28 October, 2010

Time Travellers are Real!

Time travellers are real! Or are they?
Have you seen the puzzling video of what looks like a woman talking on a mobile phone? Is there any possible explanation for this? If she is a time traveller who is she talking to and how are they receiving service? Or you might assume she's simply singing along to a transistor radio. But on the other side of the coin, if a person has time travel technology, certainly they've built a better phone. Perhaps one that can place calls from anywhere in time? Also, it's not possible she's listening to a transistor radio as this film clip is from 1928 and transistor radios didn't make an appearance till the late 40's or early 50s'. The only possible way for her to be doing so was to pick one up from the future, which would mean she's a time traveller, which means she could just as easily be talking on a phone. So is this real documented proof time travel exists? Watch the video below and tell me your thoughts.

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