05 February, 2013

Doctor Who (New Series) - Part 82 "The Doctor Dances"

With the Doctor, Rose and Jack backed up against the wall, the Doctor has a brilliant idea. With the sick residents acting like the child searching for it's mummy, he orders them to "GO TO YOUR ROOM". Reluctantly they return to their beds. Meanwhile, the Empty Child has cornered Nancy back at the house she was pillaging for food, but suddenly he also stops and walks away, much to her disbelief. The Doctor is relieved his plan worked as he believes those would have been terrible last words.

Nancy watches the Empty Child walk away. She softly calls him Jamie and is sad to see him leave. She finally decides to leave the house when a little boy that lives in the house scares her, as he's wearing a gas mask. He takes it off and calls for his parents. His dad calls the police and mocking asks Nancy if there is anything else in the house she would like. To his shock, she tells him exactly what she wants: wire cutters, a peak inside the food cabinet once more and to use the bathroom. She reveals she knows about his affair. Reluctantly, he agrees to her demands, wiping the sweat from his brow.

Continuing the examination of the hospital ward, the Doctor discovers a room where the Empty Child (Jamie) was questioned by Dr. Constantine. They discover a tape with a recording of the interview but suddenly the tape comes to an end and Jamie continues to speak. The Doctor suddenly realizes this is what the Empty Child recognizes as his room. Suddenly, the child appears in the room. As the Doctor, Rose and Jack escape, the child begins to break through the wall. The child then calls the other residents of the ward and the other zombie like people begin chasing the three.

When they finally retreat to a room with no exit, Jack uses his ships teleporter to escape. The Doctor attempts to break out using his sonic screwdriver but Jack radio's the Doctor and Rose and tells them he'll teleport them out also once he's made some recalibration. To pass the time, Jack plays the same Glen Miller song him and Rose danced to on top of his Chula ship. While they wait, Rose asks the Doctor to dance. As they discuss Jack, (and weather the Doctor can dance), they are unaware they've suddenly been teleported. Jack says they make a cute couple. He then admits to Rose the Doctor may have a valid reason not to trust him. During his time as a Time Agent, Jack woke up one day to find two years of his memories wiped out.

Nancy takes the wire cutters to investigate the fallen Chula ambulance. She knows this is the site where Jamie died earlier. The military, however, have the area surrounded by barbed wire. She cuts her way in using the wire cutters but is soon caught. The guard assigned to watch her suddenly begins asking for his mummy as his face morphs into a gas mask. He's had no direct contact with Jamie so the nanogenes are now being transmitted via the air.

After considering all the information before him, the Doctor realizes what's going on. He confronts Nancy and has her admit she isn't Jamie's sister, but a very young and unwed mother. As Jamie closes in on her, she admits the truth and tells Jamie so. She hugs him, which excites the nanogenes. But instead of changing Nancy, they scan her parent DNA and conclude she is the master template, the form Jamie should be. Correcting their mistake, they change Jamie back to a natural human.

Taking advantage of the corrected nanogenes, the Doctor spreads the 'upgrade' to the other gas mask zombie people, changing them back to humans. As an added bonus, any ill health has been corrected, even growing back previously missing limbs. But it's still 'volcano day' for everyone standing by as the German bomb is about to drop any second. Captain Jack quickly transports back to his ship to tractor the bomb away from everyone. He says goodbye to Rose and takes the bomb safely away. Back on his ship, Jack's fears are confirmed by his ships computer. He can't release the bomb without it exploding, killing him as well. Suddenly he realizes the Tardis is on his ship. Quickly he runs into the Tardis to discover the Doctor and Rose dancing.

COMPANION: Captain Jack Harkness

ORIGIN: Boeshane Peninsula, 51st century.
Met the Doctor on Earth, circa 1941

REASON FOR JOINING: After nearly sacrificing himself to save other lives, the Doctor rescues Jack and allows him to join the Tardis crew..


  1. Woohoooooo Captain Jack! My favourite character, hands down.

    1. I really should get back to writing my reviews.