06 December, 2010

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 10 "The Savages"

Steven, the Elder Savage
It is the far distant future and the Tardis lands on a far distant planet. The Doctor claims he knows where they are and asks Steven and Dodo to stay behind while he makes sure they are where he believe they are. It's not long till he runs into the Elders, led by Jano. The Elders are an advanced civilization who has been tracking the Doctor and predicted his arrival.

While the Doctor is meeting the Elders, Steven and Dodo have a run in with the planets other life-form, the Savages. However they are found by the Elders and brought back to the city to join the Doctor. As they are given a tour, Dodo's curiosity gets the better of her and she stumbles upon a dark secret in the 'perfect' life of the Elders. They prey on the Savages and via sophisticated equipment, steal their life force.

The Elders explain to the Doctor they need the life force of the Savages to sustain themselves, but are shocked when he vows to defend the Savages, claiming the Elders are no better than the Daleks. Upset the Doctor does not see things his way, Jano orders the life force of the Doctor to be drained and given to himself. Meanwhile, the Savages plot to attack the Elders.

Jano's plan to steal the Doctor's life force and intelligence backfires when he also saps the Doctors morality as well. Now siding with the Tardis crew and the Savages, the uprising is over swiftly and the life-draining machines are destroyed. With both civilizations in chaos, a new leader is required to help build a new society. With the Doctors insistence, Steven realizes he is up for the challenge and decides to stay behind.

WHO: Steven
DEPARTURE LOCATION: A distant planet in the distant future.
REASON FOR LEAVING: To become the leader of the Elders and Savages to help build a new civilization.

NEXT: Ben, Polly and the War Machines

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