13 September, 2012

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 70 "Time & The Rani"

The Tardis is mysteriously and violently attacked. Mel and the Doctor are knocked unconscious as the Tardis is drawn off course and lands on the planet Lakertya. Upon landing on the planet, the doors are forced open and the Rani strolls in just as the Doctor is regenerating.She ignores Mel and instructs her multi-eyed, alien bat-like creature to bring the Doctor; the Tetrap complies. The Rani is known for her dangerous experiments but it's unclear why she's brought the Doctor. To help or to experiment on him?

With the Doctor suffering from post-regenerative stress syndrome, the Rani took full advantage. She induced an even greater memory loss to the Doctor and began to impersonate his companion. As his companion, Rani/Melanie encouraged him to continue the work he was doing before an explosion in his lab forced his regeneration. The Doctor took Rani/Melanie at her word and reluctantly began helping repair a damaged machine.

As the Doctor is helping the Rani, the real Melanie has awoken and left the Tardis in search of the Doctor. She runs across a native who despises Rani for the experiments she's running and blackmailing Beyus, (the leader of the Lakertya people) into helping her. Meanwhile, the Doctor is beginning to feel better and starts to see through the Rani's deception. With her in tow, he heads to the Tardis to change clothes, though still falling for her deception. The Rani instructs her Tetraps to capture Mel before the Doctor realizes the truth.

As the Rani finds out, Mel has already woken up and left the Tardis. She narrowly avoids dying in one of the many traps set. She's helped by Ikona who realizes she's not working with the Rani as he previously thought. He helps her sneak into the Rani's base of operations where she meets the newly regenerated Doctor. It's a case of mistaken identity and neither trusts the other one, the Doctor thinking Mel is the Rani in disguise. Checking each others wrists for double pulses, they realize the truth. When the Rani returns, Mel hides and the Doctor tries to stall, but she soon realizes the Doctor has now snapped out of his amnesia and knows the Rani for who she is.

It's almost too late for the Doctor to thwart the Rani's plans. She has captured the 'crème de la crème' of greatest thinkers to help her fire a rocket, destroying a strange matter asteroid, turning the entire planet into a huge Time Manipulator. Now unwilling to help, the Rani places the Doctor alongside the other great intellects and is having his brain drained of his knowledge. But the Doctor outwits her, causing a delay in her calculations and foiling her plans. Beyus then sacrifices himself to destroy her equipment, thus stopping her from trying again. The others are horrified she quickly escapes to her Tardis, but the Doctor seems to know the truth. Her Tetrap servants realized she was going to double cross them, so they've beat her to the punch. They are now in control of her Tardis with her captured.


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