02 August, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 42 "The Invasion of Time"

Strange things are already afoot once this episode begins. The Doctor is outside of the Tardis and talking to a few aliens, discussing a plan. He has K-9 and Leela in the tardis, forbidding them to come out or turn on the scanner. When she tries the scanner anyway, she realizes the Doctor has locked it. Bemused, Leela wonders why the Doctor doesn't trust her. After signing a contract, the Doctor returns to the Tardis and sets the co-ordinates for Gallifrey.

Upon arriving to Gallifrey, the Doctor claims full rights to the presidency. Since he last visited, no new president has been inaugurated. With no other rivals to challenge him, the Doctor is made president and given the rod, the sash and coronet of Rassilon. He runs into Borusa again, who is puzzled by the Doctors behaviour. The Doctor is now short tempered and verbally abusive to Borusa.

One of the Doctors first acts as President is to banish Leela outside of the Timelord citadel, but she manages to escape. While on the run, she meets Rodan. She's a glorified 'traffic cop', monitoring space but not getting involved. Despite being protected, Rodan lowers the shield protecting her, sensing Leela is not a threat to her. Leela is shocked by her and every Timelord vow of non-intervention.

The Doctor next orders to have his private room completely covered in lead. He stresses to Borusa he wants it everywhere. Floors, ceiling, even the door. While his redecoration is in progress, the Doctor shocks Borusa and the rest of the Timelords even more when he allows the Vardans access to Gallifrey. They are a telepathic race striving to invade Gallifrey, and ultimately all of time. Travelling along wavelengths, they partially materialize.

After her chat with Rodan, Leela realizes the Doctor is not a traitor as he always has a plan. She decides the Doctor must have wanted her outside the city for a reason. She convinces Rodan to join her. While in the Gallifreyan wastelands, the two meet the Outsiders. They are Gallifreyans who have rejected Timelord ways to live a simpler life. Leela convinces them to join in the fight, to regain control of Gallifrey.

To get the full trust of the Vardans, the Doctor orders K-9 to destroy the Transduction Barrier, which protects Gallifrey from being invaded. He then invites Borusa into his special lead-lined room (shielding his thoughts from the Vardans). Now with Borusa's full support, the Doctor devises a way to rid Gallifrey of the Vardans, and putting their planet into a time-loop. But celebrations come to early as the Sontarans invade, while the Transduction Barrier is still down.

The Doctor, Leela, Borusa, K-9 & Rodan all retreat to the Tardis, but the Sontarans are able to break in with help from Kelner, another Timelord. While in the Tardis, we get to see many corridors, a workshop and the swimming pool. The Doctor instructs Rodan to help build a de-mat gun which he uses to destroy the Sontarans. The gun is powered by the Great Key of Rassilon, and after used in the demat gun, the key destroys the de-mat gun and erases the Doctors memory, giving him no knowledge of even claiming to be president. When he opts to leave, Leela decides to stay behind.

WHO: Leela
REASON FOR DEPARTURE: Leela has taken a liking to Andred and prefers to stay behind with him, rather than follow with the Doctor. Though she does tell the Doctor she'll miss him.

NEXT: The Key To Time

Bonus Photo
Leela in the Tardis Pool Room


  1. A lot of fans hate this story, but I have a soft spot for it.

  2. I'm surprised so many hate it. I've always liked the story. The only bit that annoys me, and maybe I just missed it, why does the Doctor open the way for the invasion. Was he afraid another Timelord would betray Gallifrey successfully? Have always loved the Sontarans, so it was good to see them again. (Two Doctors Sontarans not included).

  3. He enables the Vardan invasion in order to destroy their fleet. Its a trick.

    The Sontarans in The Two Doctors looked awful, but that story was still brilliant.

  4. Did they say so in the episode? I know it was a ruse to trap them, just don't recall if it was said in the episode beyond being implied by his actions. Yes, I loved the Two Doctors story. Was great to see Jamie once more. But the Sontaran costumes were awful! It was like they unearthed the costumes in ancient ruins and decided to use them regardless.

  5. It was not really clarified. I can't help suspecting that there was more to the Doctor's plan. I wonder if his bid to become president and gain acess to the Matrix was in order to obtain secret knowledge. This story is very Cartmel/NAish.