17 January, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 16 "The Faceless Ones"

Chameleon Boys
The Tardis crew land at Gatewick airport in the year 1966. Upon exiting the Tardis they see an airplane heading for them as they have landed on the runway. Security immediately chase them and they get split up. But some of the airport staff are not what they seem. They have been taken over by an alien race of Chameleons. The Chameleons are horribly scarred and are 'stealing' human identities.

While the Doctor catches up with Jamie, Polly has her own adventure when she witnesses a murder. She meets up with the Doctor briefly and lets him know what's going on, but is shortly captured by the aliens. Ben also meets up with the Doctor till he is captured. For the most part, it's the last we see of Ben and Polly till the story ends and they say goodbye.

The Doctor and Jamie soon discover Chameleon Tours is a cover for the aliens who have been kidnapping youths. Jamie befriends Samantha Briggs, who is looking for her brother. He recently took a tour with Chameleon Tours and is now missing. Jamie and Samantha become fast friends. It's obvious Samantha (played by Pauline Collins) was being groomed to be the next companion but the actress turned the offer down.

Trying to resolve the case is difficult when no one will believe the Doctor, especially the Commandant of the airport. Finally, Detective Inspector Crossland shows up and listens to the Doctor. Crossland is looking for his colleague, who just happens to have been the man murdered. At Crossland's urging, the Commandant finally listens to the Doctor.

The Doctor smuggles his way onto the alien satellite orbiting the Earth, where the 50,000 young people from all over the world are being stored. He turns the aliens against each other as well as threatening them into giving up. The Doctor promises to grant them safe passage home, with a few tips to cure their condition if they return all the captured people. The aliens agree and Ben and Polly are reunited with the Doctor. When they find out it's the exact day they left, they opt to stay behind.

WHO: Ben Jackson

DEPARTURE LOCATION: Earth, circa 1966

REASON FOR DEPARTURE: Decides to stay behind when he learns it's the exact same day he and Polly left, though he tells the Doctor he'll stay with him if the Doctor needs him to.

WHO: Polly

DEPARTURE LOCATION: Earth, circa 1966

REASON FOR DEPARTURE: Decides to stay on Earth with Ben.

NEXT: Victorian Evil

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