the Masters true intent and was not around to stop the Master from taking over the body of Tremas, Nyssa's father. Unable to find her father, Nyssa tried to contact the Doctor but it was the Watcher who picked her up and brought her to Logopolis to be reunited with the Doctor and Adric. When the Doctor fell to his death, Nyssa was at his side.
Name: Nyssa
Actor: Sarah Sutton
December 12, 1961 -
Occupation: Civilian
First Seen: Traken
First Episode: Keeper of Traken (Season 18)
Last Seen: Still traveling with the Doctor
Last Episode: Logopolis
Special Appearance: Dimensions In Time (1993)

Notes: On her way to her first flight as an airline stewardess, Tegan's car broke down close to one of the last Police Box's. However, the Doctor materialized around it to take measurements and in so doing sprung a trap set by the Master. So Tegan stumbled into the Tardis, when the doors suddenly closed behind her. The Master, while waiting to bait the Doctor even further, murdered Tegan's aunt by compressing her atoms, shrinking her. When the Doctor took off for Logoplis, Tegan was still on-board the Tardis, lost and unaware of her Aunt's death. The Doctor was successful in stopping the Master's evil plan, but feel to his death. Tegan, along with Nyssa and Adric were by his side when the Watcher helped the Doctor to regenerate.
Name: Tegan Jovanka
Actor: Janet Fielding
January 1st, 1957
Occupation: Stewardess
First Seen: Earth, 1981
First Episode: Logopolis (Season 18)
Last Seen: Still traveling with the Doctor.
Last Episode: Logopolis (Season 18)
Special Appearance: A Fix With Sontarans (1985)

13 October, 2011

The Omega Men – Part 3 of 4

“Wes, are you okay?” His brother stirred but failed to respond immediately. Wendell gave his brother an additional minute to snap out of his daze. “I think we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Wes opened his eyes and looked around. They were in a holding cell. The walls were seamless with no apparent indication of a door or ventilation. “We were never in Kansas”, he pointed out. He paused and looked around once more, “But I get what you're saying.”

A voice boomed out, seemingly above them, “Welcome my guests. I mean you no harm. Please, come. I await your presence.” The voice was calm but insistent.

“Who are you, where are you?” Wendell called out. No one replied. Suddenly, a portion of a wall dissolved revealing a corridor beyond. “Do we go?”

“That or stay here. Maybe we'll find out what’s going on.” The two stepped through the make-shift door. As soon as they were through the wall it reformed as solid as it was before. The wall at the far end of the corridor dissolved suddenly, encouraging the two to head in that direction. This took place a few more times until finally a wall dissolved to a grand looking throne room. Sitting on the throne was what appeared to be a statue, but the statue spoke.

“Welcome to the world of Omega. You must have many questions.”

The pair looked at each other as if to say, ’Duh’.

“I am in need of assistance, and the two of you can help me.”

“What sort of help do you need?” Wes asked.

“And why do you need our help?” Wendell added.

“My reasoning’s are likely beyond your comprehension, but I am trapped in an anti-matter universe and I need to siphon off the energies before I can return to the physical universe. I can offer you power and prestige in exchange for your help.”

Wendell was skeptical, “I don’t know, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Omega added, “And wealth”. A table with gold bricks appeared to the side of Omega.

“You had me at hello.” Wendell corrected himself.

Wes however, was less impressed. “How exactly did you bring us here? And what can we do to help you when you have so much power already?”

“I shall give you equipment to complete your tasks. All will work out as long as you obey me.”

“Obey?” Wes and Wendell both said together. They certainly didn’t like the tone.

“Do not anger me.” Omega shouted. “I command here, and if my will is for you to obey me, then you SHALL obey me.” The sound of thunder could be heard outside, as if the world became angry whenever Omega was angry. “BE GONE!” He shouted as he waved his hand at the pair. They disappeared, as did the equipment.

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For more info on Omega and Wes & Wendell visit - TheOmegaPodcast

Also, their YouTube channel: The Omega Podcast

04 October, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 50 "Logopolis"

After his encounter with the Master on Traken, the Doctor is somewhat envious of the Masters Tardis. While strolling in his Cloister room, he gets agitated at the entropy inside his own Tardis and decides he needs to run a tighter ship and fix a few things. First on his list is the Tardis Chameleon circuit. Though Adric would like to see Gallifrey, the Doctor has decided to visit Logopolis to try and fix his broken chameleon circuit. First stop though is Earth, to measure a real police box in every dimension.

The Master, having escaped Traken, realizes the Doctor would do just the same thing so he materializes before the Doctor does to create a trap for him. Meanwhile, Tegan is an airline stewardess on way to her first day on the job when her Aunt's car gets a flat. Tegan approaches the police box to call for help but discovers the door is open and wanders into the Tardis. The door promptly shuts behind her so she runs into the Tardis to find the operator.

Tegan is still in the Tardis while the Doctor and Adric are trapped in a recursive Tardis bubble. The Doctor is able to escape but soon realizes the Master is at large when he's blamed by local constables for two deaths, a police man and an older lady (Tegan's Aunt). The Doctor escapes custody and makes it to the Tardis with Adric. But the Doctor realizes the Master is on his Tardis and decides to flush him out by materializing under the Thames and opening the doors. The Tardis directs the materialization onto a dock platform instead. This is when the Doctor realizes he's been watched. Adric thinks the figure watching them is the Master, but the Doctor knows it's a harbinger of bad news.

Talking with the Watcher, the Doctor suddenly changes his mind and sets course for Logopolis. En route, Tegan finally finds her way back to the console room. She asks the Doctor if he's seen her aunt and he replies he's seen a little of her (a morbid joke considering the Master used his TCE weapon to shrink her and the policeman). Nevertheless, the Doctor still asks the Monitor of Logopolis for help in repairing his chameleon circuit. However once again the Master has arrived before him and sets another trap which corrupts the data he uses on the Tardis. The Tardis shrinks, trapping the Doctor.

Adric runs into Nyssa while on Logooplis, she says a friend of the Doctor brought her. With her help, Adric and Tegan aid the Monitor in reversing the effects on the Tardis and the Doctor is free once more. But when Nyssa runs into the Master, she assumes it's her father. She's unaware the Master used the power of Traken to steal his body, effectively killing him. The Master puts a control device on her in hopes of using her as his pawn. But the Masters interference in Logopolis has done damage to the entire universe. The Logopolins were keeping the universe alive by using block transfer computations to outlive the heat death which should already be affecting it. Logopolis begins to disintegrate.

In order to save the universe, the Doctor and Master team up and head to Earth's Pharos project which can relay the same co-ordinates the Logopolitans were doing, thus saving the universe. The Watcher looks after Nyssa and Adric and take them out of time and space, though Tegan opts to stay with the Doctor. Nyssa discovers to her horror, the entropy creeping into the universe has now destroyed her entire planet. The Watcher returns Adric and Nyssa to the Doctor who is now on Earth. Despite helping the Doctor save the universe, the Master plots to take advantage of the situation. The Doctor succeeds in stopping him, but falls to his death while the Master gets away. It's the end of the Doctor, but the moment has been prepared for. Just before dying, the Watcher merges with the Doctor, effecting his next regeneration.

WHO: The Doctor (4th)

DEPARTURE LOCATION: Earth, circa 1981

REASON FOR DEPARTURE: Falls from a satellite dish while stopping the Masters plans for galactic domination.

WHO:Tegan Jovanka

PLANET OF ORIGIN: Earth, circa 1981

REASON FOR JOINING: Wanders into the Tardis thinking it's a real police box. The door shuts behind her and she gets lost within while the Doctor and Adric return and take off.

NEXT: The Fourth Doctor In Review

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