29 August, 2012

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 69 "The Sixth Doctor In Review"

Notes: After having saved Peri from Spectrox Toxaemia poisoning, the Doctor was saved from death by regenerating. However, this regeneration 'felt different' and he went slightly mad, even attempting to strangle his current companion, Peri. As he starts to recover, he decides he may need to become a hermit, but becomes involved in another adventure. Once resolved, the Doctor begins to work on the Tardis. Like the fourth Doctor, he attempts to fix the Chameleon Circuit. The fix seems to work, but still does not operate properly. In theory it's supposed to make the Tardis blend in with its surroundings, but it's still failing to do this. Ultimately, it returns to it's Police Box state and the Doctor refused to fix it after that. On one of his next adventures with Peri, he arrives at a station where he finds evidence that he was possibly killed in the past and he may be living currently as a paradox. Upon further investigation, he finds Jamie, a previous companion of his who claims his Doctor was captured. With the help of Jamie and Peri, the Doctor is able to track down his former, second persona and both return to their proper place in time. More danger awaits the Doctor as his old enemy the Master teams up with another renegade Timelord, the Rani.As always, the Doctor is able to overcome their evil schemes. As far as renegade Timelords go, neither the Master nor the Rani turn out to be his Ultimate Foe. The Doctor discovers this when he finds himself put on trial once more. The prosecutor, the Valeyard, is bent on convicting the Doctor and hopes to have him put to death. The Valeyard is almost successful till the Doctor receives help from an unusual source. The Master has decided to come to the Doctor's aide, mostly because he wants the honour of killing the Doctor. The Master also reveals the Valeyard is actually an amalgamation of all the negative aspects of the Doctor. With the help of rogue Glitz and future companion Melanie, the Doctor is able to defeat the Valeyard. All charges against the Doctor are dropped and he departs the station to return Mel to her proper place in time. At some point in the (untelevised) future, the Doctor naturally meets up with Melanie, who is his companion when his Tardis is high-jacked by the Rani. The violent nature in which the Tardis is high-jacked results in the Doctor regenerating, though Mel is unharmed.
Name: The Doctor
Actor: Colin Baker
June 8, 1943 -
Occupation: Timelord
First Seen: Androzani, Inside the Tardis
First Episode: Twin Dilemma (Season 21)
Last Seen: Gallifreyan Station
Last Episode: The Ultimate Foe (Season 23)
Special Appearance: Dimensions In Time (1993)

Notes: Having only one televised adventure with the Doctor, Peri suddenly finds herself with a complete new Doctor. Despite this, she puts up with the Doctors erratic persona, even after he attempts to strangle her. Her thirst for adventure is soon rewarded when she meets one of the Doctor's oldest enemies, the Cybermen. Prior to discovering the Cybermen, Peri is with the Doctor when he attempts to fix the Tardis' Chameleon Circuit. In her next adventure, Peri meets Sil, a disturbing slug-like creature that thinks she is hideous, even for a human. Sil attempts to change her physically and alters her DNA so she resembled a bird-like creature. But the Doctor is able to reverse the effects. Peri is also one of the few companions to have met three or more of the Doctor's regenerations. During the course of one adventure, she meets his second incarnation, as well as a previous companion Jamie. In addition to the Cybermen, Peri also meets the Daleks and Davros.In the far future, the Doctor takes Peri to Ravolox, which turns out to be Earth in disguise. Peri realizes this when they find an old abandoned Underground station. During her final adventure with the Doctor, she once again meets Sil. This time Sil has the brain of his superior placed within her. Just as the Doctor is sorting out matters, he is pulled from time and space by the Timelords. At first he's led to believe Peri is killed when King Yrcanos (whom has claimed Peri as his consort) discovers her mind replaced with that of Kiv. Only later does the Doctor learn Peri recovers and goes on to be King Yrcanos' consort.
Name: Perpugilliam Brown
Actor: Nicola Bryant
October 11, 1962 -
Occupation: Student
First Seen: Inside the Tardis
First Episode: The Twin Dilemma (Season 21)
Last Seen: Thoros Beta, circa 2379
Last Episode: Mindwarp (Season 23)
Special Appearance:The Ultimate Foe

Notes: Mel has a confusing origin with the Doctor. In her first televised episode, we are looking into the Doctor's future, via the Gallifreyan Matrix. So this first episode is AFTER she already met the Doctor. Once the trial has been concluded, the Doctor returns her to her proper place in time. It's unclear at what point the Doctor actually meets her for (from her viewpoint) the first time. Even so, we do know a bit about her (like her ability to scream). Before arriving on the Hyperion III, Melanie was attempting to get the Doctor 'fit'. Her regimen included physical fitness and carrot juice (something the Doctor detested). As some point after this, she is brought to the Timelord station where the Doctor is on trial. The Doctor finds out the Master was responsible for sending him the help. When the Timelords seems unable (or unwilling) to help the Doctor in the Matrix, she runs in to save his life.With her help, the Doctor uncovers the plot of the Valeyard.Once this is complete, the Doctor ushers her back into the Tardis to take her back to the place the Master acquired her from. She is still travelling with the Doctor when he regenerates. 
Name:Melanie Bush
Actor:Bonnie Langford
July 22, 1964 -
Occupation:Computer Programmer
First Seen:Hyperion III, circa 2986
First Episode: Terror of the Vervoids (Season 23)
Last Seen: Timelord Station
Last Episode: Ultimate Foe (Season 23)
Special Appearance: None

21 August, 2012

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 68 "The Ultimate Foe"

The Valeyard had just claimed the Doctor now needs to be tried for genocide. Outraged, the Doctor again claims the matrix has been tampered with. In order to prove it's impossible, the Inquisitor brings in the keeper of the Matrix. He claims changes to the Matrix are impossible because he personally holds the key, which never leaves his side. The Doctor points out it has from time to time when maintenance is needed. Stubbornly, the keeper of the key refuses to admit such an event is possible, and those in possession of the key when not in his hands are "qualified personnel".

When the Valeyard claims the Doctor is just stalling for time, the Inquisitor asks the Doctor if he has any witnesses available that can back up his version of events. The Doctor asks how he'd have witnesses with him, any companions who could back him up are scattered across the universe and all through time. But mysteriously, two capsules arrive carrying Glitz and Melanie. It's revealed the Master has sent them along to 'help' the Doctor. He has penetrated the Matrix (just as the Doctor claimed was possible) and has been following the trial with great interest, though he is not responsible for the alterations.

The Master makes another startling statement when he calls the Valeyard the Doctor. It turns out, the Valeyard in an amalgam of all the Doctors darkest sides, coming between his 11th and 12th regenerations. He's working with the High Council to hide their corruption. They have promised the Valeyard the Doctors remaining regenerations. The Master finally admits he's only helping the Doctor for two reasons. The first is to discredit the Valeyard. The Master hopes the revelations will shock Gallifrey to it's very core. Also, he's helping the Doctor because he wants to kill the Doctor personally. While explaining all this, the Valeyard escapes into the Matrix. The Doctor takes Glitz and follows the Valeyard.

While inside the Matrix, the Valeyard tries to kill the Doctor but the Master gives the Doctor refuge. He continues to relate why he's helping. He admits that the Valeyard, without the good qualities of the Doctor that holds him back, is the ultimate foe. Additionally, he wants to steal the Gallifreyan secrets and bribes Glitz into helping him. Glitz is able to persuade the secrets from Mr. Poppelwick, via use of a gun.

Meanwhile, the Doctor escapes from the Valeyard and finds Mel in the Matrix, she coaxes him out to the trial room where the Inquisitor sentences the Doctor to death. The Doctor agrees to the verdict and heads back to the Matrix. But this is all a ruse, another fabrication of the Valeyards. In the real trial room, the Inquisitor tells Mel they are helpless and cannot interfere. Mel disagrees and steals the Matrix key and runs in to warn the Doctor. But the Doctor knows it was a ruse and was pretending to give up his life to get close to the Valeyard. Once they meet him, they find out he's wired the monitor in the trial room to explode, hoping to kill the Inquisitor and the Timelords in the trial room. Mel runs off to warn the courtroom.

Struggling to save the courtroom, the Doctor narrowly averts the disaster, though a surge still destroys the courtroom monitor and takes out the Valeyard. Meanwhile, the Master tries to install the Gallifreyan data into his Tardis, but it's not authentic and it traps both him and Glitz. Back in the courtroom, the Inquisitor offers her thanks to the Doctor and once again suggests him for the Presidency, to which the Doctor politely declines. He's also delighted to find out, one of the fabrications of the Matrix was the death of Peri. It turns out she's living as a Queen with King Yrcanos. The courtroom clears and the last persons to leave is the keeper of the Matrix key, but it turns out to be the Valeyard in disguise.

WHO: The Doctor (6th)

DEPARTURE LOCATION: Last seen in the Timelord Courtroom.

REASON FOR DEPARTURE: Little is known (in the televised) series as to why the Doctor regenerates. It's possible an explosion in the Tardis as a result of a strong tractor beam can be the culprit.

13 August, 2012

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 67 "Terror of the Vervoids"

The Doctor has just learned that Peri died in the previous episode, but the show must go on. Or in the Doctor's case, his trial must go on. Given the same opportunity as the Valeyard, the Doctor draws upon the Matrix as his evidence. His defence (at least to the Valeyard) is he improves in the future. To illustrate this, he highlights an adventure that take place in the future, with a future companion; Melanie.

The adventure begins when the Tardis suddenly receives a distress call. Quickly the Doctor answers it and the Tardis materializes inside the Hyperion III. Initially, Rudge, the security chief apprehends the Doctor and Mel - not knowing how they got inside the ship. The Doctor is taken to Commodore Travers, who already knows the Doctor from a previous unseen adventure. Knowing the Doctors reputation for running into trouble, Travers is none to pleased to meet him.

The Doctor is set to work immediately as one death has already taken place. Mel decides she wants to investigate the hydroponics bay, but the Doctor dismisses her and the lead she's following up on. Immediately, the Doctor (back in the court-room) halts the matrix. He claims the Matrix has been tampered with as he wouldn't have dismissed Mel and her evidence. Again, the Valeyard claims the Matrix cannot be altered. Reluctantly, the Doctor decides to continue airing the episode. He hopes it'll give him a clue to who's trying to frame him and how.

It isn't long before the episode is once again interrupted when the Valeyard questions the Doctor on seeming to have additional information than what the court room has. He accuses the Doctor of omitting evidence. The Doctor, however, is able to support his evidence by reshowing a crucial part with the Mogarians and the Commodore. Two of the Mogarians turn on their translators before talking, but one does not. However, the Mogarians are peace loving people so it's unlikely they are the culprits behind the now several murders.

Despite being peace loving, the Mogarians voice their views of the humans who they think are taking advantage of some mining rights. As their innocence seems unsteady, another group appear with some shady motives. Lasky and her associates have a cabin which remains locked at all times with a guard standing duty. Horrible moans and crashing can be heard within at times. In the fitness centre, one of the group talks about the disturbing aspect of their research and has his doubts about their research.

Inclined to investigate this tight lipped group, Mel convinces the Doctor of the urgency. After breaking into the isolation room, the Doctor and Mel are shocked to find a human/plant hybrid. This is the questionable research the group have been working on. Currently they are en route to Earth where professor Lasky hopes to cure the woman. The Doctor and Mel are ushered out of the isolation room so the hybrid can be sedated. But there is still the problem of the mysterious deaths.

As if problems aren't bad enough, it's soon revealed that Security Chief Rudge is hijacking the freighter along with the Mogarians. The Mogarians wish to 'liberate' the minerals mined from their planet and are paying Rudge for his help. As he's reaching retirement, he's hoping for a more secure future. But Mel is able to sneak away and warn the others. The hijacking is thwarted.

Despite all the motives floating around, the real culprits behind all the murders are the Vervoids. A species created by Professor Lasky and her companions. Mel is shocked when she discovers their human compost heap, but the Doctor reminds her it's all relative. It's no more unusual for the plant-like Vervoids to compost humans as it would be for humans to do so with discarded plants. Essentially, the Vervoids are acting completely out of instinct in order to preserve their race.

Realizing how dangerous the Vervoids can be, The Doctor orchestrates their demise by using a rare metal that accelerates their growth. The Vervoids wither and die in seconds, not so much as a leaf survives. The Doctor concludes his testimony, satisfied with the results. But the Valeyard gleefully acknowledges the original charge the Doctor is facing is moot. He now faces a much greater charge, GENOCIDE!

WHO: Melanie Bush

PLANET OF ORIGIN: Earth, circa 1986

REASON FOR JOINING: There is no televised encounter of Mel and the Doctor's first meeting.