04 October, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 50 "Logopolis"

After his encounter with the Master on Traken, the Doctor is somewhat envious of the Masters Tardis. While strolling in his Cloister room, he gets agitated at the entropy inside his own Tardis and decides he needs to run a tighter ship and fix a few things. First on his list is the Tardis Chameleon circuit. Though Adric would like to see Gallifrey, the Doctor has decided to visit Logopolis to try and fix his broken chameleon circuit. First stop though is Earth, to measure a real police box in every dimension.

The Master, having escaped Traken, realizes the Doctor would do just the same thing so he materializes before the Doctor does to create a trap for him. Meanwhile, Tegan is an airline stewardess on way to her first day on the job when her Aunt's car gets a flat. Tegan approaches the police box to call for help but discovers the door is open and wanders into the Tardis. The door promptly shuts behind her so she runs into the Tardis to find the operator.

Tegan is still in the Tardis while the Doctor and Adric are trapped in a recursive Tardis bubble. The Doctor is able to escape but soon realizes the Master is at large when he's blamed by local constables for two deaths, a police man and an older lady (Tegan's Aunt). The Doctor escapes custody and makes it to the Tardis with Adric. But the Doctor realizes the Master is on his Tardis and decides to flush him out by materializing under the Thames and opening the doors. The Tardis directs the materialization onto a dock platform instead. This is when the Doctor realizes he's been watched. Adric thinks the figure watching them is the Master, but the Doctor knows it's a harbinger of bad news.

Talking with the Watcher, the Doctor suddenly changes his mind and sets course for Logopolis. En route, Tegan finally finds her way back to the console room. She asks the Doctor if he's seen her aunt and he replies he's seen a little of her (a morbid joke considering the Master used his TCE weapon to shrink her and the policeman). Nevertheless, the Doctor still asks the Monitor of Logopolis for help in repairing his chameleon circuit. However once again the Master has arrived before him and sets another trap which corrupts the data he uses on the Tardis. The Tardis shrinks, trapping the Doctor.

Adric runs into Nyssa while on Logooplis, she says a friend of the Doctor brought her. With her help, Adric and Tegan aid the Monitor in reversing the effects on the Tardis and the Doctor is free once more. But when Nyssa runs into the Master, she assumes it's her father. She's unaware the Master used the power of Traken to steal his body, effectively killing him. The Master puts a control device on her in hopes of using her as his pawn. But the Masters interference in Logopolis has done damage to the entire universe. The Logopolins were keeping the universe alive by using block transfer computations to outlive the heat death which should already be affecting it. Logopolis begins to disintegrate.

In order to save the universe, the Doctor and Master team up and head to Earth's Pharos project which can relay the same co-ordinates the Logopolitans were doing, thus saving the universe. The Watcher looks after Nyssa and Adric and take them out of time and space, though Tegan opts to stay with the Doctor. Nyssa discovers to her horror, the entropy creeping into the universe has now destroyed her entire planet. The Watcher returns Adric and Nyssa to the Doctor who is now on Earth. Despite helping the Doctor save the universe, the Master plots to take advantage of the situation. The Doctor succeeds in stopping him, but falls to his death while the Master gets away. It's the end of the Doctor, but the moment has been prepared for. Just before dying, the Watcher merges with the Doctor, effecting his next regeneration.

WHO: The Doctor (4th)

DEPARTURE LOCATION: Earth, circa 1981

REASON FOR DEPARTURE: Falls from a satellite dish while stopping the Masters plans for galactic domination.

WHO:Tegan Jovanka

PLANET OF ORIGIN: Earth, circa 1981

REASON FOR JOINING: Wanders into the Tardis thinking it's a real police box. The door shuts behind her and she gets lost within while the Doctor and Adric return and take off.

NEXT: The Fourth Doctor In Review

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