10 January, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 15 "The Highlanders"

There Can Be Only One - Or Three
The Tardis lands in the year 1746 in a Culloden Moor, during the battle of Culloden. To make it simple, it's a battle between the 'Red Coats' and the 'Highlanders'. As you'll recall, when Doctor Who began, it was mainly for children and a goal was to teach about History and Science. Much of that changed when the Daleks were introduced. The futuristic stories quickly became more popular than the historical ones. As a result, 'The Highlanders' was the last story written with a pure historical setting.

The problem with reviewing the episode 'The Highlanders' is it's one of the many stories destroyed by the BBC from their library to make room for newer shows. Despite the purge, many episodes have survived, or at least parts of the episodes. This is one case where nothing remains but a few minutes. What does remain are scenes cut by foreign countries who disliked the fighting scenes; it was a 'childrens' show after all.

This time it's Ben who decides he wants to explore. Before long they run into a small group of Higlanders on the run from the army. Two of the group are named Jamie and Kirsty. Polly befriend Kirsty and the two go for water. Meanwhile, the Doctor, Ben and Jamie are captured by the army. Wishing to quickly end the matter, the Sergeant orders all men to be hung.

The Doctor and group are saved from the nooses, only to discover they are to be sold as slaves. The Doctor manages to escape, impersonating a German 'Doctor Wer'. With the help of Kirsty and Polly, the Doctor is able to free the prisoners being illegally sold into slavery with a little help from a reluctant Lieutenant Ffinch. With all his friends gone, and no where else to go, Jamie is invited aboard the Tardis.

WHO: Jamie McCrimmon
REASON FOR JOINING: Polly invites him to join the Tardis crew. The Doctor concurs.

NEXT: Chameleon Boys

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