08 March, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 23 "The Second Doctor In Review"

Notes: Taking over for William Hartnell was a risky venture. But to continue the series it was necessary. Patrick ultimately decided to play the Doctor as a sort of flute playing 'cosmic hobo'. If he wouldn't have been able to pull it off so well, it's unlikely Doctor Who would still be around today. It's also evident the current Doctor, played by Matt Smith, has taken on a lot of Troughton's mannerisms. Like the first Doctor, this incarnation also had trouble steering the Tardis and operating many of the controls. Some of the mystery surrounding the Doctor fades towards the end of Patrick Troughton's tenure as the Time Lords are introduced as his 'people', though the name Gallifrey is to be given to his home planet. Patrick loved playing the Doctor (despite a gruelling schedule) and likely would have continued if not for his manager and wife who both urged him to move on so not to be type-cast. At the end of the War Games, the Time Lords capture the Doctor and put him on trial for breaking their rule of non-intervention. The Doctor points out how he has actually helped people. As punishment, the Time Lords take his companions away, force him into a regeneration and maroon him on Earth, with his knowledge of the Tardis taken from him.
Name: The Doctor (Second) 1966-1969
Actor: Patrick Troughton
03/25/1920 - 03/28/1987
Occupation: Time Traveller
First Seen: Earth, 1986 (Inside the Tardis)
First Episode: Power of the Daleks (Season 4)
Last Seen: Gallifrey, (year unspecified)
Last Episode: War Games (Season 6)
Special Appearance: The Three Doctors (1972-1973), The Five Doctors (1983), The Two Doctors (1985)

Notes: When the Doctor initially regenerated, Ben had a hard time believing it was the same person. He noted not only did the Doctor look different, he acted different as well. It wasn't till much later he finally accepted the truth. Much like Ian and Steven did with the first Doctor, Ben was the central action male. During his travels with the Doctor he continued to watch over Polly and their friendship strengthened. At the end of the 'Faceless Ones' adventure, he realized the date was the same as when he originally left with the Doctor. Though asking the Doctor if he would still need his assistance, he left with Polly.
Name: Ben Jackson 1966-1967
Actor: Michael Craze
November 29th 1942 - December 7th 1998
Occupation: Navy
First Seen: (With the second Doctor) Earth, 1986
First Episode: Power of the Daleks (Season 4)
Last Seen: Earth, 1966 (Same day he originally met the Doctor)
Last Episode: the Faceless Ones (Season 4)

Notes: Unlike Ben, Polly was more open to accepting the Doctor at his word when he said he was the same person. She may have seemed like another pretty face, and admittedly had her screaming moments, she was very intelligent and on several occasions proved her worth as an assistant. Her friendship with Ben grew while on-board the Tardis though it's unclear in the series if they became a couple during or after the travels in the Tardis. She enjoyed travelling with the Doctor as much as Ben did, but when he decided to leave, she went with him.
Name: Polly 1966-1967
Actress: Anneke Wills
October 20th 1941 -
Occupation: Personal Assistant
First Seen: (With the second Doctor) Earth, 1986
First Episode: Power of the Daleks (Season 4)
Last Seen: Earth, 1966 (Same day she originally met the Doctor)
Last Episode: the Faceless Ones (Season 4)

Notes: When the Doctor first met Victoria she was a captive of the Daleks. Her father was experimenting in time travel and that caught the Daleks attention. She was rescued by the Doctor and when her father was killed by the Daleks, she agreed to join the Doctor, who promised her father he'd look after her. Victoria was mainly a screamer, though her screams were the key to destroying at least one menace. Jamie had a particular fondness for her and looked over her as best he could. Despite the love she felt from both the Doctor and Jamie, she longed for a simple life once more. When the opportunity arouse, Victoria decided to stay on Earth with a family who agreed to take her in.
Name: Victoria Waterfield 1967-1968
Actress: Deborah Watling
January 2nd 1948 -
Occupation: Civilian
First Seen: Skaro, 1866 (From Earth, though held captive by the Daleks)
First Episode: Evil of the Daleks (Season 4)
Last Seen: England, circa 1968
Last Episode: Fury From the Deep (Season 5)
Special Appearance: Dimensions In Time (1993), Downtime (1995)

Notes: When Jamie began travelling with the Doctor, he had no knowledge of technology as we know it. You can imagine how he might have reacted to knowledge of such highly advanced technology such as a Tardis. Perhaps it was a reason he travelled with the Doctor for as long as he did, trying to take in all there was to learn. Though he was always perplexed by our strange modern inventions, he was quick to accept them. With Ben's departure, Jamie became the main 'action' hero. He was fearless and courageous and did his best to look after both Victoria and Zoe. When Patrick Troughton decided to leave the series, Frazer also figured it would be a good time to depart. So, during the War Games, he was slated to leave. Jamie is one of two to have the distinction of being the first to visit the Doctors home planet. (Outside of Susan of course). The Time Lords returned Jamie back home, with his memory wiped of the time he spent with the Doctor, besides the first adventure.
Name: Jamie McCrimmon 1966-1969
Actor: Frazer Hines
September 22, 1944 -
Occupation: Highlander Piper
First Seen: Earth, 1746
First Episode: the Highlanders (Season 4)
Last Seen: Gallifrey (though unnamed) and returned to Earth, 1746
Last Episode: the War Games (Season 6)
Special Appearance: The Five Doctors (1983), The Two Doctors (1985)

Notes: There is never any mention of the exact date Zoe is from, but it is is sometime in the 21st century. She couldn't be more different from Jamie in many ways. Unlike Jamie she is from the future and has an intelligence rivalling the Doctors (at least she likes to think so.) Unlike many of the Doctors female companions she wasn't much of a screamer (though did on occasion), and was able to help the Doctor solve whatever was puzzling them. When Frazer and Patrick decided to leave the series, Wendy decided it was also her time to move on. After the Doctor was captured by the Time Lords she was returned back to her own time-line with her memory wiped of the time she spent with the Doctor, besides her first adventure.
Name: Zoe Heriot 1968-1969
Actress: Wendy Padbury
December 07, 1947 -
Occupation: Scientist (astrophysicist)
First Seen: 21st Century Space Station
First Episode: the Wheel In Space (Season 5)
Last Seen: Gallifrey (though unnamed) and returned to the 21 Century Space Station
Last Episode: the War Games (Season 6)
Special Appearance: The Five Doctors (1983)

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