13 June, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 36 "Terror of the Zygons"

The Doctor, Harry and Sarah arrive on Earth after the Brigadier has summoned the Doctor back to Earth. Oil rigs in Scotland are mysteriously being attacked and destroyed. But the Tardis has not materialized close to the Brigadier's temporary headquarters so the trio must search out a ride after a long walk across a Scottish moor.

The Doctor concludes the oil rigs have been chewed up by something large and fierce. Adding to the mystery are several local people acting very suspicious including The Cabre, Sister Lamont & The Duke of Forgill. When Harry finds a survivor from one of the oil rigs, he is shot by the Cabre and left for dead. The bullet only grazed Harry, but killed the survivor.

While recuperating, Harry is kidnapped and brought to the real threat, the Zygons. They crash landed on Earth centuries ago and are now plotting to take over the world. Harry discovers the Zygons have kidnapped several humans and can use the templates to impersonate them, as they proceed to do with Harry. The Doctor had found a vital clue and the Zygons want to use Harry to get it back. The Zygon impersonating Harry runs into Sarah who figures out there is something wrong with Harry. She calls for UNIT soldiers to help her find Harry.

Sarah discovered the hidden entrance to the Zygon ship and the Brigadier and the Doctor soon follow. She rescues the real Harry, but the Zygons now kidnap the Doctor. But the Zygon leader Broton underestimates the Doctor who promptly escapes from his cell, releases all those held captive by the Zygons and blows up the ship. Only Broton escapes, currently impersonating the Duke of Forgill.

Broton soon reverts back to his normal fungus state with the template no longer hooked up to the Zygon ship. He is ultimately shot by Unit but has already released a Skarasen. But the creature is merely homing in on a tracking device which the Doctor has found. He promptly feeds it to the creature, which then makes it's way back to it's home in Loch Ness. Back at the Tardis, the Doctor offers Harry, the Brigadier and Sarah a ride back to London. The Brigadier refuses and Harry decided to stick to conventional routes. Sarah agrees to go with the Doctor as long as they go straight back to London.

WHO: Harry Sullivan

DEPARTURE LOCATION: Scotland, circa 1975

REASON FOR DEPARTURE: Having met the Cybermen, Daleks, Sontaran and nearly getting killed back on Earth, Harry decides he's had enough travels with the Doctor.

WHO: Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart

DEPARTURE LOCATION: Scotland, circa 1975

REASON FOR DEPARTURE: The Doctor moves on to adventures off Earth. Though the Brigadier makes several special guest appearances over the years, this is essentially his last regular series role.

NEXT: Dr. Solon's Monster; Morbius

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