15 December, 2010

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 11 "The War Machines"

Ben, Polly and the War Machines
After Steven has left the Tardis, the Doctor and Dodo land on Earth in the year 1966. He hears about a new super computer being built and immediately decides to investigate. The machine is called W.O.T.A.N. (Will Operating Thought ANalogue), and is designed to answer any question. Dodo tests it out and asks what 'Tardis' stands for. Surprisingly it knows the answer.

Unknown to everyone, Wotan reaches inside Dodo's head to receive the answer then 'hypnotizes' her. At first she simply seems distracted so the Doctor allows her to go with the office secretary, Polly. At the local club, "The Inferno", they meet Ben. Dodo complains about headaches and suddenly leaves, not telling new-found friend Polly where she is going.

There is certainly problems with Dodo, from a character point of view and a production point of view. The character of Dodo was not well received so Jackie Lane is quite suddenly let go by the BBC, not even allowed to finish the story she is in. In the story, the Doctor figures out she has been hypnotized and breaks her of it. He sends her off to rest, and we never see her again. She ultimately sends word to the Doctor she's done traveling and wants to remain in London.

With Dodo away, the Doctor enlists the aid of Ben and Polly when it is discovered Wotan has been hypnotizing people and building War Machines. Wotan has decided man is not fit to rule the planet so it builds the War Machines to destroy them. The machine is equipped with two guns (which seem more equipped to fight fires) and two large robot arms meant for smashing anything in their way.

The Doctor has devised a way to trap one of the war machines, but Ben is split between helping the Doctor and looking for his new friend Polly, who has also been hypnotized by Wotan. The Doctor convinces him to help destroy Wotan, then find Polly. The reprogrammed War Machine is sent to destroy Wotan and Ben follows it, where he finds Polly and brings her to safety. With the War Machines destroyed, Ben and Polly return to the Tardis to return Dodo's key back to him, but as they enter the Tardis, the Doctor has taken off with Ben and Polly inside.

WHO:Dorothea (Dodo) Chaplet
REASON FOR LEAVING: Decided to stay on Earth and rest after being taken over by Wotan.

WHO: Ben Jackson
REASON FOR JOINING: Wanders into the Tardis to return Dodo's key to the Doctor as he is taking off.

WHO: Polly
REASON FOR JOINING: Wanders into the Tardis to return Dodo's key to the Doctor as he is taking off.

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