29 April, 2011

L.I.N.D.A. spots the Doctor at the Royal Wedding

Daleks? Nope.

Cybermen? Nada.

Silurians, Autons, Sontarans? It seems nothing frightens the Doctor. Not even the massive crowd of a Royal Wedding. But danger and trouble follow him everywhere. So has the Doctor already prevented a major catastrophe, or is there one looming in the distance? L.I.N.D.A. will be watching and keeping an eye on things for you. If you have anything to report, please contact the author of this blog. Beware the Doctor! He is dangerous!

L.I.N.D.A. (London Investigative 'N Detective Agency) Chapter 2

27 April, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 29 "Frontier In Space"

The Tardis has materialized inside a space craft in the year 2540. Currently, Earth and the Draconian empire are on the verge of war. The Doctor and Jo are accused of being Draconian spies. Things get confusing when the Earth men actually start to see Jo and the Doctor as Draconians. It turns out, some outside force is making the crew of the ship see what they fear most, apparently Draconians.

But the problem isn't limited to this ship alone. Both Draconian and Earth ships alike believe they are being attacked by each other. The Doctor sees through this illusion and realizes it's actually the Ogrons using a hypnosis device to trick Earth and Draconia into a war, neither truly wants. But the Ogrons are sort of intergalactic thugs out for hire. This isn't something they'd do on their own.

The Doctor and Jo are sent to Earth and separated, but are reunited by the true Master-mind of the devious plot. The Master has once again escaped incarceration and vows to see Earth and the Doctor destroyed. However the Doctor has influence in the Draconian empire and convinces the Emperor of the Master's plot.

As shown time and time again, the Master is not so easy to capture. Using his hypno-device which makes people see things they fear he escapes, though Jo fights through the illusion much to the dismay of the Master. Unfortunately, this is the last time Roger Delgado plays the Master. Several months after filming, the actor dies in a car accident. Instead of recasting someone new to play the Master, this is his last appearance in Doctor Who for several years.

As the Master makes his escape, he shoots the Doctor. Things look grim, but Jo helps the Doctor into the Tardis where he begin his recuperation. He also contacts the Timelords after finding out the Master was working with the Daleks all along. They have now begun to resurface and are bent on global domination once more. The Timelords direct the Tardis to the Daleks base of operation. This leads directly into the next story (not being reviewed by me next week).

WHO: The Master

DEPARTURE LOCATION: Ogron Homeworld - 2540

REASON FOR DEPARTURE: Never a part of the Tardis crew.

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20 April, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 28 "The Three Doctors"

In 1973, Doctor Who was in it's 10th year. And to celebrate, the producers decided to do something a little different. First, we officially get the name of the Doctor's planet, Gallifrey. A mysterious force is draining power from Gallifrey and the Timelords realize they will require the assistance of the Doctor. Every other Timelord seems to be needed to combat the power loss.

Unknown to anyone, the culprit is Omega. The original Timelord who effectively harnessed the power of a black-hole, which is what gives the Timelords the power to travel in time. He became trapped in the black-hole and was thought dead, but regarded as a hero. Trapped alone in a world of anti-matter, Omega became bitter and angry feeling abandoned.

On Earth, Omega has begun to reek his vengeance on the Timelords, starting with the Doctor. Sending anti-matter blobs & formless creatures in an attempt to capture and bring him to the anti-matter universe. While with Jo and Benton, the Doctor is forced to flee to the Tardis (This is Benton's first visit into the Tardis).

Still in critical condition, the Timelords break their own rule of time and send a previous incarnation of the Doctor to help himself. This catches Jo by surprise as she was unaware of the Doctors ability to regenerate. The Brigadier and Benton warmly welcome the 2nd Doctor, as this was how he looked when they first met him. Understandably, the Brigadier is still confused.

The power on Gallifrey is almost exhausted, but when the two Doctors continue to argue with each other instead of help each other, the Timelords are forced to send the 1st Doctor also. With limited power, they are only able to send him in an advisory role. (Actually, the actor William Hartnell was too ill to perform as the producers would have liked). The Doctors finally put their heads together and devise a way to "nobble" Omega.

The Doctors realize Omega has been completely consumed by the Anti-matter and exists only because his will commands it. Now knowing he can never return to the real world, Omega vows to destroy the universe but the Doctors give him the only freedom he can ever have - destruction. Doing so, they reverse the power drain on Gallifrey and supply it with a complete new energy source. In gratitude, the Timelords release the Doctor of his banishment and supply him with a new dematerialization circuit.

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19 April, 2011

Farewell, Elisabeth Sladen

Sarah Jane Smith. You shall be missed.
01 February 1948 - April 19 2011

13 April, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 27 "The Curse of Peladon"

Doctor Who was now in it's third season of having the Doctor marooned on Earth and it was obvious people were getting a little bored with the format. The Timelords were now (sort of, and secretly) sending the Doctor on missions. The year before they sent him on a mission and this year they have done the same thing. The Doctor believes he has fixed the Tardis and pilots it to Peladon, only later does he admit the Timelords must have sent him.

The Tardis has landed on a rocky cliff, and once the Doctor and Jo step out, the Tardis tumbles down the mountain. The Doctor assures Jo the Tardis is indestructible (This is the first mention of that). Making their way into the Peladon council, they are taken as Earth's delegates. It seems Peladon is considering joining the Galactic Federation, along with other noble races.

Alpha Centauri (the slug-like creature) is another delegate along with the Ice Warriors, much to the Doctors surprise. When several attempts are made on the delegates lives, the Doctor assumes the Ice Warriors are once again to blame. It turns out, however, they are not and claim to have renounced their warrior ways.

Another of the delegates arriving to discuss the possibilities of Peladon joining the Galactic Federation is Arcturus. He is actually in league with Hepesh of Peladon to try and stop Peladon from joining the Galactic Federation. Hepesh believes the Federation will exploit the planet of all minerals. And that's exactly what Arturus intends to do to Peladon if they don't have the protection of the Federation.

When Arcturus attempts to kill the Doctor, he is slain by Ssorg the Ice Warrior who is returning the favour when the Doctor saved his life earlier. Hepesh then initiates a coup and uses Aggedor to do his killing for him, but the Doctor has tamed the beast and turns on Hepesh instead. Crisis averted, the Doctor and Jo discreetly leave once the real Earth ambassador has arrived.

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04 April, 2011

Dr. Who (The Early Years) - Part 26 "Terror of the Autons"

Season eight of Doctor Who opens with a few changes. Yes, the Doctor is still trapped on Earth but he's got a new enemy to fight. A Timelord who calls himself the Master arrives on Earth. His Tardis is fully operations, complete with a chameleon circuit, allowing his Tardis to blend in with the circus he has landed in. Next to the Master is his Tardis in the shape of a horse-box.

While marooned, the producers wanted to give the Doctor a common enemy to fight. The Master became a sort of Moriarty to the Doctors Sherlock Holmes. But the Timelords have not completely left the Doctor in the lurch, one Timelord in particular arrives briefly to warn the Doctor of the Masters arrival. The Doctor isn't too worried, but he's warned the Master has learned a lot since the Doctor last met him. It's implied the Doctor knows who the Master is, but this is the first on-screen meeting of the two.

Along with a new enemy to fight, the Doctor gets a new assistant; Jo Grant. The Brigadier has hired her to replace Liz who has gone back to Cambridge, but the Doctor argues he needs a competent scientist, and Jo is not. The Brigadier reminds the Doctor how Liz always told him he only needed someone to 'pass him his test tubes and tell him how brilliant he is'. Jo indeed fits that role nicely, when she isn't being hypnotized by the Master.

Fortunately, the Doctor is able to snap Jo out of the Masters influence and they learn what his plan is. He's sided with the Autons in hopes of dominating the Earth. He takes over a plastics factory and begins to produce dolls, chairs, flowers and even telephone cords, all made of plastic and very deadly. Dolls and chairs come to life, flowers spray chemicals to asphyxiate people and telephone cords wrap themselves around people and strangle them to death.

Among his talents, the renegade Timelord is also a Master of disguise. He disguises himself to sneak into UNIT to replace telephone cords and when he's ultimately defeated he disguises someone else to look exactly like him. But the Doctor isn't fooled by the 'Old Man Peabody' routine. The Autons are defeated but the Master gets away. Only he can't use his Tardis as the Doctor has stolen his dematerialization circuit. The Master is now as trapped on Earth as the Doctor is.

WHO: Jo Grant

PLANET OF ORIGIN: Earth, circa 1970

REASON FOR JOINING: The Brigadier hires her as a replacement assistant for the Doctor.

WHO: The Master

PLANET OF ORIGIN: Gallifrey, circa unknown

REASON FOR JOINING: Despite being from Gallifrey, the Master is a renegade like the Doctor, but wishes to 'Master' the Universe and destroy all who stand in his way, namely, the Doctor.

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